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John Manship Auction Results 16-10-2013

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Jerry Naylor City Lights

NORTHERN SOUL classic in it’s rarest format.

This is the very-RARE 1965 German press on EMI high-fidelity vinyl complete with the special Picture Sleeve showing off the iconic Los Angles Capitol “Tower”, perhaps this was the best connection at he time EMI could come up with as the USA release was put out on Capitol’s Tower #162.

For those of you many Northern Soul addicts who are constantly seeking out the rarest variations possible - we can underline this beauty as a real tough one to capture!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 259.00

Antiques Go For Yourself C/w Penance

You are viewing one of Detroit Northern seriously-rare Grails.

Carl Cisco & Nick Ameno craft a flawless mid-tempo vocal-group dancer bristling with all those ingredients that lift a Northern Soul record into greatness.

A lead vocal at complete ease wafts in and out of the feelgood arrangement with the arranger utilizing shrill girl-group vocals for the harmony chorus. The whole thing fits perfectly together to form a masterful Motor City mid-tempo of the highest calibre.

The rarity speaks for itself - being a stable mate to two other Michigan “impossibles” Lynn Terry and The Utopias. Can may collectors on the planet boast of owning all three…?

PS the flip is so outrageously “Off-The-Wall” we just had to let you hear it..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 803.00

Sharpees Tired Of Being Lonely C/w Just To Please You

A Twisted Wheel anthem at a time when the interest and public awareness in this iconic MOD temple has never been stronger!

This 1963 British release coincided perfectly with Roger Eagle’s new venture of the Twisted Wheel’s, as they launched the first R&B All Nighter on September 28th. 1963.

Just imagine being there on that history making night and hearing a record from the streets of Chicago that was years ahead of it’s time and could certainly be considered as one of the very first “Real” Northern Soul style recordings to be played in England.

Take a listen to Larry Nester & Jimmy Jones guide Benny Sharpe’s group to a recording, that set the standard for DJ’s in England to follow.

Talking of standards - the condition is just so very clean…you’ll wait a long time to find a better one.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 115.00

Ike & Tina Turner Somebody (somewhere) Needs You C/w (i'll Do Anything) Just To Be With You

Currently a massive dancefloor pleaser.

This is an original 1966 British press in eye-popping condition. Original company sleeve, two perfect labels and both vinyls in “as good as it gets” condition.

47 years old and looks like it was born last week..

Up-graders, OCD record-inspectors and those flaw-free vinyl neurotics seekers, you are looking at near perfection and a record that offers the raucous rasping production attitude of the two Turners and the silky writing skills of Frank Wilson & Marc Gordon.

This is killer Northern Soul in it’s rarest format and in the finest possible condition.

Nuff said..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 141.00


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Gang Band T. S. O. B. The Sound Of Boston

Rare doesn’t go anywhere near to chronicling this 45’s status!

Former 1977 / 78 Richard Searling cover up as the MIKE THEODORE LIFE ORCHESTRA - Night Time Shadows. Later to be traded with the Grandfather of Northern Soul Soul Sam who continued with it’s secret identity when he spun it at the legendary Cleethorpes Winter Gardens in 1979.

It then left Soul Sam’s collection for a huge sum at the time of £400. Then this 45 disappeared into the black hole of rare soul collecting. Where that copy is now, nobody seems to know - but this copy has now come to market, to remind everybody of it’s existence. A 45 formerly shrouded by it’s mysterious identity, sheer rarity and the huge amount of Northern Soul history it carries with it, with two of Britain’s most-respected DJ’s being the nly documented previous owners. Not least of all with the writer already providing the scene with a firm favourite in the form of Carol & Gerri double-helping on MGM.

Over the years I have to my embarrassment occasionally been asked about it’s availability. It’s not often I’m stuck for words, but what can you tell a serious-collector about a tune, if you’ve never had a copy before?

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 250.00

Three Caps Dance The Cool Jerk

Stupidly RARE and immaculate 1966 UK mono album.

