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New Massive List! 60's And 70's Classics And Obscurities

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Hello & Thanks for looking! 


All prices are in USD: $$$ ---- Not Pounds Sterling!

Shipping from Detroit Mi. USA : $13 FLAT RATE for UNLIMITED singles.

NOTE: 20% discount if you order 5 or more singles. 

25% off, if you order 10 or more. 

PayPal : peoplesrecordsdetroit@gmail.com ------->>> Please include your shipping address. 

I'm sorry, I can't hold things, even for friends.

Note: My VG is still a record that plays well enough to DJ with,

without overwhelming noise.



New Arrivals


E.J. & The Echoes : If You Just Love Me / Treat Me Right (Diamond Jim) VG $40

Grady Tate : Be Black Baby mono / Be Black Baby stereo (Skye) NM $75

Louis Curry : You're Sweeter Than A Cup Of Honey / Captivated (M-S) EX $60

Jo Armstead : Another Reason Why I Love You / There's Not Too Many More (Left Like Him) (Giant) EX $60

The Magnificent Men : I've Got News / Maybe, Maybe, Baby (Capitol) VG/VG+ WOL $15

Five Special : The More I Get To Know You Part I / The More I Get To Know You Part II (TEAI) VG+ $20

Azzie Danfair : Don't Bother Me / You've Got Everything (I Want) (Mellow) VG label has water damage. $10

Smoke : Oh Love / Love Lets Be Happy Now (Mo-Soul) VG $10

Manuek B. Holcolm : I Stayed Away Too Long / Kick Out - Ins (Diamond Jim) VG $15

Betty Lavette : You Made A Believer Out Of Me / Thank You For Loving Me (Epic) G+ $15

African Music Machine : Mr. Brown / Camel Toe (Soul Power) VG/VG+ $15

Al Hudson And The Soul Partners : Spread Love / Love Me Forever (ABC) VG $20

Sandy Wynns : How Can Something Be So Wrong mono / How Can Something Be So Wrong stereo (Canterbury) VG DJ copy $20

David Lenyard And The Music Tree : It Could Have Been You / It Could Have Been You instrumental (Flying Eagles) VG+ promo copy $25

Little Johnny Taylor : Somewhere Down The Line / Part Time Love (Galaxy) VG+ $10

Stevie Wonder : Hey Love / Travlin' Man (Tamla) VG+ $15

The Dapps feat. Alfred Ellis : There Was A Time / The Rabbit Got The Gun (King) VG+ $15

The Volumes : My Kind Of Girl / My Road Is The Right Road (Inferno) VG- $20

Jackie Wilson : I've Lost You / Those Heartaches (Brunswick) VG/VG+ $10

Gloria Taylor : Dee Inside You / World That's Not Real (Columbia) VG/VG+ $40

Roger Wade : Little Girl / I Can Only Hurt You (Harmon) VG/VG+ $20

Alvin Cash : Stone Thing (Westbound) VG $35

The Counts : Wailin' Little Mama / Let Me Go Lover (Dot) VG $25

The Vows : Born With The Rythm / Girl In Red (Ran-Dee) EX DJ $40

Dee Edwards : Why Can't There Be Love / Say It Again With Feeling (Bump Shop) VG plays great $60

The Natural Four : Hanging On to A Lie / Twelve Months Of The Year (Boola Boola) VG $250

Calvin Williams : Lonely You'll Be / It Won't Matter At All (Northern Del-La) EX $60

Dee Dee Sharp : What Kind Of Lady / You're Gonna Miss Me (Gamble) VG plays great, reversed labels $60

Carol Anderson : You Boy / Holding On (Mid-Town) EX $25

The 21st : The Sun Came Out VG $25

The Esquires : How Could It Be / I Know I Can (Bunky) VG $12

Young Sirs : There's Something The Matter / African Love (Magic City) EX, water damage $25

Johnny Mae Mathews : My Momma Didn't Lie / Your The One (Big Hit) VG $25

Major Lance : Little Young Lover / Must Be Love Coming Down (Curtom) EX $15

Billy Frazier : Take The Chain Off Your Brain / Baby You Satisfy Me (Capitol) VG+ $15

