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Northern Soul World Vs Real World


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Just for a bit of fun, i was thinking what do folk say on the scene, that folk in the real world probably think?




OK for DJ'ing - whats this hissy piece of crap


keep on keeping on - on what?


keep the faith - i hope it last longer than your hair as!



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Acrobatic dancer or clown looking for a circus...

Freestyle dancer or the Lone Groover with no one to dance with...

Wigan Walker or why is that bloke doing sentry duty without a rifle over his shoulder.

The strange world of Northern Soul or the strange world of Northern Soul...

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Guest Polyvelts

Look at that Divvy.......



just had a huge Flashback !!!

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Great Sett......


An extended living area for a member of the weasel family...full of the same old Badger Shite!!!! :thumbup:

Edited by Kehoe
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NS =  "Newies" (45s that  are older than "oldies")


RW =   :g:  :(  :huh:

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