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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 607 Oct 14th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £1.50 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
We have been advertising a pre-order situation on our new price guide for a few weeks now.
Having finalised the text I can announce over 30,000 titles! This is much more than we originally
thought and of course features albums for the first time anywhere. The book WILL be available in
early November. Order now and get it for £24.99 including P&P (£29.99 upon publication).
Note: Overseas customers — shipping prices on request.
1 Kim Weston You’re Just The Kind Of Guy MGM M- 10
Yet another piece of quality from the lovely Ms. Weston
2 Platters ‘65 Run While It’s Dark Entree M- 25
Entering the soul era this great group come over in Drifters style
3 Total Eclipes You Took Our Heart Right-On M- 10
Same backing track as the ultra-rare Chris Jackson ‘Since There’s No Doubt’
4 Jackie Ross I’ve Got The Skill Chess M- 10
Jackie rarely lets sixties Northern Soul lovers down and here’s another gem from her
5 Controllers Is That Long Enough For You Juana M- 10
Almost entirely ignored at the time. Why? This is a tremendous seventies double sider
6 O’Jay’s Deeper In Love (With You) Neptune M- 10
First Northern Soul import 45 I ever bought — and it’s still the business
7 Gaslight I’m Only A Man Grand Junction M- 15
Early seventies tambourine driven mover from those Detroit folks — good stuff
8 Billy Stewart Ol’ Man River Chess M- 15
Fantastic version of the famous old standard works well as a soul tune
9 Jay Jay Taylor I’m Not Tired Yet Jewel M- 10
Blackpool Mecca “last hour” special has all the right ingredients
10 Patterson Twins If I Ever Got You Back King M- 20
Excellent southern styled crossover from ’73 with soul to spare
Wally Hoskins & Rosemary McCoy — ‘Switch Around’ - Soul Tribe 1005
Ex Rob Thomas / Andy Rix acetate spin — and a sure fire sixties monster!
Very limited quantity.
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.ukNORTHERN SOUL RARITIES
11 Curtis Johnson If You Need Love Whurley Burley M- 250
12 Dorie Williams Your Turn To Cry 635 VG++ 200
13 Kindly Shepherds Lend Me Your Hand Checker D M- 150
14 Frank Foster My Assurance Kris M- 100
15 Mellow Fellows My Baby Needs Me Dot M- 100
Rarer orange issue copy
16 Stan Devereaux Know That It’s Happenin’ Sujay VG++ 200
17 Arthur Freeman You Got Me Up Tight Jumbo M- 350
18 Bobby Montgomery Make Me Yours Generation VG++ 150
First label before Vault
19 Lord Jim & The V.I.P.’s You Don’t Have To Cry Anymore Blue Star M- 100
This is Arin Demain
20 Earnest Nelson I’ll Make It Someday Runaway M- 100
21 Stoppers Come Back Baby Jubilee M- 150
Black label issue copy - rare
22 Marlynn’s The Very Next Time Daran VG++ 400
23 King Earnest You Gonna Miss Me Sonic M- 150
24 Edd Henry I Love Only You Nu-Sound M- 100
25 Chicago All Stars Nowhere To Run Tri-Em VG++ 100
Mint minus bar one mark — check out what folks will pay for a knackered copy on Ebay!!