The Impacs : Good Old Funky Feelin (Land) VG wol $20

George Benson : My Woman's Good To Me / Jackie All (A&M) VG $15

JJ Barnes : Our Love Is In The Pocket / All Your Goodies Are Gone (Revilot) VG wol plays VG+ $50

the Volumes : I Just Can't Help Myself / One Way Lover (American Arts) VG some s/n $40

Jr. Walker All Stars : Good Rockin' / Brainwasher pt. 2 (Harvey) VG $20

Steve Mancha : Don't Make Me a Story Teller / I Won't Love And Leave You (Groovesville) VG  $8

York Wilborn : Olive Oil And Kastor Oil / Domino (De'Voice) VG  $10

Soul Brother Six : Your Love is Such a Wonderful Love / I Can't Live Without You (Atlantic) VG WOL  $7

Darrell Banks : Our Love / Open The Door to Your Heart (Revilot) VG WOL  $7

Slim Harpo : Mohair Sam / I Just Can't Leave You (Excello) VG- WOL  $7

Tony Gideon : The Way You Move Me, Baby / Whatcha Gonna Do (Chess) strong VG light warp does not affect play $12

Rudy Ray Moore : The Human Tornado / Miss Wonderful (Kent) M-   $30

Don and Juan : Could This be Love / Lonely Man (Mala) VG plays VG+   $70

The Dynamic Tints : Package of Love Pt. I / Package of Love Pt. II (Twinight) VG+  $30

Lee Rogers : You Won't Have to Wait Till Xmas / My One And Only (D-Town) VG near VG+  $9

Chuck Jackson : I Can't Break Away mono / I Can't Break Away stereo (ABC) promo WOL  vinyl not styrene  $8




70's Soul


Harry T. Booker : Mister Is Blue (Warner Brothers promo) M- $35

The New World Soul Choir : Keep A Talkin / You Better Be Goin' (UNI promo) VG+ $30

