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Lifeline & Soultown Soul Clubs

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The place to party New Years Eve will be Sheridans in Dewsbury as Lifeline and Soultown Soul Clubs combine forces to bring you TEN top DJ's to see in the New Year.

The full line up is....

Representing the Lifeline Soul Club will be Andy Dyson, Mick H, Tim Brown, Arthur Fenn & Chalky and for Soultown Soul Club we have Carl Willingham, Rob Thomas, Mark Bicknall, Paul Sadot & Andy McCabe. A feast of quality Soul is guaranteed.

The night will start at 10pm and finish 8 (ish) the next morning. There will be 200 tickets only for this night and they will be priced £15. Feedback about the night has been excellent and fully expect tickets to go quickly. Hopefully they will be on sale at the LifeLine All-nighter October 16th.

Tickets are now available from....

Andy Dyson @ Dysonsoul@aol.com or telephone 01302 744927

Mick H @ Trentsoul@aol.com or telephone 07968 030464

Andy McCabe on 07792164683

Chalky @ chalky@soultown.eclipse.co.uk or telephone 07743 863523

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With regards to tickets for this night. Can those who want tickets get them as soon as possible. No tickets will be saved on the door..they must be purchased before December the 18th. We've all worked hard all year promoting both nights (Lifeline and Soultown niters) etc and don't want to work on New Years Eve...we just want to collect the tickets on the door and party with the rest of you :thumb: :rolleyes::huh::P

Tickets will be on sale at Fleetwood from Andy McCabe (who will deffo be there) and Andy Dyson, Mick H and myself (if we make it :oo: ). Mick, Andy and myself will be at Lowton and we will all be at various events in the next few weeks.

Failing that give one of us a call, send us your money and we will send you the tickets through the post.

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