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Timmy's Radio Podcasts On Mixcloud/cloudfunk

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Cloudfunk is a Brussels based radio delivering daily podcasts by 7 deejays (each one having his allocated day) sharing their passion for music having for common ground the groove or the funk no matter how you call it. We have each one our musical ground, preference and/or field sort to say. But we all want to share it, wether out live, home with friends or this way; online.


Home page here http://www.mixcloud.com/cloudfunk/


I'm the monday guy in the gang bringing his "45 dusties" to this cloud. My sets are not "connoisseur" or "purist" orientated but aim as much to soul freaks and/or agnostic ears. So I travel between those northern, crossover, modern and deep souls with sometime a "tongue in cheek" attitude to the politically correct "order of the day" soul police. And onto the OVO "police" subject I have nothing to hide or to be afraid of.


My first 4 podcasts here below. First and fourth were taken live from DJ sets. The two in between not.









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Hey Tim

Whats the track between The Sweethearts and Kenya Collins on the 1st mix ?


Doesn"t show on the mixcloud tracklisting. But I"m sure I know it


Great stuff :thumbsup:


Cheers Paul

Dear Monsieur Le Paul, I'm very grateful that you point out this anomaly. I have to accuse the administrator of the cloudfunk since on my playlist this tune is credited and that is what I pass him on. And then he missed it. The missing track is the intrigues 'I'm gonna love you' on Yew. A Philly fanatic like you... Now, this is good but I left intentionally here and there little twists to see if anybody can react. One is 'love bandit'. Listen to it again and find what's wrong with Kenya. Cheers to the wife, the cat and the house & to you.

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. Now, this is good but I left intentionally here and there little twists to see if anybody can react. One is 'love bandit'. Listen to it again and find what's wrong with Kenya. .

Ah yes a different take.

Aaooww.................. no mention of Mr Collins !

Was listening to the mix first tme round with company so talking blah blah missed it


Nice one Tim

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Ah yes a different take.

Aaooww.................. no mention of Mr Collins !

Was listening to the mix first tme round with company so talking blah blah missed it


Nice one Tim

Morning guys, well actually it's not another take. It's more than that... Jeopardy can last forever...

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Here's the last podcast issued today on the site www.mixcloud.com/cloudfunk


The playlist can be seen when played and there are gaps/deformed/hijacked credits here and there to be found if ever... Once again, it's aiming to Joe Public as to amateurs and fans alike. So the connoisseurs won't find much to none to discover here. But maybe to re-discover...



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Morning Soul-Sourcers, the upload of my last podcast on www.mixcloud.com/cloudfunk is now online;


Back with his OVOs 45, Timmy starts this one with few obvious northern soul belters then takes a turn towards some variations of deep and deeper souls...




Just a little reminder that this "Cloudfunk" station is not aimed to the connoisseurs or the purists. So it's aiming rather to everyone that includes Joe Public aswell. We are based in Brussels and for this Soul music of Ours there is no scene as such. Even though there are little things (or bigger but then bugger...) happening from tie to time. And there are few people into "IT" or about it. Those deeper in soul as such are actually very few. Loads can like some of it and parties and most seem to bare it to a certain "amount". So actually the first aim with this "Cloudfunk" is to promote our ZoundZs via Mixcloud. So if some Joe Public somewhere in Belgium or nearby digs it, he/she/it (robots have right too !) can be informed about the next do where such or such DJ will be casting. Enjoy ! 

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Time gaps are not only 'unexplainable' scientifically ! Just blame it on me and the monkey on my back if you can pity me. It is saturday evening by now and here's the link to my last "monday" podcast that was actually posted between last tuesday and wednesday... http://www.mixcloud.com/Cloudfunk/timmy-soul-presents-alfred-e-newmans-shack-retirement-top-catch-22-tips/

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Good Monday Vietnaaam ! Today's podcast edition is my first LP only selection. I had to twist my arm to produce such an effort not forgetting not to place the 45 adaptor before placing the "big" record on the turntable platter. It was not without any trouble but here's the result:



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Another selection of 6T's & 7T's soul LP's only tracks. As always the playlist is featured on the page. ...or here's what's there below.