Queen Yahna : Ain't It Time / same (P&P) EX $80
B.A.D. : Secret Admirer / Stay Awhile (Sinban) VG+ $20
The Firm Of Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford : Write Me A Letter / same (Mpingo promo) $10
Rhonda Clark : Sugar / same (Spectrum X) VG+ $10 
Marc LaRoi Cummings : Lots Of Love / Struggling Together (Setting Sun) M- $70
Luke Day : Love Line / A Whole Lot Of Nothin' (Renfro) M- $20
Epicenter featuring Sandra Feva : You Can't Come Up Here No More (Arsis) VG+ $40 signed 
Al Hudson : I'm About Loving You (ATCO) EX $100
Al Hudson : We Must Make It Happen / Love Is (ATCO) VG/VG+ $12
Al Hudson : If You Feel Like Dancin (ABC promo) EX $10
Mary L. : I Love Summer / same (Renaissance) VG+ $10
Otis Leavill : I Still Love You / It Must Be Love (Dakar) VG $10
Marty Mitchell : You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (MC promo) $6
Mystery Man's Band : Fizzunky Music / same (Real Rhythm) VG+ $125
Smoke Screen : I'm So Inspired / Give It Up (JMC) VG $20 
Carol Anderson : Party People Come To Life / You've Got It Coming (Morning Glory) VG $10
Chairmen Of The Board : Bravo Hooray / Men Are Getting Scarce (Invictus) M- $6
Monofide : Come Along With Me And Party / We Made It Girl (Emvee) VG/VG+ $8
Earth Wind And Fire : Got To Get You Into My Life (Columbia promo) EX $8
J.G. Lewis : What Am I Going To Do (IX Chains promo) VG+ $8
The LTG Exchange : Money Mad (RCA promo) EX $8
Charles Mann : Say You Love Me Too / I Can Feel It (ABC) VG $10
The Masqueraders : Sweet Sweetning / They Call Me The Traveling Man (ABC) VG+ $15
The Mellow Moods : Tell Love Hello (North Bay promo) EX $30
Now : Girl You Sure Turn Me On (Fee) VG+ $20
Nolan Chance : Sara Lee (Scepter promo) VG+ $10 
Jeff Perry : Love Don't Come No Stronger Than Yours And Mine (Arista) Vg/VG+ $12 
Prophecy : Betcha Can't Guess My Sign (Mainstream) VG+ $8 
Chuck Ray : Baby Please Don't Let Go / There Ain't A Thing You Can Do (Buddah) EX vinyl h2o damage label $25
Minnie Riperton : Give Me Time / Island In The Sun (Capitol) M- $5
Gloria Taylor : Do Your Duty / Born A Woman (King Soul)  VG $20
Universal Robot Band : Dance And Shake Your Tambourine (Red Greg) VG/VG+ wol $7
Gloria Walker : Please Don't Desert Me Baby / Need Of You (Flaming Arrow) VG/VG+ $10
Weegee : Remember The Love (Ju-Par promo) VG $10
Wee Gee : In The Rain / Problems (Earwax) VG/VG+ $30
Belita Woods : I Just Love You / Who's Fooling Who (Epic) VG- $10
Ed Summers : I Can Tell / Prepare Yourself (Soya) VG $30
Kellie Evans & Don Albert : Theme Song From Crack Steppin / Hold On To Your Dreams (Get Down) VG $20
Five Special : The More I Get To Know You (TEAI) VG $20
Floaters and Shu-ga : For Your Love / Glass House (Fee) VG $8
Fritz : Love, How Is Love / Let's Play (Spurtree I'National) VG $30
John Gilliam : Come Back Carol /  It's True It's Only You (ICA) M- $15
Bob Green : Running And Hiding / Sweet Sweet Memories (Super!) VG/VG+ $25
Will Hatcher : What Is Best For Me Is Better For You / Who Am I Without You Baby (Wand) VG+ $8
The Holidays : This Is Love / The Love We Share (Rob-Ron) VG, damaged labels $20
Bilalian Cultural Foundation : Images (D-West) VG/VG+ w/ pic sleeve $30
John Brothers : I Just Wanna Be Free / Try To Walk A Mile (RCA) VG $30
Nolan Porter : If I Could Only Be Sure / Work It Out In The Morning (ABC) VG tight crack, plays well $15
Ace Spectrum : Don't Send Nobody Else (Atlantic) VG tight crack, plays well $15 
Funk Aeronautics Division : When You Look At Me / You Can't Stop The Funk (Eunice) M- $30
