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Articles: Blackpool Mecca 1971 - Dave Godin Blues And Soul

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From Blues and Soul - 1971 - Dave Godin Article on his visit to the Blackpool Mecca. A lot has been said and written about the history of northern soul in the UK, normally it mentions the Wheel as the start, the Torch then Wigan and so on

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I'll never forget us article.  I could even recall phrases from it. It might even contain his first mention of "the northern soul scene". As a 13 year-old wanna be Soul Boy, I poured over it endlessly and pictured myself stepping through those hallowed doors to the Highland Room.  I guess it was two years later when my teen-dream came true (thanks to Dick Warburton who gave me a lift in his Triumph Vitesse and helped blag the terrifying doorman that I was 18). Still the greatest venue there ever was.  The best sounds, the most knowledgable and sharpest dressed crowd.  God bless you Dave, wherever you are.  You inspired me more than you'll ever know - and countless others too.

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