  1. Lou Courtney — the common broken heart

  2. Willie Hutch — I can sho' give you love

  3. Gloria Lynne — kickin' life (like an old tin can)

  4. Windy City — I've got mine

  5. Carol Woods — why you wanna

  6. Barbara McNeir — it happens everytime

  7. the Ikettes — it's been so long

  8. Freddie Scott — open the doors to your heart

  9. the Magnificent men — keep on climbing

  10. the Jaedes — I'll be back on my feet again

  11. the Rance Allen group — the painter

  12. Spyder Turner — I can't wait until I see my baby's face

  13. the Originals — lie N°2

  14. Willie Tee — take your time

  15. Step by step — so very near you

  16. the Exciters — I don't have to worry (no more)

  17. Eddie Owen — shake off that dream — disco version

  18. Sydney Joe Quails — I don't do this

  19. Esther Williams — never say never

  20. Freddie Scott — don't let me fall

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  Sign up/in to remove

This sunday given on almost a tuesday... track listing below... Almost LP tracks only... -2





  1. Alicia Myers — I fooled you this time
  2. American Gypsy — stuck on you
  3. the Relatives — true love is hard to find
  4. the Dynamics — she's for real (bless you)
  5. Betty Wright — brick tricks
  6. Booker T. And the MGs — soul dressing
  7. the Pointer Sisters- don't it drive you crazy
  8. Strutt — said you really love him (instrumental)
  9. Chuck Bridges and the L.A. Happenings — head over heals
  10. Barbara McNair — forget you ever met me
  11. Tower of Power — come back baby
  12. the Main Ingredient — have you ever tried it
  13. Ruby Wilson — love has come
  14. the Ohio Players — love slips through my fingers
  15. the Four Tops — tell me you love me
  16. Gloria Scott — that's what you say
  17. Sonny Charles — can't get enough
  18. the Persuaders — hey sister

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Here's the last podcast put online. A very 6T's edition this time.



  1. Jean Steanback — if I ever needed love

  2. Johnnie Mae Matthews — don't talk about my man

  3. Lowell Fullsom — my aching back

  4. Bessie Griffin & the Gospel Singers — two little fishes

  5. the Ikettes — don't feel sorry for me

  6. Tommy Hunt — the work song

  7. Andy Mack — later than you think

  8. Bob Kayli — tie me tight

  9. Reggie Lamont — how lonely (can one man be)

  10. Dee Clark — drums in my heart

  11. Little Esther Phillips — while it lasted

  12. Johnny Williams — my baby's good

  13. Rheeta Reese — only lies

  14. Jr. Walker & the all Stars — Cleo's mood

  15. Sylvia Robbins — don't let your eyes get bigger than your heart

  16. Johnny Sayles — don't turn your back on me

  17. Bettye Lavett — you'll never change

  18. Litlle Anthony & the Imperials — shimmy, shimmy, ko-ko-bop

  19. Bud Harper — wherever you are

  20. Lenis Guess — for all you've been

  21. the Du-Ettes — have you seen (my baby)

  22. Kurt Harris — emperor of my baby's heart

  23. the O'Jays - miracles

  24. Jean Wells — after loving you

  25. Mitty Collier — I had a talk with my man

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Unforgivable, last week was THE crisis; computer went back to repair shop... With due apologies for the delay here's last week podcast:





  1. Tyrone Davis — let me back in
  2. Anita Humes — don’t fight it baby
  3. Nolan Chance — if he makes you
  4. Bobby Hebb — love, love, love
  5. Barbara Acklin — am I the same girl
  6. Maxine Brown — let me give you my lovin’
  7. The Impressions — I need you
  8. Eddie Bishop — call me
  9. Sunday — ain’t got no problems
  10. Jackie Shane — in my tenement
  11. Dee Clark — in my appartment
  12. The Charades — never set me free
  13. Jo Ann Garrett — stay by my side
  14. 125th street candy store — the tables have turned
  15. Patti & the Lovelites — love so strong
  16. The Insiders — I’m just a man
  17. The Carltons — I’m a man
  18. Ruby Winters — sweetheart things
  19. June Conquest — all I need
  20. Porgy and the Monarchs — my heart cries for you
  21. Walter Jackson — it’s an uphill climb to the bottom
  22. Tommy Hunt — it’s all a bad dream

