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Northern / R & B / 60's Soul

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To reserve/buy records: email
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'gift' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm


All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Northern / R&B / 60's Soul


Diplomats There's still a tomorrow superb Wand 25      
"Dodds, Nella" "Finders keepers, losers weepers/A girl's life" great Wand 15      
"Dodds, Nella" Maybe baby w/demo/superb Wand 30      
"Esquires, The" I don't know recommended Wand 10      
"Hughes, Freddie" Send my baby back  superb Wand 12      
"Inspirations, The" Kiss and make up ex-/vsld Wand 10      
"Jackson, Chuck" Any day now great Wand 15      
"Jackson, Chuck" Hand it over/Look over your shoulder M-/2 superb sides Wand 25      
"Jackson, Chuck" I don't want to cry great Wand 10      
"Jackson, Chuck" I don't want to cry orig. blue label great Wand 15      
"Moore, Johnny" Haven't I been good to you(sm wol)/A dollar ninety eight demo/2 superb sides Wand 25      
"Preyer, Marvin" It's coming to me demo/R&B/great Wand 50      
"Robinson, Rosco" That's enough ex-/classic Wand 15      
"Robinson, Rosco" That's enough classic Wand 20      
"Steele, John & Del-Mates, The" Tha fat man R&B Wand 15      
"Dickens, Charles" In the city/That's the way love goes      M-/w/demo/2 great sides Warner Bros. 30      
"Invincibles, The" Woman is the soul of a man M-/w/demo/superb Warner Bros. 35      
"Wade, Adam" Old devil moon w/demo/great Warner Bros. 25      
"Baby Little & Playboys, The" Big time playboy R&B/great Watts Way 30      
"Sensations, The" Too shy/Please baby please M-/vg++ flip/2 great sides Way Out 15      
"Springers, The" I know my baby loves me so vg+/w/demo? Way Out 8      
Verna & Rob I'm in love with you/More soul(2 x's ol) ex-/superb/great flip too/rare  Way Out 45      
"Debanairs, The" Feel all right/Everything I need superb/great flip too W-BS 20      
"Hughes, Freddie" Send my baby back/Where's my baby  first label/great Wee 20      
"Forevers, The" What goes around (comes around) w/demo/recommended Weis 20      
"Superlatives, The" Lonely in  a crowd EX+/recommended Westbound 8      
"Hargraves, Silky" "I'll keep on trying/Love, let's try it again" VG++/2 superb sides Wheelsville 125      
"Hargraves, Silky" "I'll keep on trying/Love, let's try it again" M-/rev lbls/2 superb sides Wheelsville 135      
"Lamp, Buddy" I wanna go home/You've got the loving touch ex-/2 great sides Wheelsville 35      
Lil' Soul Brothers I've got heartaches(sm lbl tear)/What can it be M-/2 great sides Wheelsville 40      
"Experts, The" You're bein' brainwashed baby great Whirl World 15      
"Powell, Bobby" I'm gonna leave you/Hold my hand great Whit 15      
"Powell, Bobby" What are you trying to do to me ex- Whit 10      
"Damon's Orient Express, Liz" You're falling in love great White Whale 8      
"Scott, Walter" Silly girl/Just you wait demo/v. sl. warp-nap White Whale 12      
"Scott, Walter" Silly girl/Just you wait demo/2 great sides White Whale 15      
"Vanguards, The" I can't use you girl highly recommended Whiz 15      
"Soul, Sharon" How can I get to you?/Don't say goodbye love EX+/blue lbl/2 great sides Wild Deuce 50      
"Soul, Sharon" How can I get to you?/Don't say goodbye love M-/w/demo/2 great sides/RARE Wild Deuce 75      
"Dubs, The" Just you great Wilshire 15      
"Dubs, The" Just you demo/great Wilshire 20      
"Five Stairsteps, The" Playgirl's love superb Windy C 12      
"Five Stairsteps, The" You can't see/Ain't gonna rest great Windy C 12      
"Latham, Geraldine" Lazy lover w/demo/2 x'sol/recommneded Winner 7 11 20      
"Quaite, Christine" In the middle of the floor recommended World Artists 15      
