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:rolleyes: :angry: Just recovered from Crossfire, good music, good dance floor, just a shame the promoters didn't put up signs DON'T TAKE DRINKS ON THE DANCE FLOOR as it was like a skating rink, because of people wanting to dance with thier drinks, and thier drinks were all over the floor , seems like a wast of money to me, to buy a drink just to spil it all aver the floor. The fight on the main dance floor didn't enhance the night much! but stil this seems to be a London Soul Night trait. We will not be attending an event by this promoter again.

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I'm sorry you feel that way Soulie 64. The dancefloor was a mess, so much so that we're hiring a cleaner to be on hand with a mop all night and having the bouncers patrol the floor for errant boozers.

The scrap was a pain, I missed the first outbreak by the stage, girls apparently but when it flared up the second time (spouses got involved) it was a lot of noise and thankfully no action.

I don't think you could call it a London soul night trait though, there's not been a good punch up at the 100 Club for 20 years.

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Must agree with Ady it was only a small disturbance by the stairs, I was more worried about Mick's sales box if anyone had fallen on that it would have caused well over £50.00 worth of damage, (only joking). But this is definatly NOT a London trait.

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