26 Roosevelt Johnson Call On Me Black Jack M- 100
Rare version of the Bobby Bland tune
27 Jay Walker Open The Door To Your Heart Meteor VG++ 100
28 Debbie & The Lads Dear Lord Above Ladd VG++ 150
29 Phil Lowman Rock Me Till I Want No More Palos M- 200
Rare on cream and brown original label
30 Hal Miller A Blessing In Disguise Amy D M- 100
31 Sultans Say Hey Girl Knowles VG++ 150
Rare Detroit release
32 Mike Watson I Dig Your Kind Etah M- 100
33 Surgeons Don’t Tell Me Cee-Jam M- 350
35 Jay Wiggins Tears Of A Lover Solid WD M- 100
36 Intentions I’m Losin’ Your Love Up Tight M- 125
37 Bobby Angelle Girl You’re So Fine Ten Star M- 200
38 George Jackson I Don’t Have The Time To Love You Mercury WD M- 250
39 Vanguards And The Lady All The Women I’ve Wanted Shirley M- 300
40 Ve-Shells (Instrumental) Shingaling Boola-Boola M- 100
Forgotten Mecca instrumental — deep flip, a good version of ‘Pledging My Love’
41 Georgette Blu Right Sign Love M- 100
42 Terrible Tom We Were Made For Each Other Maverick M- 250
43 Showmen The Wrong Girl Minit M- 150
44 Sylvia St. Clare It Hurts To See You Happy Brunswick M- 150
45 Fundamentals I Wouldn’t Blame Ya Okeh M- 150
46 Rickey Vee T’Ain’t No Big Thing Jetstream D M- 100
47 Joe Valentine I Lost The Only Love I Had Val M- 10048 Chubby Checker Everything’s Wrong Parkway M- 15
49 Chubby Checker Everything’s Wrong w.o.l. Parkway WD M- 25
50 Chubby Checker (At The) Discotheque Parkway WD M- 30
51 Checkmates, Ltd A&I Capitol D M- 30
52 Checkmates, Ltd A&I Capitol M- 10
53 Checkmates, Ltd Do The Walk (The Temptation Walk) Capitol M- 25
54 Chee-Chee & Peppy Never Never Never Buddah M- 10
55 Cheers Take Me To Paradise Okeh WD M- 75
56 Cheers Mighty, Mighty, Lover Penny 101 M- 20
57 Cheers Mighty, Mighty, Lover Penny 109 M- 30
58 Chell-Mars Roamin’ Heart Jamie WD M- 50
59 Chellows Little Bit O’ Soul Hit M- 15
60 Cheques Go On Girl Sur-Speed M- 50
61 Cherries & Rhythm Kings You Know You Gonna Need Me Della M- 15
62 Cherry Blend Warning Of Danger King M- 50
63 Chessmen Why Can’t I Be Your Man Chess WD M- 50
64 Chevelles The Gallop Flaming Arrow M- 20
65 Chicago All Stars Nowhere To Run Tri-Em VG+ 60
66 Chicago Pete Do You Remember Mojack M- 75
67 Chiffons March Laurie M- 15
68 Chiffons Keep The Boy Happy Laurie D M- 15
69 Chi-lites I’m So Jealous Blue Rock M- 25
70 Chi-lites You Did That To Me O’Retta M- 25
71 Chi-lites (Um, Um) My Baby Loves Me Revue M- 15
72 Chi-lites Love Is Gone Revue VG++ 10
73 Chi-lites To Change My Love Brunswick M- 20
74 Chimes The Beginning Of My Life Down To Earth M- 25
75 Pauline Chivers Tough Stuff O-Pex WD M- 25
76 Chocolate Syrup The Goodness Of Love Ira M- 20
77 Chosen Few Footsee Roulette M- 15
78 Chosen Few Footsee Roulette WD M- 15
79 Barbara Christian Not Like You Boy Brownie M- 75
80 Janice Christian Just A Bad Thing Swan WD M- 200
81 Lou Christie If My Car Could Only Talk MGM M- 15
82 Ruth Christie Dancing Feet Uptown M- 20
83 Artie Christopher Don’t Try It Again Atlantic M- 25
84 Artie Christopher Don’t Try It Again Atlantic WD M- 25
85 Jordan Christopher Big Time UA M- 50
86 Alvin Christy Lover Pin Point WD M- 30
87 Alvin Christy Lover Action WD M- 30
88 Alvin Christy We Got Love Pin Point M- 25
89 Chuck & Daylighters I Can’t Stop Crying Tip Top M- 40
90 Jimmy Church The Hurt Okeh WD M- 75
91 Chymes My Baby’s Gone Away Down To Earth M- 25
92 Chymes Bring It Back Home Okeh WD M- 60
93 Cincinnatians Do What You Want To Do Emerald M- 50
94 Citations That Girl Of Mine MGM VG++ 30
95 Citations Everybody Philly Princess M- 3096 Citations (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith Ballad M- 30