"Church, Eugene" Dollar bill demo/great World Pacific 25      
"Intrigues, The" In a moment superb Yew 15      
"Cortez & Entertainers, The" Life/I sent her back (to to the home she loves) recommended Your Town 25      
"Johnson, Syl" Surrounded/Straight love no chaser superb R&B Zachron 15      
"Larry & Rexettes/Johnson, Larry" That ain't all/Mercy R&B/great inst. Flip Zorro 20      
"Cormier, Myra" G O 2 & the rest of it/Pleasant dreams demo/2 good sides ZZZ 20      
"Bracelets, The" You're just fooling yourself(2 x's ol) EX+/w/demo/great 20th Century 50      
"Fashions, The" A lover's stand recommended 20th Century 15      
"Lancelot, Rick" That's my bag vg+/w/demo 20th Century 8      
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on ex-/great 4J 35      
Mr. Tears (Paris) Don't lead me on great 4J 40      
"Tempo, Nino & 5th Ave. Sax" Sister James 2 x's ol/great A&M 12      
"Dotson, Jimmy" "Gone, gone, gone/To be your lover" 2 great sides Aar O Dot 15      
"Brown, Maxine" Am I falling in love paint spot ol/great ABC 45      
"Charles, Ray" Go on home recommended ABC 10      
"Charles, Ray" Hide 'nor hair good version ABC 10      
"Charles, Ray" Something inside me recommended ABC 15      
"Cotillions, The" Sometimes I get lonely great ABC 20      
"Dorsey, Jackie" Sweetheart baby w/demo/great ABC 15      
"Earls, The" It's been a long time coming/My lonely lonely room superb ABC 20      
"Earls, The" It's been a long time coming/My lonely lonely room w/demo/wol/superb ABC 30      
"Everett, Betty" I can't say EX-/great/clean labels ABC 20      
"Everett, Betty" Love comes tumbling down M-/superb/Inc Co sleeve ABC 40      
"Impressions, The" You've been cheatin' classic ABC 20      
"Keyes, Troy" Love explosion great  ABC 15      
"Marvelows, The" I do great ABC 15      
Mer-lyn Promise w/demo/wol/recomnded ABC 50      
"Middleton, Tony" You spoiled my reputation (2 x's ol) (Inc Co slv) M-/w/demo/superb m-tempo ABC 75      
"Sapphires, The" Thank you for loving me/Our love is everywhere great ABC 10      
"Tams, The" Trouble maker/Laugh at the world 2 great sides ABC 10      
"Tams, The" Trouble maker/Laugh at the world w/demo/2 great sides ABC 15      
"Tandy, Sharon" I've found love M-/w/demo/great ABC 25      
"Tandy, Sharon" Now that you've gone/Hurtin me 2 great sides ABC 25      
"Taylor, Rosemary" I really got it bad for my baby w/demo/great ABC 15      
We Two Way down deep inside ex-/w/demo/wol/great ABC 25      
"White, Danny" One little lie M-/w/demo/xol-flip/great ABC 30      
"Mathis, Lucille" Somewhere out there/same demo/nice mid-tempo A-bet 10      
"Knight, Marie" To be loved M-/great Addit 60      
"Hines, Sonny" Nothing like your love R&B Airtown 10      
"Jackson, Chuck" Come on and love me his first record ? Alcar 15      
"Emanons, The" Look in the want ads/One heart dancer/group-flip/pic slve All Brothers 10      
"Moore, Danny" Somebody new original/superb Allrite 60      
"Harper, Willie" You're gonna pay w/demo/wol Alon 12      
"Holmes, Eldridge" Emperor Jones/A time for everything w/demo/2 great sides/rare Alon 75      
"Presentations, The" Call on me M-/wol-flip//classic American Music Makers 50      
"McPhatter, Clyde" I belong to you vg/nice mid-tempo Amy 5      
"Walker, Anna & Crownettes, The" You don't know/Ode to Billy Joe demo/R&B/2 great sides Amy 30      
"Clark, Delores" Livin' to please recommended Antares 60      
"Florence, Tina" "Too much for me, baby" great Apt 40      
"Love, Candace" Never in a million years / I want to get back nice Aquarius 15      
"Love, Candace" Wonderful night EX+/superb Aquarius 20      
"Williams, Ken" Anytime you want me/Take me back w/demo?/blue-eyed ARA 15      
Lane Relations Cleaning up here/Everything on earth w/demo/great gospel Arctic 10      