60's Detroit Soul
Hank Ballard : Sugaree / Rain Down Tears (King) VG+    $7
Darrell Banks : Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You / Baby What'cha You Got (For Me) (Revilot) VG  $15 
J.J. Barnes : Poor Unfortunate Me / She Ain't Ready (Ring) VG+   $10
The Buena Vistas : Boss Sauce / Sunset (BB) VG   $10
Oscar Bishop & The Bishops : Oscar's Dog / (Gonna Have To) Put You Down (Ripcor) G   $10
The Capitols : Tired of Running From You / We Got a Thing That's in The Groove (Karen) VG WOL    $20 
Jim Coleman : Cloudy Days / It Don't Seem Like You Love Me (Sir Rah) VG  $20
the Combinations : Voodoo / Just One More Chance (Carrie) VG- $30
Ed Crook : That's Alright (Tri-Sound) M- $80
The Dramatics : All Because of You / If You Haven't Got Love (Sport) VG   $50
Detroit Wheels : Think (About The Good Things) / For The Love of a Stranger (Inferno) VG+   $8
E.J. & The Echoes : Put a Smile on Your Face / People Say (Diamond Jim) VG $40
Dee Edwards : Tired of Staying Home / You Say You Love Me (And Need Me) (Tuba) VG  $20
The Fabulous Peps : With These Eyes / Love of my Life (Wheelsville) G+ WOL covering much of both labels   $75
The Fabulous Peps : With These Eyes / I've Been Trying (Wee 3) VG WOL    $50
The Fabulous Peps : Why Are You Blowing my MInd / I Can't Get Right (Premium Stuff)  VG  $20
Falcons : (I'm a Fool) I Must Love You / Love, Love, Love (Big Wheel) VG Label has water damage is peeling significantly on one side. $30
Falcons : I Can't Help It / Standing on Guard (Big Wheel) VG has some label wear   $8
Falcons : Has it Happened to You Yet / Lonely Nights (Lu-Pine) G+ WOL   $15
Fantastic Four : I Can't Stop Looking For my Baby / Just The Lonely (Ric-Tic) VG WOL plays closer to VG+.  $50
Fantastic Four : As Long as I Live (I Live For You) / To Share Your Love (Ric-Tic) EX   $8
The Fellows : Let's Make it Last / She's Always There (Solid Hit) VG   $125
Flaming Embers : Bless You / Bless You instrumental (Ric-Tic) M-   $8
The Four Sonics : You Don't Have to Say You Love Me / It Takes Two (Sport) VG Plays with light crackle throughout.  $10
Johnny Gibson Trio : Beachcomber / Swanky (Twirl) VG strong VG with WOL   $10
Freddie Gorman : In a Bad Way / There Can be Too Much (of Everything I Do) (Ric-Tic) G+  $8
Deon Jackson : Ooh Baby / All on a Sunny Day (Carla) VG   $15
Deon Jackson : I Need a Love Like Yours / I Can't go On (Carla) G+  $10
Deon Jackson : Love Makes The World go Round / You Said You Loved Me (Carla) EX  $8
Joe-L : (I'm Not Gonna be) Worried / Please Mr. Foreman (Clissac) VG  $15
Albert Jones : I do Love You / You Must be a Blessing (Tri-City) G+ Has water damage and WOL. $30
Buddy Lamp : I Wanna go Home / You've Got The Loving Touch (Wheelsville) VG  $25
Pat Lewis : Can't Shake it Loose / Let's go Together (Golden World) VG WOL   $12
Buddy Lamp : Insanity / Too Late (Peanut) VG+ $8 
Emanuel Laskey : I'm a Peace Loving Man / Sweet Lies (Thelma) VG Label has water damage is peeling significantly on one side.  $70
Emanuel Laskey : Crazy / Welfare Cheese (Thelma) G+ WOL  $10
Emanuel Laskey : Lucky to be Loved / Our World (Wild Deuce) VG   $25
Betty LaVette : What Condition my Condition is in / Getaway (Karen) VG WOL   $50 
Theresa Lindsey : It's Love / Good Idea (Correc-Tone) G+ WOL   $20
Theresa Lindsey : Gotta Find a Way / Wonderful One (Correc-Tone) VG  $15
Little Sonny : Wade in The Water / They Want Money (Enterprise) Strong VG; plays great.   $40