This UK release - THREE CAPS album “COOL JERK” came about when British Polydor were advised to rename the group as THE THREE CAPS, when it clashed with Pye’s “Butch Moore & The Capitols” who released 4 UK singles between 1964 & 66. The original Capitols single “Cool Jerk” was withdrawn and relaunched re-credited - the Album came out with the revamped artist credit, but still fell away on little or no sales and into serious obscurity.

This album underlines just how short a time The Capitols - 7” single “Cool Jerk” was left on the market before they re-credited it, to the “Three Caps”.

First check out the fabulous Pop-Art cover, then the more iconic black & white three-man group “dance-pose” on the back. Then move onto the impressive sound-file as we sample some tracks from this great Ollie McLaughlin project.

VERY RARE and even rarer in the showroom condition - this copy really is as if you’d have found it in 1966. Not that you would have done - it’s been an “impossible” find, even from the day of it’s inception.

Condition, rarity, art & fabulous Soul music - this album, just has the lot!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00

Manifesto Manifesto # 1

The very first issue of what was back in the 90s eagerly awaited quarterly publication dedicated to the underground British cult of Northern Soul.

How refreshing to read he first issue, full of wit, fun and frank reviews without malice.

This copy cover “Pep” looking back on one of England’s greatest ever Northern Soul clubs - Wolverhampton’s Catcombs - affectionately known as “THE CATS”.

Just as important, is a passionate and personal reflection of any equally important milestone in the history of Northern Soul as Dave Thorley takes a lookback on the influences of 80s and Stafford’s “TOP OF THE WORLD CLUB” also a review of the country’s biggest NS event of the 90s THE RITZ Manchester and it’s vibrant, sweaty &m packed all-niters.

then we take a trip abroad to Wales and PORTHCAWL 11 years on from 1983.

A darn good read, saturated in nostalgia and of course the launching pad for what is now a 19 year running magazine… 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 14.00

Helene Smith You Got To Do Your Share C/w Willing & Able

From the desk of the sunshine state’s most-soulful teams comes a seriously hard to acquire Miami, Florida Northern Soul dancer, benefiting from a constant Clarence Reid guided brass section, with fluid trumpeting adding depth and style. Then Clarence pulls a masterstroke when late on in the recording a male-vocal-group pop into the proceedings.

The flipside is another Clarence Reid / Willie Clarke collaboration, that also ripples with Helene’s honeyed tones, relaxing upon an horn-cradled arrangement, just perfect for this aching sweet-girl voice.

Barbara Mason, Nella Dodds and not too many more gals sang with such a captivating coolness and charm, both sides frame her versatility and class perfectly…

One of rare-soul’s real talents - that sadly never made it big…but left us collectors with a healthy legacy of very rare and delicious records to chase.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 311.00

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Moses Dillard & The Dynamic Showmen Pretty As A Picture C/w Go 'way Baby

A jaw-dropping perfect condition copy of Richard Searling famous Wigan Casino cover-up Little Richie - “You’re As Pretty as A Picture”.

Richard’s privileged exclusive “first pick” of John Anderson’s late 70s discoveries saw Richard simultaneously play two Moses Dillard - Mark V 45s both covered up and both causing hair-tugging frustration amongst the collectors who’s appetite to know and own Richard’s cover-ups had now reached fever-pitch.

Listening, this example will no doubt rocket the late 70s Casino faithful back to the twilight years of the club and remembering the huge legacy the combination of John Anderson’s skill at locating “Lost Soul” and Richard’s unchallengeable power and influence as the country top-NS-jock of the era. This 45 maybe just one of many examples, but certainly one of the best.

Not overlooking the fact that this 45 is and has always been a near impossible USA find, the Stateside vocal-group collectors will mostly have this missing from their collections and perhaps are not generally aware of the killer harmony ballad hidden away on the flipside.

Two awesome tunes on a flawless disc, that only seems to reside these days in the UK top collections.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 345.00


on Somebody Watching You

Marvelettes The Marvelettes

a fabulous copy of this 1967 and the 51st. album on this essentially collectable British label. This is the sought-after MONO release.

