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Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul

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To reserve/buy records: email
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends & Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm 



All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul


"Jones, Albert" Unity                          ('SAMPLE COPY'-stol) wol//superb x-over Kapp 35      
Two Tons Of Love Brown and beautiful         (SEE GORDO LABEL)           recommended Kapp 12      
"Waters, Freddie" It has to be love wol/mid-tempo Kari 12      
"Facts Of Life, The" Caught in the act (of getting' it on)/same w/demo/recommended Kayvette 15      
"Jackson, Walter" Touching in the dark great Kelli-arts 10      
Four Tees One more chance/Funky duck recommended Kent 20      
Four Tees One more chance/Funky duck w/demo Kent 25      
Four Tees One more chance/I could never love another recommended Kent 20      
"Jones, Jeanette" The thought of you ex-/wol/w/demo Kent 10      
"Barnes, Myra" Super good/Part 2 vg/funk King 10      
"Cherry Blend, The" Warning of danger funk/w/demo King 20      
"Edwards, Gloria" Need nobody…...keep up with my man w/demo/recommended King 25      
"Blade Family, The" My baby's gone/Sweet dream 2 great sides King James 25      
Samson & Delilah Living in a world of trouble funk King James 20      
"Dash, Sarah" (Come and take this) candy from your baby very sl warp-nap Kirshner 8      
"Clayton, Willie" Love pain superb Kirstee 15      
"Ingram, Luther" Trying to find my love/Get to me 2 great sides KoKo 15      
"Tate, Tommy" I ain't gonna worry/same w/demo? Koko 6      
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you/I ain't gonna worry  Koko 10      
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you/same w/demo Koko 10      
"Tate, Tommy" More power to you/same demo Koko 10      
"Tate, Tommy" School of life superb Koko 10      
"Tate, Tommy" School of life/same demo/superb Koko 10      
"Phillips, Esther" I've never found a man(to love me like you do) great version Kudu 20      
"Reynolds, LJ " All I need/Cookin with Nixon(Northern inst) 2 great sides Lady 30      
"Williams, Willie" The baa-baa song/Psyched out superb/up-tempo funk flip Lakeside 30      
"Esquires, The" Ain't gonna give it up recommended Lamarr 15      
"Star-tels, The" Falling in love with you girl wol/recommended Lamarr 22      
"Star-tels, The" Falling in love with you girl recommended Lamarr 25      
"Star-tels, The" What more can I ask for recommended Lamarr 25      
"Cutchins, Bobby" I did it again superb Lasso 10      
"Cutchins, Bobby" I did it again with pic. slv/superb  Lasso 12      
"Hebb, Bobby" True I love you recommended Laurie 20      
"Reynolds, LJ & Chocolate Syrup" Let one hurt do great Law-ton 10      
"Beck Family, The" Falling in love again/Can you feel it 2 great sides Lejoint 10      
"Beck Family, The" Falling in love again/same w/demo/recommended Lejoint 8      
"Laws, Ronnie" Stay awake great Liberty 8      
Brewster Crew I'm one who know M-/superb Lifeline 75      
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me/Don't go to strangers M-/great x-over Lion 30      
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me/Trying to forget vg++/great x-over Lion 15      
"Allen, Vee" Love is all around me/Trying to forget EX+/w/demo/great x-over Lion 30      
We The People You made me/Right now 2 great sides Lion 15      
"Family, The" Feeling what you wanna feel/Trump tight w/demo/x-over/funk flip Little City 15      
"Family, The" My song to you/Music great slowy/funk flip Little City 8      
"Washington, Harold" I want you back recommended Little House 30      
"Dyer, Louis" I wanna make love to you/Lonely drifter 2 superb sides Little Star 10      
"O'Jays, The" Just to be with you/Now he's home VG++/2 superb sides Little Star 20      