97 City Zu Stop Running Away slight label damage Dot WD M- 15
98 Jimmy Clanton Hurting Each Other Mala D VG++ 25
99 Alice Clark You Got A Deal Rainy Day D VG++ 20
100 Chris Clark Whisper You Love Me Boy Motown WD M- 20
101 Claudine Clark Standing On Tip Toe TCF M- 30
102 Claudine Clark Party Lights Chancellor VG++ 15
103 Dee Clark Your Friends Vee Jay WD VG+ 8
104 Dee Clark I Want To Love You Vee Jay 383 M- 15
105 Dee Clark Don’t Walk Away From Me Vee Jay 409 VG++ 8
106 Dee Clark Nobody But You Vee Jay 462 M- 15
107 Dee Clark Nobody But Me Vee Jay 548 M- 8
108 Dee Clark Shook Up Over You Vee Jay WD M- 15
109 Dee Clark Nobody But You Wand M- 15
110 Dee Clark Nobody But You Wand D M- 15
111 Delores Clark Livin’ To Please Antares M- 100
112 Jimmey ‘Soul’ Clark (I’ll Be Your Champion) I’ll Be Your Winner Soulhawk M- 180
113 Jimmey ‘Soul’ Clark Shook Up Over You Teek M- 50
114 Kitty Clark Funny You Should Ask House Of Orange M- 10
115 Lee Clark All Alone In My Lonely Room Atco WD M- 25
116 Lee Clark All Alone In My Lonely Room Rejo M- 30
117 Lewis Clark If You Ever Leave Me Tigertown M- 75
118 Dwight Franklin Foxie Lila Franklin M- 125
119 Denise Kelly & Fame I’d Like To Get Into You 20th Century Fox M- 100
120 Banks Bros Bring It All Back Home Consolidated VG++ 200
121 John Stanberry I Can’t Believe (She Took The Whole Thing) Stanlos M- 100
122 Tommy Keith Loving You Comes Easy Vibration M- 100
123 Carlyle Miller Get Back On The Right Track With You Wam M- 100
Rare midtempo modern on Canadian only
124 Midnight Don’t Bother To Knock Ariola Hansa M- 100
Great modern UK only - with picture sleeve
125 Willie Gay Jr Come Inside Stride M- 100
126 Sunny Munro I’m Never Gonna Hurt You Again Epic D M- 20
127 Tim Murray Thinking Of You Detroit Traks M- 50
128 M-W-T Express I’ve Lived The Life Forte M- 30
129 Mystic Merlin Got To Make It Better Capitol M- 10
130 Natural High Flying Too High (For My Little Sky) Chimneyville M- 25
131 Natural Order Jealousy Sound of W. M- 15
132 Naturals Da-Da-Da-Da-Da (I Love You) Quadran M- 40
133 Nature’s Divine I Just Can’t Control Myself Infinity M- 10
134 Nature’s Gift Secret Affair ABC M- 30
135 C. C. Neal All I Want From You Is Your Love Soul Craft M- 30
136 Neo Experience Human Sahara M- 150
137 Sherm (Reb) Nesbary Don’t Make Me Sorry (For Loving You) Cheri M- 30
138 Sam Nesbit Keep On Hustling Baby UK only Right On! M- 10139 Newcomers The Whole World’s A Picture Show Truth M- 20
140 New Cymbals I Will Always Love You De-Lite M- 40
141 (New) Entertainers Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Metro M- 10
142 New Experience Soul Music Ariola America M- 15
143 New Experience Soul Music Ariola America WD M- 15
144 New Image It Ain’t Easy Bionic M- 40
145 New Phase Love Is The Name Of The Game Gaytime East VG++ 40
146 Frankie Newsome Coming On Strong Staying Long Sagport M- 20
147 Frankie Newsome We’re On Our Way W Bros D M- 25
148 Bobby Newton Shady Lady Jilmor VG++ 40
149 Nice Telephone Lover Leo Mini M- 10
150 Billy Nichols Diamond Ring West End M- 25
151 Billy Nichols Give Your Body Up To Te Music West End M- 10
152 J J Nichols Dancin’ Lady NAM D M- 30
153 Lady Nicole I Can See Everybody’s Baby But Mine Jemkl M- 15
154 9th Creation Got My Baby Back Hilltak M- 15
155 Nite-Liters K-Jee RCA Victor M- 15
156 Willie West Willie Knows How Rustone M- 250
157 Young Jessie I’m A Lovin’ Man Mercury D VG++ 100
158 Johnny Little John Father Popcorn T-D-S VG++ 100
159 Marry Clayton The Doorbell Rings Teldisc M- 400
160 Betty Freeman I’ll Never Let Him Go Bargain M- 100