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And here's due in time this morning's;





  1. the Valentinos — sweeter than the day before
  2. the Vontastics — why must we part
  3. Danny Monday — baby without you
  4. Otis Clay — show place
  5. the Vows — tell me
  6. Rose Valentine — I’ve got to know right now
  7. the Flairs — you got to steal it
  8. the Pacesetters — what about me, baby
  9. Vala Reegan & the Valarons — living in the past
  10. King Davis House Rockers — we all make mistakes sometimes
  11. Doug Banks — I just kept on dancing
  12. Jimmie Raye — you must be losing your mind
  13. Bobby Reed — I’ll find a way
  14. Tommy Turner — I’ll be gone
  15. Paula Durante — if he were mine
  16. the Invitations — what’s wrong with me baby
  17. Bettye Swann — lonely love
  18. the O’Jays — back stabbers
  19. Instrumental — never in a million years
  20. the Roe-O-tation — special category
  21. the Debonnaires — I want to talk about it (world)
  22. Ruth davis — I need money
  23. Jamal Trice — if love is not the answer
  24. Bobby Womack — trust your heart

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There's a guest in my house !





Barbara Lewis — fool, fool, fool

Brenda & the Tabulations — hey boy

Alvin Cash & the Registers — twine time

The Ramsey sisters — tell him girl

Barbara Lewis — to be loved

Major Lance — mama didn’t know

The Marvelettes — all the love I’ve got

Little Stevie Wonder — this little girl

Mary Wells — use your head

The Miracles — Mickey’s monkey

Martha Reeve & the Vandellas — Quicksand

Shirley J. Scott — goose pimples

The Impressions — I can’t satisfy

Billy Butler and the Chanters — never the less

The Spellbinders — we’re acting like lovers

The Dejhon sisters — yes indeed

The Continental four — how can I pretend

The Ravenettes — baby pull my hear string

The Raelets — get it I got it

Joshie Armstead — I’ve been turned on

Fontella Bass — safe and sound

J. J. Barnes — real humdinger

Gene Chandler — good time

Little Carl Carlton — two timer

The Marvelettes - marionette

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An hour late due on the agenda;


Monday-monday, Belgium National day had to be grace with a very special time warp edition of an extra hour to last 25 hour long within 24 hour !?





John Roberts — I’ll forget you

Shane Hunter — sweet things (every now and then)

Paul Flagg — what did I do wrong

Bobby « Guitar Â» Wood — it’s mighty nice to know

Beverly Schaffer — even the score

Nolan Chance — don’t use me

The Drapers — you gotta look up

Buddy & Stacey - angel

The Champagnes — crazy

Paula Durante — you’re not my kind

Jo Ann Garrett — a whole new plan

Buddy Ace — you color my love

Herb Ward — strange change

Cornelius Dwyer — steppin too fast

Johnny « Guitar Â» Watson — south like west (instrumental)

Claude « Baby Â» Huey — drifting

Ty karim — only a fool

Little Herman — gotta keep on walkin’

Linda Jones — (you hit me like) TNT

Judy Clay — you busted my mind

Little Joe Cook — I’ll never go to a party again

Betty Lavett — let me down easy

Ike Noble — it’s bad

Shep Grant — you found my lonely heart a home

Edited by tlscapital

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Edwin Starr — I have faith in you

Barbara Acklin — come and see me

the Commands — hey it’s love

the Movers — one little dance

Sugar Pie De Santo — the one who really loves you

the Impressions — you ought to be in heaven

Sandra Philips — world without sunshine

Pal & the Prophets — peace pipe

Silky Hargreaves — keep loving me

Bobby Jones — living hard loving good

Full speed — it must be love

Johnny Otis show featuring Barbara Moore — hey boy I want’cha

Chet Davenport and Traffic jam — I can’t get over you (THE GOOD MIX !!!)