Little Willie John : Fever / Bo-da-ley Didd-ley (King) VG+ light surface marks only, plays well. rare 'with strings' version. $40
Lonette : Veil of Mystery / Stop! (Don't Worry About It) (M-S) VG WOL   $15
Steve Mancha : Don't Make me a Story Teller / I Won't Love And Leave You (Groovesville) VG WOL   $10
Derek Martin : Soul Power / Sly Girl (Tuba) G+   $10
The Mar-Vells : How do I Keep The Girls Away / Go on And Have Yourself a Ball (Butane) VG   $18
The Masqueraders : A Family - Pt. 1 / A Family - Pt. 2 (La Beat) VG Has water damage.   $8
Joannie Mae Matthews : Give me The Truth / Ooh Wee (Northern) VG   $30
Johnny Mae Matthews : Two Sided Thing / You Make Me Feel Good (Big Hit) VG+ $150
Johnnie Mae Matthews : Oh, Baby / You Worrie Me (Reel) Poor   $20
Johnnie Mae Matthews : My Man / I Can't Live Without You (Blue Rock) VG   $10
New Holidays : Maybe so Maybe no / If I Only Knew (Soul Hawk) VG+ WOL   $80
Eddie Parker : Can't You See (What You're Doing to Me) / Do The Choo Choo (Jay-Walking) VG+ Promo copy.   $10
The Parliaments : A New Day Begins / I'll Wait (Revilot) VG+ WOL    $20
The Parliaments : Look at What I Almost Missed / What You Been Growing (Revilot) VG+ name and one small piece of tape on label, still not bad at all.   $8
Benny Poole : Sorry 'Bout That / Pearl, Baby Pearl (Solid Hit) VG-   $6
The Precisions : Why Girl / What I Want (Drew) VG- Initials on both sides of label.   $10
The Precisions : If This is Love / You'll Soon be Gone (Drew) VG+  $50
The Precisions : Instant Heartbreak / Dream Girl (Drew) VG+  $15
The Precisions : A Place / Never Let Her Go (Drew) VG+   $8
The Precisions : If This is Love (I'd Rather be Lonely)  / You'll Soon be Gone (Drew) VG- Label has significant water damage and has peeled in many spots.   $20
The Reflections : (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet / Can't You Tell by The Look in my Eyes (Golden World) VG+   $8
Lee Rogers : Love Can Really Hurt You Deep / Love For a Love (Wheelsville) VG+   $10
Samson & Delilah : Woman / Will You be Ready? ( ABC) VG+   Sticker on one side of label.   $15
Timmy Shaw : Gonna Send You Back to Georgia / I'm a Lonely Guy (Wand) VG+   $10
Timmy Shaw : If I Catch You (Running Around) / There Goes my Baby (Wand)  VG+ Has bb hole punched through label.   $8
The Sonnettes : I've Gotten Over You / Teardrops  ('K O' Knockout)  VG   $20
Edwin Starr : Girls Are Getting Prettier / It's my Turn Now (Ric-Tic)  M-   $15
Sherri Taylor : He's The One That Rings My Bell (Gloreco) M- $450
The Tempos : Don't Leave Me / I Need You (Riley's) 
Joe Towns : Together we Can Make Such Sweet Music / Down And Out World (Top Dog) VG/VG+ WOL   $8
The 21st : I Just Can't Forget Your Name / The Sun Came Out (Joy)  VG plays VG+   $35
The Volumes : The Trouble I've Seen / That Same Old Feeling (Impact) VG Plays extremely well; small edge chip before music begins does not affect play WOL   $75
The Volumes : You Got it Baby / A Way to Love You (Inferno) F WOL  $10
Jackie Wilson : Squeeze Her Tease Her / Give me Back my Heart (Brunswick) VG plays VG+   $15
Jackie Wilson : The Who Who Song / Since You Showed me How to be Happy (Brunswick) VG+   $10
Jackie Wilson : I've Lost You / Those Heartaches (Brunswick) VG   $10
Jackie Wilson : I Don't Want to Lose You / Just be Sincere (Brunswick)  VG  $10
The Young Sirs : African Love / There's Something The Matter (Magic City) G+ plays okay.  $8
The Young Sisters : Casanova Brown / My Guy (Twirl) VG WOL   $10 
60s Soul
Ben Aiken : You Were Meant to be my Baby / If I Told You Once (I Told You a Million Times) (Loma) VG/VG+ label has some wear.  $12