"O'Jays, The" Just to be with you/Now he's home M-/2 superb sides Little Star 30      
"Humphrey, Paul/Cool Aid Chemists" Cool aid great funk instrumental Lizard 6      
"Hardie, Celeste" Thank you love/inst.  Loadstone 8      
"Chandler, Deniece " "Mama, I wish I stayed at home" M-/w/demo/superb Lock 75      
"Marvellos, The" Something's burnin' M-/superb Loma 75      
"Elbert, Donnie" Where did our love go UK/Inc Co sleeve/great London 5      
"Saunders, Larry" On the real side M-/UK/Inc Co. sleeve/classic London 40      
"Sease, Marvin" I belong to you nice mid-tempo London 6      
"Sunny & Sunliners, The" I'm no stranger M-/demo/superb London 30      
Coffee Your lovin' ain't as good as mine/Just because recommended Love Lite 15      
"Leavill, Otis" Gotta right to cry M-/superb Lucky 100      
"Price, Lloyd" Feelin' good/Cupid's bandwagon (2 x's ol)  2 great sides Ludix 20      
"Jacocks, Bill" You are the one/Fickle finger 2 great sides Maggio 25      
"Jackson, JJ" Let me try again highly recommended Magna Glide 10      
"Brown, JT" Liking taking candy (from a baby) M-/superb Mahogany 30      
"Huff, Terry" Just not enough love recommended Mainstream 12      
"Huff, Terry" Where there's a will (there's a way)  Mainstream 8      
"Perry, Linda" It's all in the back of me now EX+/superb Mainstream 75      
"Vaughan, Sarah" I need you more (than ever now) superb Mainstream 40      
"Vaughan, Sarah" I need you more (than ever now)/same w/demo/superb Mainstream 30      
"Bass, Jewel" Let your love rain down on me/same M-/demo/superb Malaco 50      
Formula Five Back to love nice m-tempo/vg++ flip Malaco 5      
"Moore, Dorothy" (We need more) loving time A TIP !!/recommended Malaco 10      
"Moore, Dorothy" Girl overboard recommended Malaco 8      
"Bailey, JR" I'll always be your lover/same demo MAM 15      
"Gomez, Jessie" Lace/Baby I'm coming at you VG++/DJ ink stamp ol/2 superb sides Mankind 50      
"Gomez, Jessie" Lace/Baby I'm coming at you (wol) M-/2 superb sides Mankind 75      
Hill ZZ Chokin' kind  Mankind 10      
"Martin, Hazel" Out of my life recommended Marco 30      
"Johnson, Al" Too late/I'll do anything for you great/awesome flip Marina 10      
"Kirton, Lew" Do what you want…/Come on with it 2 great sides Marlin 10      
"Washington, Baby" Care free recommended Master Five 10      
"Washington, Baby" I've got to break away  Master Five 8      
Faith Hope & Charity So much love  label damage Maxwell 5      
"Garner Jr., Emmett" So much better ex-/w/demo/classic x-over Maxwell 15      
"Garner Jr., Emmett" So much better w/demo/classic x-over Maxwell 20      
"Smith, Marvin" Who will do your running now EX+/great Mayfield 100      
Sophisticated Ladies Check it out                     M-/what a voice!!!!/highly recommended Mayhew 8      
"Cheatham, Oliver" Something about you  MCA 5      
"Hudson, Al & Soul Partners" You can do it w/demo MCA 6      
Lifestyle Katrina M-/UK/highly recommended MCA 15      
One Way + Al Hudson Now that I found you  MCA 5      
Peaches & Herb We're still together recommeded MCA 15      
"Ronald, Terry" What the child needs   (neat drill hole in cover) EX+/German/Inc pic slv/fantastic!!! MCA 20      
"Williams, Moon" Everytime I take the time/same demo/recommended MCA 15      
"Bernard, Chris" Mother nice/orig.label McVoutie 15      
"McGregor, Billy" It's my turn now awesome soul Mellotone 75      
"Girls, The" The hurt's still here M-/superb Memphis 25      
"Nightingale, Ollie" I don't know why I love you highly recommended Memphis 40      
A Brothers Guiding Light Getting together                (sm feint wol) EX+/w/demo/classic Mercury 80      
"Beaumont, Donny" Look but don't touch/same-mono demo/great Mercury 12      
"Bell, William" Easy comin' out (hard goin' in) wol/superb Mercury 20      
"Bell, William" Easy comin' out (hard goin' in) v sm wol/superb Mercury 20      
"Bell, William" Tryin' to love two ex-/great Mercury 5      