Bobby McLure — I’ll never let you get away

Martha & the Vandellas — come and get these memories

the Fabulous Jades — come on and live

Herbert Hunter — push away from the table

Charles & Walter — night

the Four Tops — just ask the lonely

June Jackson — it’s what underneath that counts

the Crampton sisters — baby baby

the Showstoppers — heartbreaker

the International GTO’s — I love my baby

the International GTO’s — it’s been raining in my heart

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  1. Al Greene & the Soul Mates — don’t leave me
  2. the People’s Choice — savin’ all my lovin’ for you
  3. the O’Jays — no time for you
  4. Ortheia Barnes — I’ve never loved nobody (like I love you)
  5. Chubby and the Turnpikes — I didn’t try
  6. Carmelita — isn’t it lonely
  7. Little Anthony — nothing for nothing
  8. Herman Davis — I gotta be love
  9. Barbara Brown — pity a fool
  10. Joe Tex — all the heaven a man really needs
  11. Sydney Joe Qualls — how can you say goodbye
  12. Leroy Hutson — love oh love
  13. the Blackbyrds — the baby
  14. Albert Jones — fifteen cent love
  15. Jimmy Burns and the Daylighters — you’re gonne miss me when I’m gone
  16. Bettye Swann — lonely love
  17. the Ledgends — fear not
  18. Lee Williams and the Cymbals — a girl from a country town
  19. Ronnie McCain — this time I’m gone
  20. the Lovelites — oh what a day
  21. Bobby Reed — if I don’t love you
  22. Al Greene & the Soul Mates — backup train

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Sh-boom, sh-boom, sh-boom... life could be a dream;





  1. Marie Knight — that’s no way to treat a girl
  2. the O’Jays — hold on
  3. Johnny Taylor — blues in the night (a (wo)man is two faced)
  4. Harvey — any way you wanta
  5. Bobby Freeman — lies
  6. the Leaders — wich way
  7. the Dramatics — watcha see is watcha get
  8. the Brothers of Soul — come on back
  9. the Isley Brothers — it’s out of the question
  10. Gayl Eason — love’s gonna find you
  11. the Essex IV — my reaction to you
  12. Marvin Gaye — this old starved of mine is killing me
  13. the Steinways — you’ve been leading me on
  14. Clyde Brooks — soul set (instrumental)
  15. Dee Dee sharp — touch my life
  16. Billy Butler — thank you baby
  17. Roscoe Robinson — don’t pretend
  18. Serena Johnson — all work and no play
  19. Buddy Lamp — just a little bit of loving
  20. Jimmy Hughes — my loving time
  21. the Mad Lads — what love will make you tend to do
  22. Bobby Bland — how does a cheating woman feel
  23. Buddy Miles - pain

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now today's now;





Jimmy Bee — talkin’ bout love

Danny Monday — baby without you

Irma & the Fascinators — lost love

Paul Sindab — you dropped your candy in the sand

Louis Curry — god’s creation

Roe-O-tation — old love

Candace Love — wonderful night

Marvin Smith — who will do your running now

Sly, Slick & Wicked — ready for you

Gloria Walker — my precious love

Haywood Cash — messing up a good thing

Bill Harris — am I cold, am I hot

the Vel-Vettes — give me a little bit of time

David & the Giants — ten miles high

the Chi-Lites — try my side of love

Donald Jenkins & the Daylighters — the elephant walk

the Tribulations — you gave me up your for promises

the Corner Boys  and friends— take it easy soul brother

the Spindles — ten shades of blue

Lee Roye — tears

Jimmy Delphs — almost

Frank Furter and his Hot Dogs - imitation

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Today's half bit;





Lonzine Canon — quit while I’m ahead

Major Lance — wait till I get you in my arms

Danny Monday — good taste of love

The Showmen — you’re my everything

Carolyn Crawford — I’lll come running

Miss Madeleine — behave myself

The Holidays — makin up time

The Five Stairsteps — you don’t love me

Garland Green — ain’t that good enough

Gloria Scott — what am I gonna do

Timothy Wilson — just another on a string

Billy Stewart — I do love you

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Back to school





the Artistics — this heart of mine

Doris Troy — face up to the truth

Don Varner — more power to you

Bobby Holley — baby I love you

the Charades — you better believe it

Weapon of Peace — this life is about to bring me down

Doris & Kelley — you don’t have to worry

Ronnie Walker — precious

Haywood Cash — give it up

Leroy Hutson — get it on

Candi Staton — young hearts run free

the Tymes — the love that you’re looking for

Tammi Terrel — this old heart of mine

Edwin Starr — you’re my mellow

Harvey Scales — love thief

the Furys — since I lost my baby

Lou Rawls — dead end street

Arthur K. Adams — one day

Linda Lyndell — here I am

the Spandells — say no girl

Paris (Mr Tears)— don’t lead me on

Verdell Smith — a piece of the sky

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After a little unplanned week off avoiding the so in vogue burn-out I'm giving you this;






