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Ivor Jones

Modern/crossover,look Carefully,some Real Bargains Here

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Some more to go, PM if interested……..


Payment Via Paypal "As Gift"


Kenny Hamber   "Never Found A Girl"  [PES]  Mint  £40SOLD


Mighty Diamonds  "Never Say Goodbye"  [bad Gong]  Mint £40


Barbara Stant  "My Mind Holds On To Yesterday"  [shiptown] Repress sold to me as the real thing by the crook who runs the label…Nice Guy. Not.     Mint  £40


Chocolate Buttermilk Band  "Cant Let Go"  {CRM]  Mint  £50


James Bootie Tuten  " I'll Never You Say Goodbye/ This Is A Love Affair"  [ultimate]    Mint  £125


Innervision   "Gotta Find A Way To Get Back Home"  [Ariola American] Nice W/D on Vinyl press….absolutely brilliant 70's uptempo O'Jays soundalike…..pisses all over pretty much any of the Emperors New Clothes newies currently being touted around…… Mint-  £40


Cecil Shaw  "This Ive Gotta see"  [bil-Mar]  Mint   £40ON HOLD


Leon Thomas  " Love Each Other"   [Flying Dutchman W/D]      Mint  £50


Larry Hart  "Going Up In Smoke "   [Genesis]   Mint  £10


Leroy Charlton   "I Need You"   [CC7]    Mint   £50


Barbara Jean English  "If It Feels This Good"  [Royal Flush]   Mint  £25


Daybreak  "Everything Man/I Need Love"   [PAP]   Legal repress from a few years back, long dried up now.  Mint £25


Ambition  "Im Gonna Give My Love'   [Mercury]     Mint   £70


Glenn Dorsey & The Big J  "Movin On"  [Good]   Mint   £30


Richard Carl Watson  "Are You Gonna Be There"  [Rays]  Mint-   £100


Reuben Howell   " You Cant Stop A Man In Love"  {Motown W/D with Pic Sleeve]    Mint  £70SOLD


George H Franklin  "Someone Will Take Over Where You Left Off"   [Faces]  Ex   £35


Frederick Knight  "Uphill Peace Of Mind"   [Castle]   Mint-  £35


Sonny Holly   "Cheating Aint No Good"  [Cash Money]  Ex   £20


Margaret Salters "Love Feelin"  [Lintony]  Ex     £20


Chamberlain "Tease/ When will I Know"   [CEC]  Mint   £35


L.C. Robinson   "Free And easy"   [uSA]   Mint   £20


Satin  "Give All Your Love To Me"   [Good]  Mint    £100


Chants   "Ive Been Trying"  [Chipping Norton] UK only…..Nice Stepper …….  mint  £35


Jimmy Thompson  "Jimmys Place"  [Jimmy Thompson Music]….Hard to find….  Ex £70


Ricky Lewis   "Someone To Love Tonight"    [Mercury]   Mint     Nice beat ballad…….£40


Got-Cha  "Makin Love To Ya"   [sterling Disc]    Ex[tiny w.o.l.]     When is this gonna go again….?    £50


Thats all for now……..


Pm if interested

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