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More Nice Modern/crossover...some Biggies...new List

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I have reduced many of the prices from earlier lists plus theres some nice different titles this time......Pm if interested

Eugene Smiley & The Essence Of Love "Yes Its You" [K-City] Promo Copy Mint ON HOLD

Casual-T "Hands Off" [56 Hope Rd] Super Jamaican Modern Track Mint- £150 ON HOLD

Ricky Allen "Cut You Lose" [Tam-Boo] Red Label. VG+ but very clean,labels spotless.....The odd scratch,nothing serious. £400 SOLD

Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour "Gemini Lady" [Choice Cut] Mint- ON HOLD

Brief Encounter " Human" [sound Plus] Mint-.......Superb SOLD

Exportations "I Want You" [Vir-Ro] Mint £80

Jimmy Thompson "Jimmys Place" [Jimmy Thompson Music] Just a couple of tiny marks on vinyl[which don't sound] prevent a Mint grading.... £100

Four Below Zero "My Babys Got ESP" [Roulette] Promo Ex. £60

Reachers "I Just Want To Do My Own Thing" [Magic Disc] Mint- £350

Committee "Give In To The Power Of Love" [NWI] Mint £70

Sam Butler "I Cant Get Over" [sRI] Mint- £180

Rising Sun " Miami Bump" [sRI] Mint £100

Towana & The Total Destruction "Wear Your Natural Baby / Help Me get That Feeling [Romark] Blue Label .... One Mark on vinyl [Which doesn't sound] prevents a mint grading......Lovely copy £150 ON HOLD

Melvin Davis "You made Me Over" [invictus] Mint- £45

Willie Johnson "What Im Gonna Do / Its Me" [savannah Int] EX £40 SOLD

Charles Johnson " Never Had A Love So Good" [Alston] Ex £180

Ebony Essence "Let Me In" [Goodie Train] Ex......two Xs on B-Side label £150

Ernie Johnson " Disco Music Keeps On Goin On" [Rowan] Mint £110

Ernie Johnson "Big Man Cry" [steph And Lee] Mint £50

Benny Troy "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow" [De-Lite] Promo Ex £80

Ed Summers "I Can Tell" [soya] Mint- £45

Premium "You Know You Want To Be Loved" [soulin'] Mint- £60

Magnificents "You Turn Me On / On My Way Up" [DT] Mint £75

Jeff Smith & Hidden Universe " The Hidden Secret" [incentive] Ex....Small Pen line[5mm long]on label £70

Denise Lasalle "Here I Am Again" [Westbound] Vinyl Promo Mint- £40

Lee Mcdonald " I Still Believe In Love" [silk City Sound] Ex £60

Jonnie Baby " Special Things" [Elektra] W/D Mint £35

Hari Paris "You Hit My Love" [Caredaja] Mint- £30

Four Sonics " If It Wasn't For My Baby" [JMC] Ex £ 30

Randy Jackson "How Can I Be Sure" [Epic] W/D Mint- £30

Thats all for now, PM if interested

UK Postage rates:
recorded delivery £2.50
Special Delivery £7

Payment: Paypal as Gift, Direct bank transfer or good old fashioned cheque.....

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