Check out the soundfile which includes the wonderful non-45 dance groove “I Know Better” a obvious Northern Soul monster-in-waiting.

Other tracks of this 12 cut delight includes non-45 take on the Robert Parker classic “Barefootin’” the girls timeless favourite “He Was really Sayin’ Somethin’ ” & “The Hunter Gets Captured by The Game” + the equally impressive “Keep Of No Trespassing” etc. etc.

Cover could hardly be in finer condition. Vinyl only reveals a surface blemish on track 4 “Keep Of No Trespassing” but plays perfectly.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00

Temptations The Temptations

Condition, Condition, Condition.

First press 1964 British press in flawless condition, still even retains the original round polythene fold-over-top inner sleeve protector (you just never see these still intact). Label displays the all important “Sold in U.K. Subject to text…”

One for the British Motown perfectionist, who needs to stop chasing upgrades.

Tracks are:

  1. My Girl
  2. I’ll Be in Trouble
  3. (Girl) Why You Wanna Make Me Blue (Top-drawer Northern Soul classic)
  4. The Girl’s Alright With Me

the 4th. release in this crucial series - this copy is the best I’ve seen - in memory. It is very seldom you witness any of this series in such fine clean condition. With this 4 track EP offering a stunning front cover and a matchless track listing.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 47.00

Jerry Cook I Hurt On The Other Side

I think we said this last week: Hey ho, the desirability points are exactly the same. “At this moment in time - those classic “TORCH” anthems are perhaps the hottest 45s on the planet.”

So when we meet a neat clean promo with two flawless label and vinyl that only reveals a few cherish blemish in strong light. These classics end up in one place only.. to be thrown into the rough & tumble of a Manship auction, as the growing band of Classic Northern Soul collectors scrap it out, reliving their youth.

We know this too not worth a Kings Ransom but these records are for me and 1000’s of others the foundation of our record collecting education Pre-Wigan wonderment of those teenage years when near every record the Torch, Catacombs, Va’ Va’s, Blackpool Mecca you heard was another rivet in the building of a lifelong soul-boy!

I can remember this 45 was my close friend “Poke’s” favourite as our mutual friend “Butch” would travel deep into himself and dance trance-like to the mighty vocal and the even more potent Arthur Wright production!


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 212.00

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Inner Planetary Experience Love & Life Mix 1 & 2

Deliciously RARE Detroit sweet soul harmony ballad from the desk of Mike Terry.

Some of Detroit’s legends from the 60s team up, Herman Weems joins Mike and their experience shines through as a+ piercing falsetto leads the way.

From the same label that delivered that supremely soulful 45 from Jimmy Okera Hightower, Nemo Express keep up their high standards with this Motor City harmony sweetener; showcasing a haunting arrangement, simplistic piano work allowing the lead vocal to headline the session, with subtle group-harmony cooing adding depth and substance to this rich ballad, then the deep vocal rap at the ending, is the icing on the very-sweet cake.

Just a beautifully construct tune - exactly what you’d expect from Mike Terry & Herman Weems. This silly-elusive D.I.Y. project offers two versions on one disc, some may prefer the 2nd. take on the flip.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 56.00

Harold Gill I Can Make You Party (4.07) C/w I'm Gonna Be Sweet To You (4.12)

Very sought after and ridiculously elusive - D.I.Y. Soulful boogie dancer. Not an out-of-control upbeat roller-coaster ride - but a controlled thumpin’ mid-tempo allowing Harold smooth falsetto voice glide through the constant dance beat - male vocal chorus embellishes the production. an all together tasty groove.

Backed with a soulful mid-tempo groove - showcasing yet another local street-level artist with fabulous vocal control and soulful expression.

Rare - local seldom seen for sale 12” indie.

Vinyl has a few very light surface blemishes not affecting the sound in the slightest - check out the clean, clear double soundfile, we’ve gone with the mid-tempo first, then for the meatier up-a-level dancer next..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 44.00



Tony Clarke Landslide

One of the few PROMO Northern Soul Grails.

And in this example in flawless condition…

a highly prestigious HOLY one!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 589.00

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