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Northern For A Wednesday

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£2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason


Pat Lewis - Warning - Solid Hit £28

Very light wear to vinyl - Excellent!!!!!




Kaddo Strings - Nothing But Love - Impact £10

Light wear to vinyl & record - Cracking Detroit instro!!!


Nothing But Love.MP3


Daniel E. Skidmore III - Little Old Groovemaker - Cameo Parkway £17

Great Northern mover!!!!


Little Old Groovemaker.MP3


Millie Mclaine — He’s Got What It Takes — All State £14

Previously unissued Philly gem — Only 200 pressed!!


Little Old Groovemaker.MP3


Les Watson - Soul Man Blues - Pompeii £15 SOLD

very light edge warp - plays and looks great!!


Bobbettes - Happy Go Lucky Me - Mayhew £22

Feint, almost unnoticeable biroo and sticker mark on label - Great reworking of their RCA monster!!


Happy Go Lucky Me.MP3


Stagemasters - Baby I'm Here Just To Love You - Slide £9 SOLD



Barrino Brothers - I Shall Not Be Moved - Invictus £8

Slight damage to centre of disc - Does not affect play in any way - How Goood Is This!!!!


We Shall Not Be Moved.MP3


Garnet Mimms - Prove It To Me - U.A. £12

Light wear to label and vinyl - pays fine, looks ok - Top tune!!!


Prove It To Me.MP3


Willie White - 99 Beef Steaks - Shaw (WHITE PROMO) £18

Forget the title - GREAT!!!!!!


99 Beef Steaks.MP3


Joe Moore - Hang Right In There - Tru Glo Town £50

Lovely White Promo of the old Stafford "Shep & TNT Three" cover up. Still sounds AWESOME!!!


Hang Right In There.MP3


Sweet Bippies - Love Anyway You Want It - A & M (WHITE PROMO) £15

Largely unknown "blue eyed" dancer, a few scuffs on the vinyl, but overall a nice copy


Love Anyway You Want It.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE.........................................................


Jay T - The Road Ahead - Bel Ad £8

Address on label scratched out, and a couple of light, inaudible scuffs - Guy Hennigan's "Ronnie Gaylord" cover up from Stafford!!


music.gif  The Road Ahead.MP3   2.09MB   24 downloads


Vi Velasco - I Don't Want To Go On - Vee Jay £20 SOLD

Classy mid tempo, knock down price!!


Scientists Of Soul - Be's That Way Sometimes - Kashe £20



music.gif  Bes That Way Sometimes.MP3   1.78MB   12 downloads


Willie Parker - Salute To Lovers/Don't Hurt The One You Love - M Pac £18

Rarer issue of DHTOYL, with a FABULOUS flip!!!


music.gif  Salute To Lovers.MP3   1.68MB   11 downloads


music.gif  Dont Hurt The One You Love.MP3   2.11MB   19 downloads


Sandy Waddy - Everything Is Everything - S.O.S. £12



music.gif  Everything Is Everything.MP3   1.9MB   8 downloads


Junior Walker - Baby You Know You Ain't Right - Soul £8 SOLD

Fabulous Northern!!!


Jean Wells - The Best Thing For You Baby - Calla £10



music.gif  The Best Thing For You Baby.MP3   1.94MB   14 downloads


Jackie Verdell - Are You Ready For This - Decca £10

Light wear to vinyl, plays fine, label looks fine - Storming Northern!!


music.gif  Are You Ready For This.MP3   1.83MB   12 downloads


Tina Britt - The Real Thing - Eastern £5

Quality Northern for less than a packet of cigarettes!!!!


music.gif  The Real Thing.MP3   1.62MB   7 downloads


Precisions - If This Is Love - Drew £10

Wear to label and vinyl - pays fine, don't look too 'orrible with no biro on label - Classic!!


music.gif  If This Is Love.MP3   2.09MB   13 downloads


Chuck Corby - I Need Your Love - Fee Bee £35

Light wear to label and vinyl - Quality Pittsburgh Soul!!!!


music.gif  I Need Your Love.MP3   1.24MB   14 downloads


Mitch Ryder — Blessing In Disguise — Dynovoice £6 SOLD

Good version of the “Hal Miller” rarity!!!


Impressions - Minstrel & Queen - ABC Paramount £16



music.gif  Minstrel And Queen.MP3   1.02MB   16 downloads


Round Robin - There's A Thrill On The Hill - H.A.T. £8

Worth a listen - Underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  Theres A Thrill On The Hill.MP3   1.46MB   13 downloads


Escorts - S.O.S. (Heart In Distress) Date (WHITE PROMO) £20

Very light wear to label and vinyl, but what a tune!!!


music.gif  S.O.S. Heart In Distress.MP3   1.51MB   25 downloads


Joe Simon - When - Sound Stage 7 £7



music.gif  When.MP3   1.56MB   7 downloads


Marian Love - Walk Proud And Pretty - Capitol £14

Nice Northern!!


music.gif  Walk Proud And Pretty.MP3   1.86MB   12 downloads


Phil Flowers - Discontented - Dot £10

Light wear to vinyl, but nice, forgotten oldie!!!!


music.gif  Discontented.MP3   1.78MB   4 downloads


Buddy Ace - It's Gonna Be Me - Duke £13

Light sticker residue on label (barely noticeable), otherwise nice copy of this fabulous piece of paced Northern!!!


music.gif  Its Gonna Be Me.MP3   1.12MB   16 downloads


Hedy Sontag - He Never Came Back - Philips (WHITE PROMO) £20

Red cross on label, otherwise nice copy of this excellent 60's mover!!!


music.gif  He Never Came Back.MP3   1.43MB   21 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



Hes Got What It Takes.MP3

Baby I'm Here To Love you.MP3

Edited by SOUL.INC

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