"Mason, Barbara" Half a love fantastic   Arctic 20      
"Mason, Barbara" Half a love w/demo/fantastic   Arctic 30      
"Dells, The" Good-bye Mary Ann M-/DEMO/great Argo 40      
"James, Etta" Mellow fellow M-/great R&B Argo 35      
"Nash, Johnny" Strange feeling M-/great Argo 15      
"Fisher, Shelley" Big city lights great Aries 15      
Aesop's Fables I've got news for you w/demo/superb Atco 30      
"Banks, Darrell" Angel baby (don't you leave me) M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classic Atco 60      
"Chapman, Andy" Double your satisfaction/Happy is the man w/demo Atco 20      
"Cooper, Les & Soulrockers, The" Gonna have a lot of fun recommended Atco 25      
"King, Ben E" Amor great Atco 8      
"Lee, Marva" Lover boy warp-nap/great Atco 12      
"Lee, Marva" Lover boy tiny warp-nap/great Atco 15      
"O'Henry, Lenny" Sweet young love great newy Atco 15      
"O'Henry, Lenny" Sweet young love w/demo/great newy Atco 20      
"Sharp, Dee Dee" Bye bye baby/My best friend's man 2 superb sides/recommended Atco 15      
"Taylor,Ted" River's invitation ex-/great Atco 10      
"Taylor,Ted" River's invitation great Atco 12      
"Moore, Henry" She's a lover recommended Athens 15      
"Drifters, The" The outside world/Follow me ex-/2 great sides Atlantic 12      
"Drifters, The" The outside world/Follow me w/demo/2 great sides Atlantic 20      
"Embers, The" Where did I go wrong M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb/rarer issue Atlantic 125      
"Greenwood, Johnny" I'm crawling back w/demo/great Atlantic 15      
"Jackson, Deon" You said you love me great Atlantic 30      
"Jackson, Deon" You said you love me ex-/w/demo/great Atlantic 35      
"Jackson, Deon" You said you love me w/demo/great Atlantic 40      
Jo Ann & Troy Who do you love R&B/recommended Atlantic 10      
"La Belle, Patti & Blue Belles The" Wonderful great Atlantic 10      
"Lewis, Barbara" Don't forget about me great Atlantic 12      
"Lewis, Barbara" Don't forget about me w/demo/wol Atlantic 15      
"Lewis, Barbara" I say love  Atlantic 10      
"Lewis, Barbara" If you love her/Straighten up your heart(sm wol) Canadian/2 great sides Atlantic 20      
"Lewis, Barbara" Sho-nuff/Thankful for what I got  Atlantic 15      
"Matthews, Shirley" (You can) count on that/Big-town boy 2 great sides Atlantic 15      
"Spears, Merle" I want to know M-/great R&B Atlantic 50      
"Tee, Willie" I want somebody M-/Inc Co sleeve/highly recommended Atlantic 30      
"Thomas, Carla" For you recommended Atlantic 10      
"Thomas, Carla" The puppet ex-/w/demo/wol/nice Atlantic 15      
"Uggams, Leslie" Don't you even care M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb   Atlantic 50      
"Washington, Ella" "Bye, bye baby" w/demo/recommended Atlantic 30      
"Womack, Bobby" Find me somebody/How does it feel (Inc Co sleeve) M-/red/w/demo/2 great sides Atlantic 60      
"Incredibles, The" Without a word/Standing here crying M-/w/demo/great Audio Arts 20      
"Radcliffe, Jimmy" My ship is coming in EX+/sl label ring/superb Aurora 30      
"Garrett, Kelly" This heart is haunted           (with original sleeve) w/demo/recommended Ava 30      
"Attractions, The" Mama's baby/C.O.D. 2 good sides/Texas label B&B 15      
"Carlton, Little Carl" Competition ain't nothin' ex-/classic Back Beat 15      
"Carlton, Little Carl" Competition ain't nothin' M-/classic Back Beat 20      
"Carlton, Little Carl" Why don't they leave us alone #627/great Back Beat 10      
"Hinton, Joe" Got you on my mind M-/feint sm ink stamp ol/superb Back Beat 50      
"Arrows, The" Bring back the one I love sl warp-nap/great Bandit 15      
"Arrows, The" Bring back the one I love great Bandit 20      
"Electric Love, The" She wants to be free nice mid-tempo Bandit 10      