The Ambassadors : I Really Love You / I Can't Believe You Love Me (Arctic) VG label has some small tears on one side.   $8
Lavern Baker : Bumble Bee / My Time Will Come (Atlantic) G+ plays well.   $12
The Bandwagon : Breakin' Down The Walls of Heartache / Dancin' Master (Epic) VG+ Clean promo!   $20
Channie Blanchfield : Where Was I / Hurt (Verve) M-   $20
Bobby Bland : These Hands (Small But Mighty) /Today (Duke) M-  $12
Bobby Bland : Sometimes You Gotta Cry a Little / You're Worth It (Duke) VG+  $6
Bobby Bland : Dust Got in Daddy's Eyes / Ain't no Telling (Duke) VG+  $6
Bobby Bland : Yum Yum Tree / I'm Sorry (Duke) VG+  $15
Bobby Bland : Getting Used to The Blues / That Did It (Duke) VG/VG+ WOL   $12
Jan Bradley : Back in Circulation / Love is The Answer (Sound Spectrum) VG+ tan and green label.   $20
Beverly Bremers : Don't Say You Don't Remember / Get Smart Girl (Scepter)  VG+   $8
Sir Lattimore Brown : Shake and Vibrate / It's a Sad, Sad, World (Sound Stage 7) VG+ WOL  $15
Maxine Brown : Anything For a Laugh / One Step at a Time ( Wand) VG   $10
Ruth Brown : Secret Love / Time After Time (Noslen)  VG+   $8
Jimmy Castor : Leroy is in The Army / D-R-Y (Smash) VG   $8
Gene Chandler : Baby That's Love / Bet You Never Thought (Constellation) VG plays closer to VG+   $20
Gene Chandler : What Now / If You Can't be True Constellation) VG   $8
Lee Charles : It's All Over Between Us / Then Would You Love Me (Dakar) VG+   $15
Eugene Church : Without a Soul / Jack of All Trades (Class) VG+ promo copy; x in blue pen on label.   $20
Tony Clarke : Landslide / You Made me a V.I.P. (Chess) VG/VG+   $40
Mitty Collier : I'm Satisfied / My Party (Chess) VG   $6
Charles Conrad with Soul Bros., : Inc You Got The Love / Isn't it Amazing (Shandy)  VG-  $30
Sam Cooke : When a Boy Falls in Love / The Piper (RCA Victor) VG+ strong VG+ has piece of tape on one side of label.   $10
The Crampton Sisters : I Didn't Know What Time it Was / I Cried When I Found You Gone (DCP) M-    $15
Diane Cunningham : Someday Baby / Party Time (New Breed) VG+/VG- flip; plays well both sides.   $20
Curtis Bros. : Um um Good / Another One of Those Days (Capitol) VG+   $10
Benny Easely with Charlie & The Jives : Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / You Say You Love Me (World's) VG- still plays well.   $20
Jean DuShon : All of a Sudden my Heart Sings / For Once in my Life (Cadet)  VG+    $7
The Emeralds : Baby You've Got Me / Promises (King) VG+ WOL   $45
The Emperor's Karate / I've Got to Have Her (Mala) VG+  $8
The Entertainers : Too Much (Chess) VG+ one-sided white label promo.   $15
Betty Everett : The Shoop Shoop Song / Hands Off (Vee Jay) VG+   $10
The Fascinations : I'm in Love / I Can't Stay Away From You (Mayfield) VG-  WOL  $8
Five Royales : There's Somebody Over Here / Baby Don't do It (Todd)  VG   $15
Darrow Fletcher : The Pain Gets a Little Deeper / My Judgement Day (Groovy) VG   $15
Eddie Floyd : Oh, How it Rained / When my Baby Said Goodbye (Stax) VG+   $8
Don Gardner : I Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do / Bitter With The Sweet (Jubilee) VG+ white label promo.  $8
Leon Haywood : Skate a While / Ever Since You Were Sweet Sixteen (Fat Fish)  VG/VG+  small notes in pen otherwise clean.   $15
Z.Z. Hill : Gimme Gimme / You Can't Hide a Heartache (Kent) VG-   $10
Hi-Lites : THe Mix Mix Song / I'm so Jealous (Daran)  VG label is peeling on one side.   $35
