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New, Recent And Vintage New Release 45S Worth Revisiting

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Digging through the boxes revealed a wealth of good older 'new' 45s (I'm calling 'em Modern Vintage): releases from the past decade and then some! Making the soundclips of these reminded me how much good music was made in this period. Check the clips if you don't know them.


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Al Supersonic & The Teenagers - I Don't Know (Where Is My Girl) /Mess Around - (Rock On) M- £20 HEAR
From 2007 - stomping 'new' northern. Their fist 45 on the Spanish 'Rock On' label. On discogs for around £35 and up. 
Cermakk & Doug Shorts - Feels So Right /Love's Gone Wrong - (Cherries) M- £15 HEAR
Early 80s sounding newie from 2012 and the first 45 on the label.
Nicole Willis - If This Ain't Love /Instrumental - (Timmion) M- £10 HEAR
First press of this now classic Finnish northern gem
Myron & E With The Soul Investigators - Cold Game /I Can't Let You Get Away - (Timmion ) M- £5 HEAR
Another moment of gold from the ever reliable Timmion imprint.
Myron & E With The Soul Investigators - It's A Shame /Instrumental - (Chateau De Soul) M- £5 HEAR
Give it a spin - decent mid tempo dancer. Chateau De Soul label promo copy.
Akwaaba People - What Am I Gonna Do /Need Somebody - (Deep Funk) M- £5 HEAR
Sublime mid tempo 'rare groove' from Keb's label.
Tuomo - Don't Take It Too Hard /Ourselves - (Jupiter (Fin)) M- £5 HEAR
Really good uptempo new soul.
Nicole Willis - Feeling Free /Instrumental - (Timmion) M- £5 HEAR
Nicole Willis - Holdin' On /My Four Leaf Clover - (Timmion) M- £5 HEAR HEAR
Nicole Willis - It's All Because Of You /Tell Me When - (Timmion) M- £5 HEAR HEAR
Myron & E With The Soul Investigators - On Broadway /Instrumental - (Timmion (Promo)) M- £7 HEAR
All four highly recommended 'rediscoveries' from this crazily productive Finnish house of soul.
Kylie Auldist - Changes /Nothin' Else To Beat Me - (Tru Thoughts) M- £5 HEAR
Sassy, classy new soul with an old boogie feel.
Lee Fields - My World /Love Comes And Goes - (Truth & Soul) M- £5 HEAR
Sublime Lee Fields moments - spin 'em!
Lee Fields - Honey Dove /Do You Love Me - (Truth & Soul) M- £5 HEAR
Two more absolute gems from 2004....2004?! Seems like last week!
Lonnie Givens - Hold Onto The Blues /Dreams - (Real Side) M- £4 HEAR
Classic sounding modern soul dancer from 2005
Leonie - Mr Dream Maker /Am I Losing You - (Real Side) M- £4 HEAR
A year before the Givens came this popular modern room dancer 
Glen Anthony Henry - I Don't Know How /Fired Up - (Unique) M- £4 HEAR
Funky edged Modern soul dancer backed with a harder funk flip: overlooked at the time but well worth checking out
No Prisoner - You And I /What Ya Gonna Do About Love - (Hot Chocolate) M- £3 HEAR
Big at the time and frustratingly hard to get on a limited 33rpm 45!
Conrad Jackson - Come Back With Me /(Blank) - (Sonic Wax) M- £3 HEAR
Decent early release from the Sonic Wax imprint. One sided ltd 45.
You can check out more 'Modern Vintage' 45s at the website at this link
Edited by Jason S

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