Tammi Terrell — come on and see me

Bobby Reed — you are

Phil Terrell — love has passed me by

The Sweet Things — don’t come looking for me

Hank Levine — image part. I

Karen Small — boys are made to love

Sly, Slick and Wicked — ready for you

The Natural Four — you bring out the best in me

Love, Devotion, and Happiness — joy sweet joy

Gene Faith — my baby’s missing

Debra- what’s it gonna be

Corey Glover — little girl

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it's another monday





Patti Drew — stop, look and listen

the Ringleaders — I’ve got to find my baby

One’s Sy Mack — never listen to your heart get away

Larry jackson — lovin’

the Pretenders — just be yourself

the Carstairs- it really hurts me girl

the Traits — some day some where

Archie Bell & the Drells — love will rain on you

Rick Thompson — what do I have to do

Rozetta Johnson a woman’s way

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Back rack track...





Billy Butler — right track

Emmanuel Laskey — (I’ve got to) run for my life

Lorraine Chandler — she don’t want you

Ben E. King & Dee Dee Sharp - we got a thing going on

Jimmy Conwell — to much

Dee Dee Barnes — do what you wanna’ do

Dean Courtney — today is my day

Jackie Ross — dynamite  lovin’

Edd Henry, the Nickels & three Pennies — I love only you

the Jewels — opportunity

Jackie Wilson — whispers

the Chairmen of the Board — when will she tells me she needs me

the Ordells — sippin’ a cup of coffee

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the Spinners — I’ll always love you

the Wonderettes — I feel strange

Odds & Ends — let me try

Margie Joseph — one more chance

the Pretenders — I call it love

Brothers by Choice — baby you really got me going

Vonciel Myers — it won’t be easy

August Moon — those wasted years

Mickey & the Soul Generation — joint session

the Webs — keep your love strong

Tyrone Davis — what goes up

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Good morning monday !





Yvonne Vaughn — when you’re gonna tell her about me

Archie Bell & the Drells — (there’s gonna be a) showdown

the Astors — more power to you

Lou Johnson — magic potion

Soulful Illusion — to get your love

Darrow Fletcher — the way of a man

Margie Joseph & Blue Magic — we’ve got a good thing going on

Margie Joseph — I’ll always love you

the Fashioneers — without you

Kris Petterson — just as much

Ann Sexton — it’s all over but the shouting

Artie White — the white fox

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time change for winter upfront, sorry monday is sunday now:





Lada Edmund Jr. — soul au go-go

the Volumes — one way lover

Viola Wills — together forever

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes — what can a man do

Limye & the 7 Days - you’ve been cheatin on me

Willie Bobo — hurt so bad

Little Anthony & the Imperials — hurt so bad

Garnet Mimms — looking for you

the Sapphires — gotta have your love

the Dells — wait until tomorrow

the Lovations — I don’t want you

James Shorter — modern day woman

Eloise Laws — stay with me

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Terry B aka Thierry Baker is guest...




Girl you cheated on me - The Presidents

I get the sweetest feeling - Erma Franklin

Put it in the back of your mind - Love Committee

Trying to get to you - Imperial Wonders

Love oh love - Leroy Hutson

Stuck on you - American Gypsy

Just to be with you — the O’Jays

Feel the fire - Peabo Bryson

Make it sweet - Coke Escovedo

Come on and love me - Bobby Sheen

Postcard love affair - Black Ice

It’s hard not to like you - Archie Bell & the Drells

Just for you - Windy City

Sitting in the park - Bobby Thurston

This feeling’s killing me - the Jones Girls

Let’s do it today - T-Connection

I will never let you get away - Jimmy Ruffin

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Odd things happens, here's a new one;