Patrice Holloway : Evidence / That's The Chance You Gotta Take (Capitol) VG+ WOL  $10
Freddie Hughes : Where's my Baby / Send my Baby Back (Wand) VG   $8
Jimmy Hughes : A Shot of Rhythm & Blues / I Worship The Ground You Walk On (Fame) VG/VG+   $20
The Ikettes :  I'm Blue / Find my Baby (Atco)  VG+   $8
The Ikettes : Peaches "n" Cream / The Biggest Players (Modern)  VG/VG+  $6
Ivory Joe Hunter : This Kind of Woman / Can't Explain How it Happened (Stax) EX   $25
The Impressions : I Can't Stay Away From You / You Ought to be in Heaven (ABC)  VG+   $20
The Inspirations : Funny Situation / What am I gonna do With You Hey Baby (Black Pearl) VG   $15
Chuck Jackson : Hand it Over / Since I Don't Have You (Wand) VG+  $8
Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown : Hold on I'm Coming / Never Had it so Good (Wand) VG+  $10
Walter Jackson : Welcome Home / Blowin' in The Wind (Okeh) VG+ label has a small piece of tape on it.   $10
Etta James : Mellow Fellow / Bobby is His Name (Argo) VG WOL   $25
Etta James : Would it Make Any Difference to You / How do You Speak to an Angel (Argo) VG+   $8
Etta James : Seven Day Fool / It's Too Soon to Know (Argo) VG+   $60
Etta James : Pushover / I Can't Hold it in Any More (Argo) VG  $8
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto : In The Basement (Chess) VG $20
Etta James : I Got You Babe / I Worship The Ground You Walk On (Chess) VG/VG+ $6
Patti Jerome : Mojo / All I Do Is Dream Of You (Big Top promo) VG/VG+ $20
Johnny and the Expressions : Boys And Girls Together / Give Me One More Chance (Josie) VG $10
Lou Johnson : Magic Potion / Reach Out For Me (Big Top) VG $15
Bert Keyes : Do Do Do Bah ah / Lady In My Heart (Clock) VG/VG+ $15
Curtis King : Weaker By The Moment / Workin Overtime (Mercury) VG+ $30
Major Lance : Too Hot To Hold / Dark and Lonely (Okeh) VG $20
Carl Little Rev Lattimore : Carl's Dance Party / Kansas City (Capitol) VG- $10
Otis Leavill : A Reason To Be Lonely / Because Of You (Blue Rock) VG $10
Michelle Lee : Everybody Loves My Baby / L. David Sloane (Columbia) VG+ $5
Nickie Lee : The Ten Commandments Of Man / Late Shadows (Dade) VG+ $30
Jimmy Lewis : Two Women / We Can Make It (Tangerine) VG $10
Shorty Long : Burnt Toast And Black Coffee / Vacation Rock (RCA) VG/VG+ $300
Little Milton : Can't Hold Back The Tears / We're Gonna Make It (Checker) EX $7
Barbara Lynn : You're Losing Me / Why Can't You Love Me (Atlantic) VG wol $10
the Magnificent Men : Maybe, Maybe Baby / I've Got News (Capitol) VG $25
the Magnificent Men : All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head / Peace Of Mind (Capitol) VG $8
Major IV : I Don't Believe In Losing / All Of My Love (VG, torn label) $20
Major IV : Just Another Lonely Night / This Little Girl Of Mine (Venture) VG $15
the Manhattans : Manhattan Stomp / I Call It Love (Carnival) VG $8
Bobby Marchan : This Is The Life / Snoopin and Accusin (Fire promo) VG $30
the Mariners : Zindy Lou / Everybody's Doin' It Now (Cadence) VG- $25
Derek Martin : Daddy Rollin' Stone / Don't Put Me Down Like This (Crackerjack promo) VG+ $100
Barbara Mason : Ain't Got Nobody / Oh How It Hurts (Arctic) VG+/VG $8
Barbara Mason : Don't Ever Want To Lose Your Love / Is It Me?  (Arctic) VG $10
Barbara Mason : Poor Girl In Trouble / Hello Baby (Arctic) VG $10
Barbara Mason : I Need Love (Arctic promo) VG $10
Maurice & the Radiants : Baby You've Got It / I Want To Thank You Baby (Chess) VG $15
Gwen McCrae : Lead Me On / Like Yesterday Our Love Is Gone (Columbia) VG+ $20