161 Jerry Tyrone I Still Love You Cher Kee M- 200
162 Bobby Rush Let Me Love You Jerry-O M- 15
163 The Sadly Mistaken Golden Earrings Marc WD M- 100
164 Mongo Santamaria Tell it Atlantic D M- 15
165 Mongo Santamaria Fatback Battle M- 15
166 Mongo Santamaria Sweet ‘Tater Pie Battle M- 20
167 Mongo Santamaria Chili Beans Columbia M- 15
168 Mongo Santamaria El Pussy Cat Columbia M- 15
169 Mongo Santamaria Mongo’s Boogaloo Columbia WD M- 20
170 Mongo Santamaria Bloodshot Columbia WD M- 15
171 Mongo Santamaria Tacos Riverside M- 15
172 Marvin Santiago Como Un Canon Top Hits M- 15
173 Merl Saunders Tighten Up Galaxy M- 20
174 Merl Saunders Tighten Up Galaxy WD M- 30
175 Bobby Saxton Trying To Make A Living Checker M- 30
176 Johnny Sayles The Concentration Chi Town VG++ 20
177 Lalo Schifrin Blues A-Go-Go Verve D M- 25
178 Lalo Schifrin Spill The Wine MGM M- 20
179 Freddie Scott Take A Rest Dade M- 15
180 Freddie Scott Come On Honey Enrica M- 20
181 Jimmy Scott I May Never Savoy WD M- 25
182 Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson Neighbor Neighbor Jetstream M- 30
183 Ray Scott Captivation Odessa M- 25FUNK
184 Juju & The Space Rangers Got To Be Right On It Black Fire M- 100
185 Mastermen Brighter Day Jay-Walking M- 200
186 Lil’ Tiger Do It Geodel M- 100
187 Black Earth Plus Milwaukee Calgar M- 150
188 Fred Martin Review Contagious Ru-jac M- 250
189 Little Mell Ain’t That Funky Monkey Whip M- 100
190 James Preston (You Got To) Keep Your Soul Movin Contrast M- 250
191 Papa’s Children If Papa Is A Pute Butt I’ll Tell You Why Goodie Train M- 200
192 Gamith Misery JSJ M- 200
193 Pat Hodges Ain’t Watcha Got HME M- 200
194 Communicators And Black Experience Band The Road Tri Oak M- 250
195 Fabulous Souls Take Me Fabulous Soul M- 200
196 Hank Johnson You Lost Your Thing Spear M- 400
197 Soul Superiors ft Sherman Willis Your Love Is Super Good Rhythm M- 150
198 Bobby Blakney I’m Just Your Yo Yo Honey Chang’n Times M- 250
199 Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers Tippin’ Hillside M- 100
200 Ruby & Party Gang Ruby’s Surprise Party Gamble M- 15
201 Patrice Rushen Kickin’ Back Prestige D M- 15
202 Gene Russell Makin’ Bread Black Jazz M- 10
203 Cliff Saab Mix It Up Roulette WD M- 25
204 Samson & Delilah I Ain’t No Fool ABC WD M- 25
205 Samson & Delilah Living In A World Of Trouble King James M- 30
206 Mongo Santamaria Mo’ Do’ Atlantic D M- 15
207 Kurtis Scott Moon River Marky Ho M- 25
208 Moody Scott A Man In Need (Is A Fool Indeed) Sound Stage 7 M- 25
209 Senor Soul Poquito Soul Double Shot M- 25
210 Shack Watch The Dog Volt M- 15
211 Shades Of Joy Flute In A Quarry Douglas WD M- 15
212 Sign Of The Vibration Last Of The Corruptors Mack M- 20
213 Mack Simmons Skin Tight PM M- 15
214 S Simmons / W Dixon Socking Soul Power Toddlin’Town M- 10
215 Ray Simpson Slinky W Bros D M- 10
216 Marvin Sims Sweet Thang Karen Wd M- 25
217 Simtec & Wylie Everybody’s Got A Part To Play Mr. Chand M- 40
218 Simtec & Wylie Bootleggin’ Mr. Chand M- 25
219 Sly & Family Stone Runnin’ Away Epic WD M- 5
220 Helene Smith You Got To Be A Man Phil LA Of Soul M- 75
221 Miss Elsie Smith Watermelon Man Open M- 15
222 Lonnie Smith Funk Reaction L C WD M- 10
223 Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions Signature M- 15
224 Lonnie Liston Smith Peace & Love Flying Dutchman M- 10
225 Lonnie Liston Smith Get Down Everybody Flying Dutchman M- 10
226 Eugene Smith In The Dark Warm Up M- 100
227 Herman Solomon Girl Don’t You Be No Fool Enrica M- 2

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