"Bell, William" Tryin' to love two great Mercury 6      
"Butler, Jerry" High stepper recommended Mercury 15      
"Chandler, Gene" Groovy situation recommended Mercury 6      
Fire And Rain Hello stranger great version Mercury 15      
Five Special The more I get to know you/Part II superb Mercury 20      
Five Special The more I get to know you/Part II demo/superb/rare Mercury 30      
Heaven And Earth Let's work it out/How do you think you're gonna find love recommended Mercury 15      
"Joneses, The" Name of the game (Pt 1) /same (Pt 2) superb/Inc Co sleeve Mercury 15      
Mark IV You're just like a dream  Mercury 6      
"Notations, The" Judy blue eyes recommended Mercury 25      
"Notations, The" Judy blue eyes demo/recommended Mercury 30      
"Oliver, David" Friends & strangers  Mercury 5      
"Oliver, David" Friends & strangers demo Mercury 6      
"Perry, Oscar" He sent me you superb Mercury 35      
Band Of Oz Love sickness nice mid-tempo Metro 8      
Band Of Oz Snap your fingers nice mid-tempo Metro 8      
"East Coast Rivieras, The" Donna nice mid-tempo Metro 8      
North Tower Living just for loving you recommended Metro 10      
"Robinson, Curtis" Fantasy/same-inst. VG-/great/plays decent Metro-Art 20      
"Winstons, The" Color him father  classic x-over Metromedia 15      
"Winstons, The" Color him father  w/demo/classic x-over/rare Metromedia 25      
"Gaynor, Gloria" Honey bee/Come tonight ex-/recommended MGM 8      
"Brown, Barbara" Pity a fool M-/rarer issue/Inc Co sleeve/superb MGM SoM 75      
Ovations   One in a million highly recommended MGM SoM 20      
"Ovations, The" Touching me  MGM SoM 8      
"Roberts, Lou" Everything you always wanted to know.../She's not mama's... EX-/w/demo/v sl warp-nap MGM SoM 60      
"Bailey, JR" You pass my love (like a moving train) great Midland Int'l 15      
"Coggswell, Alice" Hey good lover recommended Midland Int'l 12      
"Lords, The" Since I fell for you/same recommended Mikim 20      
"Lords, The" Since I fell for you/same demo/recommended Mikim 25      
"Bay Brothers, The" What does it take (to win your love) M-/superb version Millennium 75      
N'Cole You're gonna need this love/Thank you for the love M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 great sides Millennium 30      
Stage IV Just another guy awesome Millie 20      
"Hamilton, Big John" Just seeing you again recommended Minaret 15      
"Blues Busters, The" Love is the answer M-/demo/superb x-over Minit 75      
"Players, The" Why did I lie superb Minit 30      
"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/wol-flip/superb Minit 35      
"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/sm wol/superb Minit 35      
"Players, The" Why did I lie demo/superb Minit 40      
Coffee "Say it, it's good to you"  MIR 8      
"Ben & Cheers, The" Since you came into my life  Mocha 10      
"St. German, Tyrone" In a world so cold great x-over Morning Dove 30      
"Edwards, Dee" (I can) deal with that modern version/great Morning Glory 10      
"Jacobs, Barbara" There will never be another  Morning Glory 8      
Smoke Oh love/Love let's be happy M-/2 superb sides Mo-Soul 15      
Bottom & Company Gonna find a true love/You're my life M-/v sl warp-nap/2 superb sides Motown 185      
Bottom & Company Spread the news/same w/demo/great Motown 20      
Bottom & Company You're my life/same w/demo/recommended Motown 15      
"Cameron, GC" You're what's missing in my life superb version Motown 20      
"Cameron, GC" You're what's missing in my life/same w/lbl test press/rare Motown 25      
"Cameron, GC" You're what's missing in my life/same w/demo Motown 25      
Devastating Affair You don't know how hard it is(vocal)/inst funky Motown 10      
Devastating Affair You don't know how hard it is/inst-both sides w/demo/funky Motown 8      
Dynamic Superiors One-nighter/Deception ex-/highly recommended Motown 12      
Dynamic Superiors One-nighter/Deception highly recommended Motown 15      