Clyde McPhatter : Little Bit Of Sunshine / Everybody Loves A Good Time (Amy) VG+ $15
the Millionaires : A Rather Hip Shing / I'd Rather Do It Myself (Philips) Vg/VG+ $12
Jimmy Norman : I Don't Love You No More / Tell Her For Me (Little Star) VG $8
Oliver Norman : Don't Make Promises / Reach Out (Decca) VG+ $15
the O'Jays : Stand Tall / The Storm Is Over (Imperial promo) VG $15
the Other Brothers : Hole In The Wall / It's Been A Long Time Baby (Modern) VG+ $25
Johnny Parr : Monkey See Monkey Do / If I Ask You For A Date (Roulette promo) VG/VG+ $25
Billy Preston : Billy's Bag / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (VJ) EX $20
Googie Rene : Smokey Joe's La La / Needing You (Class) VG $12
Sam Rhodes : Shake Your Soul Honey (Capitol promo) VG+ $20
Rosco Robinson : That's Enough / One More Time (Gerri) VG- $10
Jackie Ross : Take Me For A Little While / Honey Dear (Chess) VG $10
Bobby Sanders : I'm On My Way / It Was You (Kaybo) VG $30
Mongo Santamaria : I Can't Get Next To You / Feeling Alright (Atlantic) VG/VG+ $15
Dee Dee Sharp : Standing In The Need Of Love / I Really Love You (Cameo) VG $10
the Sheppards : What's The Name Of The Game / Glitter In Your Eyes (Sharp) VG+ wol $6
Bunny Sigler : Lovey Dovey / You're So Fine / Sunny Sunday (Cameo Parkway promo VG/VG+ $20
Sam E. Solo : Love Is Not A Game / Tears Keep Falling (Ruby) VG $20
Soul Brothers Six : I'll Be Loving You / Some Kind Of Wonderful (Atlantic) VG+ $30
Billy Stewart : Summertime / Love To Love (Chess) VG/VG+ bb $10
Billy Stewart : Because I Love You / Mountain Of Love (Chess promo) VG+ $10
Tarheel Slim and Little Ann : Don't Ever Leave Me / It's Too Late (Fire) VG+ $30
Ko Ko Taylor : Wang Dang Doodle / Blues Heaven (Chess) VG $10
Ted Taylor : Thank You For Helping Me See The Light / Help The Bear (ATCO) Vg/VG+ wol $20
Tim : I Need Your Love / My Side Of The Track (Celtex) VG $10
Little Johnny Truitt : There Goes A Girl / Don't Let Me Be A Cryin Man (A-Bet) VG $10
Benny Turner : Come Back Home / When I'm Gone (One-Derful!) VG $15
The Tymes : Here She Comes / Malibu (Parkway) VG $20
Bobby Wade : Can't You Hear Me Calling / Four Walls and One Window (DeLuxe) VG+ $15
Dee Dee Warwick : Baby I'm Yours / Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself (Blue Rock promo) VG $15
Dee Dee Warwick : We're Doing Fine / You Don't Know What You Do To Me (Blue Rock) VG/VG+ $20
Justine Washington : I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby / Who's Going To Take Care Of Me (Sue) VG $8
Jean Wells : With My Love And What You've Got / Have A Little Mercy (Calla) VG $20
Jean Wells : I Feel Good / I'm In Your Corner (Calla) VG/VG+ $10
Jimmy Williams : The Half Man / I Gave My Love A Cherry (ABC) VG/VG+ $12
Little Jerry Williams : Just What Do You Plan To Do About It / Baby, You're My Everything (Calla) VG wol $10
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson : A Quitter Never Wins / Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (OKeh) VG $15
Bobby Womack : What Is This / What You Gonna Do When Your Love Is Gone (Minit promo) VG/VG+ $10
O.V. Wright : Pledging My Love / A Nickel And A Nail (Back Beat) EX $10
The X-Cellents : Hey Little Willie / I'll Always Be By Your Side (Smash) VG/VG+ $12
Young Holt Trio : Wack Wack / This Little Light Of Mine (Brunswick) VG/vG+ $5 
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Shorty Long : Burnt Toast And Black Coffee / Vacation Rock (RCA) VG/VG+ $300

can i have this please

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