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Classic With Modern Sound

Guest ruffsounds

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Guest ruffsounds

check this out a classic sound but modernized, what do you think would this work on the dancfloor????. p.v..mp3

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check this out a classic sound but modernized, what do you think would this work on the dancfloor????. p.v..mp3

Sorry to be unkind but it probably did work on the dancefloor at a 35 and overs nightclub in 1993 (when it sounds like it was recorded). Absolutely dreadful - and that isn't from a purist angle (because that doesn't even enter into it) just a musical one. Sorry, not for me or any dancefloor I'd want to be near.

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Wondered how long it would take for this to surface. Regular request at our Modernism nights at the moment but it gets played through gritted teeth.

It's Paul Varney (now's the chance to get the Reg Varney jokes out the way!) on KGBT records & it's only released on a 12" promo so it's pretty scarce so if you see a copy get it bought.

Not a patch on Darrell Banks but it works from a dancefloor point of view.

Remember Gayle Adams ph34r.gif:D

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If this was played at a Northern night I think the DJ would be lynched, lol. I haven't got that much experience of Modern Soul do's, only MonuMental and New Chapter, so don't know how it would go down, but not for me personally, I'd call it sacrilege.

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Is this an Lp only track? (love Jackie Wilson)

Think so. Agent 45 would be the one to ask - is it a 33? yes.gif

Here's a set list from two weekends ago. The venue is in Atlanta, a monthly night called Rhythm & Booze which is put on by Tim Lawrence. I guest with him every few months. You'll generally hear a lot of gritty southern sounds, r&b, the occasional black rock & roll tune and even a gospel 45 now and again. But it all works there.

Set One:

The Ravenetts - Misery (Moon)

Howlin' Wolf - Pop It To Me (Chess)

Roy Ward - Horse With A Freeze (Seven

Miss Madeline - Lonely Girl (Mar-V-Lus)

Cash McCall - You Can't Take Love (Thomas)

Jimmy Ruffin - 96 Tears (Soul)

Jackie Wilson - Open the Door To Your Heart (Brunswick)

Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long (Seventy 7)

Truetones - He's Got Nerve (Soulville)

Mr. Wiggles - Fat Back (Parkway)

Larry Williams - Shake Your Body Girl (Venture)

Benny Poole - Pearl, Baby Pearl (Solid Hit)

King Coleman - Do the Booga Lou (Port)

Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel (Flip)

James Brown & the Famous Flames - Shhhhhhh (King)

Paul Kelly - Can't Help It (Dial)

The Invincibles - Wonders of Love (Ciray)

Peppermint Harris - Wait Until It Happens To You (Jewel)

Big Mac - That's the Way You Treat Your Woman (Jewel)

Bill Johnson - You Got Soul (Jocida)

Candy & the Kisses - Out In the Streets Again (Scepter)

Judy Clay - Do You Think That's Right (Ember)

Jimmy Holiday - I've Been Done Wrong (Diplomacy)

Earl Grant - Hide Nor Hair (Decca)

Ruff Francis & the Illusions - Give Me Mercy (Essica)

Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go (Nu-Tone)

Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening (Pameline)

Set Two:

Otis Goodwin - Mini Skirt (Walker-Reeder)

The Village Callers - Hector (Rampart)

Billy Young - Suffering With A Hangover (Joyja)

Jesse Anderson - Get Loose When You Get Loose (Cadet)

Betty Harris - Ride Your Pony (Sansu)

Googie Rene - Smokie Joe's La La (Class)

Della Reese - I've Got the Blues (ABC)

Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman - I'm With You All the Way (Little Star)

Fred Lowery, Big Bo & the Arrows - I'm Sorry (Atco)

Trini Lopez - Sinner Not A Saint (United Modern)

Billy Hawks - O' Baby, I Believe I'm Losing You (Prestige)

Hank Jacobs - Elijah, Rockin' With Soul (Call Me)

Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready (Reprise)

Bobby Fuller Four - The Magic Touch (Mustang)

Gunga Din - Crab Cakes (Valise)

Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo (Tru-Glo-Town)

Truman Thomas - Twenty-Five Miles (Veep)

Yvonne Fair - Say Yeah Yeah (Dade)

Ray Paige - Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes (RCA Victor)

Monguito Santamaria - Hey Sister (Fania)

Manny Corchado - Pow-Wow (Decca)

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Is this an Lp only track? (love Jackie Wilson)

Deffo 45,south african i think,the LP is on MCA.

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Just one word ! yes.gif


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Guest WPaulVanDyk

i had said about Paul Varney a while back and the track he recorded. he used to be in duo Yell who had a few singles one being in top 10. I have not seen Jackie Wilson's version on single but know that in US and UK it was only issued on the Higher and Higher LP (Brunswick) cause i own the LP and it's by far my all time fav. If there is a South African single of it then no doubt i will be looking for it

Plus in Australia i believe there was an EP released on coral with his only 7" release of the song

Edited by WPaulVanDyk
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