"Beaumont, Jimmy" I feel like I'm falling in love ex-/great Bang 8      
Rose Colored Glass Can't find the time nice Bang 10      
Happiness-Is Love is slipping away unknown?/great Banner 25      
"Preston, Nancy" I got a right w/demo/great Banward 40      
"Hysong, Don" Baby here's my heart ex-/great Bard 10      
"Martin Sisters, The" Only seventeen w/demo/nice Barry 15      
"Jenkins, Earl Duke" Misusin' me recommended Bee 20      
"Jenkins, Earl Duke " Misusin' me ex-/w/demo/recommended Bee 25      
"Jenkins, Earl Duke " Misusin' me w/demo/recommended Bee 30      
"Attractions, The" That girl is mine M-/Inc Co slv/superb Bell 35      
"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you M-/recommended/rare issue Bell 60      
"Dearborn, Billie" You need me to love you   M-/demo/recommended Bell 50      
"Graham, Rita" Can I go with you w/demo/nice ballad Bell 10      
"Inspirations, The" Gotta find a new love/I can feel it    2 superb sides Benn-x 15      
Occasions There's no you            M-/superb Big Jim 20      
"Beery, Dorothy" Don't give me love/Soul power M-/2 great sides Big Three 125      
"Johnson, Lou" If I never get to love you w/demo/great Big Top 25      
"Johnson, Lou" Reach out for me w/demo/superb Big Top 25      
"Johnson, Lou" Unsatisfied M-/classic/rare yellow label Big Top 30      
"Sterling, Spencer" Jilted M-/lite xol/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Big Top 40      
Falcons (I'm a fool) I must love you M-//superb Big Wheel 35      
Bitter/Sweet Once again blue-eyed mid-tempo Bitter/Sweet 10      
"Ad Libs, The" He ain't no angel/Ask anybody great Blue Cat 15      
"Ad Libs, The" Johnny my boy superb Blue Cat 50      
"Ad Libs, The" Johnny my boy M-/w/demo/superb Blue Cat 75      
"Brothers Of Love, The" Check my love superb Blue Rock 50      
"Brothers Of Love, The" Check my love w/demo/superb Blue Rock 60      
"Brothers Of Love, The" Yes I am vg+/recommended Blue Rock 12      
"Brothers Of Love, The" Yes I am recommended Blue Rock 15      
"Chi-Lites, The" I'm so jealous/The mix mix song 2 great sides Blue Rock 25      
"Commotions, The" Handy man/We'll make it someday vg+/recommended Blue Rock 15      
"Commotions, The" Handy man/We'll make it someday M-/recommended Blue Rock 30      
"Leavill, Otis" It's the same old me/Let me live EX+/2 great sides Blue Rock 25      
"Lamont, Reggie" How lonely (can one man be) M-/recommended Blue Rock 30      
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy sl warp-nap/demo/great Blue Rock 15      
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy great Blue Rock 20      
"Little, Little Rose" Bye bye big boy demo/great Blue Rock 20      
"Moore, Johnny" Lonely heart in the city great/Inc Co. sleeve Blue Rock 25      
"Turner, Big Joe" Two loves have I superb Bluestime 60      
Pittsburgh Phil Don't tell her lies  Bob Cat 15      
"Variations, The" Yesterday is gone superb/original label Bob-Joy 40      
"Velvets, The & Louis Prejean" Estelle Parker ex- flip/recommended Bofuz 65      
"Velvets, The & Louis Prejean" Estelle Parker recommended Bofuz 75      
"Hunt, Geraldine" Two can live cheaper than one vg++/yellow label/superb Bombay 75      
"Ryan, Nancy" I told her/The trouble vg/2 great sides/unknown? Borda 20      
"Emotions, The" I can't stand no more heartaches great Brainstorm 10      
"Poindexter, Annette" You'll get it right back/Inst. great Brena 15      
"Donays, The" Devil in his heart/Bad boy EX+/2 great sides Brent 60      
"Lovells, The" Here come the heartaches/My time to cry vg++/w/demo/superb/great flip too Brent 40      
"Tillman, Bertha" Lovin' time vg+/feint wol/recomnded Brent 8      
"Tillman, Bertha" Lovin' time recommended Brent 15      
Spongy & The Dolls It looks like love vg++/w/demo/stmol-flip/great Bridgeview 50      