Herb Ward — strange change

Elridge Holmes — worried over you

the Lockettes — I love the boy next door

the Symphonics — guilty

the Carstairs — it really hurts me

Esther Phillips — home is where the hatred is

Eloise Laws — love factory

the Vontastics — I’ll never say goodbye

Vernon Garrett — angel doll

Chuck Overton- I’m so thankfull

Geraldine Hunt — you brought the joy

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Jackie Shane — comin’ down

Bobby Williams — I’ve only got myself to blame

Gladys King — orange

the Esquires — you got the power

the Ambers — potion of love

the Masqueraders — one more chance

the Flirtations — stronger than her love

Maurice Williams — being without you

Billy Kennedy — groovy generation

Betty Everrett — only your love can save me

Tom & Jerrio — come on and love me

the Showmen — it will standJackie Shane — comin’ down

Edited by tlscapital

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I’m no stranger - Sunny & the Sunliners

old love — the Re-o-tation

funny how we change places - Dee Dee Warwick

you’ll never get my love — Mike Jemison

if I had a chance to love you — the Jive Five

a girl from a country side — Lee Williams & the Cymbals

vibration — Erik & the Vikings

it must be love — Full Speed

another’s man’s love — the Electras

let me into your heart — the Rising Sun

here stands the man who needs you— George Wilson

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Terry B is...





Everybody's Talkin' - The Rance Allen Group

A House Made Of Love - Dottie Pearson

(Love Is My) Secret Weapon - Darrow Fletcher

You're Welcome, Stop On By - Vicki Anderson

More Love - Teena Marie

Love Is Trying To Get A Hold On Me - Tavasco

Battened Ships - Odyssey

Morning Spring - Copeland Davis

Whatever You Want - Wales Wallace

Beautiful People - Rosie Grier

Hey Love - Bobby Glenn

Sweet tender loving - Brief Encounter

Still A Part Of Me - Minits

Take a Stand - The Voices Of East Harlem

Newsroom - Vitamin E

Let's Make Love Now - Art & Honey

She's My Summer Breeze - The Reflections

My Secret Fantasy - The Controllers



... is guest again !

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late promotion on the last two podcasts...





Helen Curry — I want you

Marvin Gaye - this old heart of mine

Jimmy Robbins - I can’t please you

Gloria Lynne — you don’t have to be a tower of strenght

Vi Campbel — seven doors

the Truetones — he’s got the nerves

Emmanuel Laskey — just the way (I want her to be)

Bobby Freeman — put another dime in the parking meter

Tommy Rodgers — I’ll tell it to the wind

the Four Mints — I can’t get strung out

Benny Troy — I wanna give you tomorrow





Bettye Swann — what can it be

the Jackson Brothers — I‘ve got to hear it from you

the Dells — run for cover

Cane and Able - tired from bad news

the Linneas — forever baby

Harold Burrage — more power to you

(Miss) Jackie Moore — loser again

Shorty Long — it’s a crying shame

the Jackey Beavers Show — we’re not too young to fall n love

the Tan Geers — what’s the use

Freda Payne — two wrongs don’t make a right

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the week-end's over...




the Debonairs — untrue woman

Bobbie Houston — i wanna make it with you

Margie Alexander — what you’re trying to do

The Ambers — now I’m i trouble

The Chekkers — please don’t go

Marie Knight — a little too lonely

The Brothers of Soul — the love I found in you

The Pretenders — I’m the one that love forgot

Howard Tate — can you top this

Johnny Daye — stay baby stay

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After like what seemed to have disappeared from the surface of the earth I’m back with a new « 5 years old » bitty box (me two 10 years old Apple carcasses passed out) given to me by an old pal that felt that he owed me some through the years. After having fixed up all the old hardware and matched them with the « new » softwares, I am now able once again to record my OVO’s into mp3’s. Not forgetting all the other factors of the other real world like people and their tangled bullshit I had to deal & pull-up with that came in between, I finally managed to dish this little mix to match the season like spring in the rain !




the Soul Twins – give the man a chance

the Fantastic Four – pin point it down

Darrell Banks – our love (is in the pocket)

Nancy Butts – I want to hold your hand baby

Imported Moods – what have you done to my heart

Jerry Butler – that’s how heartaches are made

Jean Wells – what have I got to lose

Frankie Newsome – we’re on our way

the Pretenders – just be yourself

Flame’N’King & the Bold Ones – oh happy day

the Carstairs – the story of our love

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