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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 608 Oct 28th 2013 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
Please note: We now recommend you have orders over £50 sent either
Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery depending on total cost incurred
 (29TH November...............Thomas Edison demonstrates the hand-cranked phonograph.........1877)
Highest bid at the end time is the winner and pays the offered price.
 To view the items below go to www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk and click on Auctions
Min Bid
NOV - A Moments Baby I Want You Hog 1000 M- 2000
One of the big surprises of the nineties was this turning out to be a record (Kent issued it as
something else subsequent to the acetate). As with many Washington soul releases it is
inherently scarce and this is possibly the only one in near-mint condition
NOV - B Utopias Girls Are Against Me LaSalle 0072 VG++ 1500
Everything is rare on this Detroit label (even the rather under priced Buena Vistas instrumental)
but this is the best of the four releases. Two sides as well, because many rate the reverse side ‘I
Want To Go Back To My Dream World’. Condition is possibly better than VG++ - just a sniff below
mint minus
NOV - C Steve Mancha Did My Baby Call Wheelsville 102 VG+ 350
A low start price on the double sided Detroit classic for the simple reason that there is a mark
which clicks AT THE VERY END. Other than that it it plays quite well. For that reason we have
recorded the soundbite in full
NOV - D Rubin You’ve Been Away Kapp 869 VG++ 500
Very strong VG++, almost Mint Minus in fact. Of course, a black stock copy is the one to have. A
record that disproves the theory that Northern Soul was ALL copied from Motown. I mean, what
else sounds like this one?
NOV - E Tony Michaels Picture Me And You Golden World 41 M- 250
Yes, a yellow STOCK copy. Ever seen one before? Not just as rare as Tamiko Jones on issue but
not far off.
NOV - F Vanguards Good Times, Bad Times Lamp 94 M- 700
Just who was the fantastic lead singer on some of these Vanguards discs? He’s almost up there
with Marvin Junior of the Dells. Tremendous soul all the way
NOV - G Joann Courcey I Got The Power Twirl 2026 M- 600
Careering, storming Northern Soul always packs dance floors, never booted either. Still a winner
for any enterprising deejay
NOV - H Brother To Brother Gotta Situation Win Or Lose 224 VG++ 200
Here’s an oddity for you — and it’s a tough one as well, only the second copy we’ve ever had.
Sure, the promo is quite common but the issue copy with this side is certainly rare. An early
seventies dancer that hardly anyone knowsNOV - I Ray Frazier My Baby’s Hand Wright-Sound 0002 VG++ 1000
One of only two known copies of this West Coast sixties dancer fashioned by Arthur Wrightr. A
unique opportunity to obtain a certain ultra-rarity
NOV - J Yolanda Lisi Mon Coer Qui Bat Tout Apex 13425 M- 100
Couldn’t resist putting this one on! Yes a Canadian-only (as far as we know) French language
version of ‘Don’t Pity Me’. Check the soundbite because it ain’t too bad at all — at least you’ll smile

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