Fats Domino Work my way up steady R&B Broadmoor 20      
"Acklin, Barbara" Seven days of night great Brunswick 12      
"Artistics, The" Price of love M-/recommended Brunswick 15      
"Barry, Len" "1,2,3/Bullseye" UK/noc Brunswick 5      
"Chandler, Gene & Acklin, Barbara" Will I find love recommended Brunswick 15      
Chi-Lites Give it away recommended Brunswick 12      
"Cooperettes, The" Everything's wrong/Don' trust him (Inc Co sleeve) M-/y/demo/classic/great flip too Brunswick 30      
"Holmes, Sherlock" What an argument demo/TOP TIP!!!!!! Brunswick 40      
"Leavill, Otis" Baby/Can't stop loving you        M-/2 great sides/Inc. Co. slv Brunswick 75      
"Ross, Jackie" Keep your chin up recommended Brunswick 30      
"Smith, Marvin" Have more time M-/Inc Co sleeve/classic Brunswick 30      
"Sweethearts, The" No no y/demo Brunswick 15      
"Symphonics, The" Silent kind of guy great Brunswick 20      
"Wilson, Jackie              " I don't want to lose you/just be sincere 2 great sides Brunswick 15      
"Wilson, Jackie              " I get the sweetest feeling/Nothing but heartaches great Brunswick 15      
"Wilson, Jackie               " Since you showed me how to be happy/Who… vg+/recommended Brunswick 10      
"Wilson, Jackie               " Since you showed me how to be happy/Who… recommended Brunswick 15      
Young Holt Unlimited Soulful strut  Brunswick 8      
"Watts, Glenn" My little plaything/Money gives dignity demo/2 great sides Bunky 20      
"Moore, Bernie" Forty-five rpm's great Burdett 20      
"Martin, Derek" Moving hands of time  Buttercup 10      
"Dells, The" Make sure ex-  Cadet 8      
"Dells, The" Make sure great Cadet 10      
"Shaw, Marlena" Let's wade in the water M-/superb  Cadet 50      
"Ellis, Pickford & Coffey" Reach right out                     M-/superb/rare Cal 150      
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love ex-/recommended Calla 15      
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love demo/recommended Calla 30      
"Orlons, The              " Crossfire !/It's no big thing ex-/great Cameo 8      
"Orlons, The              " Crossfire !/It's no big thing M-/Inc colour pic sleeve/great Cameo 12      
"Sharp, Dee Dee" There ain't nothin' I wouldn't do for you/To know.. y/demo/recommended Cameo 25      
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby " M-/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 20      
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby " EX-/w/demo/great Cameo Parkway 20      
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby (xol)" EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 25      
"Williams, Maurice & Inspirations" The day has come w/demo/nice mid-tempo Candi 20      
"Washington, Michael    " Stay mine/inst. great Cap City 15      
Barbara & Believers What can happen to me now EX-/demo/superb Capitol 25      
Barbara & Believers What can happen to me now demo/superb Capitol 30      
"Diamond, Randy" I can't live without you/Giving you my love M-/demo/2 great sides Capitol 30      
"Drew, Patti" He's the one superb Capitol 25      
"Drew, Patti" He's the one demo/superb Capitol 30      
"Drew, Patti" I've been here all the time demo Capitol 10      
"Drew, Patti" Tell him vg++/great Capitol 12      
Hal and Jean Don't tell me lies R&B Capitol 15      
"Harris, Jill            " You really didn't mean it/His kiss 2 great sides Capitol 30      
"Houston, Eddie" I can't go wrong/That's how much(ballad) demo/2 great sides Capitol 30      
Human Beinz Nobody but me ex-/great Capitol 10      
"Jackson, Jerry" Take over now recommended Capitol 20      
"Jades, The" Ain't it funny what love can do demo/great version Capitol 20

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