A select few 60's/70's/80's for soul fans only   If interested just message me. Reasonable postage ofcourse.  Cheers for looking Jez  **************  many reduced plus sound files now added!! **********************   THE STEELERS  JUST BEGINNING TO LOVE YOU/CRYING BITTER TEARS  CRASH  VG- plays better than it looks - listen to sound file  £150 REDUCED TO £100 !!  * SOLD 25.02.14*     THE SOUFUL TWINS  I CAN'T LET YOU GO  SABLE VG Nice clean copy £130  REDUCED £100     PRINCE ELLIS  I'M GONNA LOVE YOU  ELLIS near Mint vinyl - no scratches  - lovely £100 - REDUCED £80 !!   LARRY WEDGEWORTH  NO MORE GAMES   GROOVEHALL  VG  £75  Cheers!!! PROPHECY  RAIN IN MY LIFE  ALL PLATINUM  soulful & then some - Lou Courtney. EX - near mint £100 REDUCED £80 !!   ERNIE MARBRAY  AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS  WEE  great tune (Oakland,Calif.)  VG £55   Sound files from actual records now added ( at last!). MANY REDUCED TOO !!!!!              Jez   ( Surrey, UK)