Dynamic Superiors One-nighter/Leave it alone ex-/highly recommended Motown 12      
Dynamic Superiors One-nighter/Leave it alone highly recommended Motown 15      
"Hutch, Willie" Just another day ex-/superb Motown 10      
"Hutch, Willie" Talk to me ex-/superb Motown 10      
"Hutch, Willie" Talk to me superb Motown 12      
"Lavette, Bettye" I can't stop/same w/demo Motown 10      
"Lavette, Bettye" Right in the middle (of falling in love) great Motown 8      
"Lavette, Bettye" Right in the middle (of falling in love)/same w/demo/great Motown 10      
"Lovesmith, Michael" What's the bottom line recommended Motown 10      
"Originals, The" Good lovin' is just a dime away/same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Motown 30      
"Ross, Diana" We can never light that old flame again/same w/demo/recommended Motown 12      
"Ross, Diana" We can never light that old flame again/same w/demo/pic slv/recomdd Motown 15      
"Ross, Diana & Supremes &" I'll try something new           (& Temptations) fantastic version Motown 10      
"Ross, Diana & Supremes &" I'll try something new/same    (& Temptations) ex-/w/demo/red vinyl Motown 15      
"Ruffin, David" Love can be hazardous to your health great Motown 10      
"Ruffin, David" Walk away from love classic/awesome Motown 10      
"Starr, Edwin" Love (the lonely people's prayer) recommended Motown 15      
"Starr, Edwin" Love (the lonely people's prayer)/same w/demo/recommended Motown 20      
"Supremes, The" You're my driving wheel/same w/demo/nice Motown 6      
"Supremes, The" You're what's missing in my life recommended Motown 15      
"Cameron, GC" Don't wanna play pajama games/same w/demo/recommended Mowest 15      
Kings Go Forth Don't take my shadow/same-inst. M-/superb Mr. C's 12      
"Middleton, Tony" Let me down easy vg+ Mr. G 6      
"Kendricks, Eddie" I'm in love with you recommended Ms. Dixie 20      
"Lamar, Dedric" How to love/Hey girl great Munnie 10      
"Herring, Sid" Do it in the name of love w/demo/wol/recomnded Muscle 20      
"Eviruin, Maye" Lady's of the 80's good modern  Music International 10      
Korla with Klass Stop before you start dish nap/superb Music Master 150      
Brotherly Love Mama's little baby(loves lovin') vg+ Music Merchant 5      
Solid State I'm gonna make you mine/inst. great Music Town 30      
Sensational Little Doc My precious love/Mellow dreamin' great mid-tempo Music-Go-Round 40      
"Drake, Tony" Lets play house nice mid-tempo Musicor 15      
S.O.U.L. This time around/On top of the world 2 superb sides Musicor 15      
"Lynch, Frank" Young girl/same-mono M-/demo/superb My 50      
"West, Paula" You're the trouble funk Nale 10      
Silk Nature boy/inst. 2x'sol/x-over/great Nation 30      
"Five Wagers, The" Until I found you recommended Nation Time 15      
"Shaw, James" Got to get me a wife/Guilty of adultry x-over/2 great sides Nation-Wide 15      
"Chappell, Eddie/Szkolny, Terry" Hey baby/Brother man M-/w/demo?/2 superb sides Natru 25      
"Decker, Bobby" Where quiet waters flow EX-/superb x-over Nebo 60      
"Poole, Jay" I love you                                    (FIRST LABEL) superb mid-tempo Ne-bo 20      
"O'Jays, The" One night affair/There's someone x-over/2 great sides Neptune 15      
Candy Coated People Roads/Time to love  New York Sound Co 15      
"Wright, Bill" How can I hit the ball (when you won't let me bat) w/demo?/FUNK Note 25      
"Chi-lites, The" Hard act to follow modern-'85 Nuance 8      
"Gibbs, Doug" I'll always have you there/Cloudy day  great/nice flip too  Oak 10      
"Waters, Freddie" I'm afraid to let you into my life great October 15      
"Cheers, The" Take me to paradise/I made up my mind w/demo/2 great sides Okeh 50      
"Lance, Major" Without a doubt superb Okeh 40      
"Prysock, Arthur" All I need is you tonight ex-/great Old Town 8      
"Prysock, Arthur" All I need is you tonight great Old Town 10      
"Newday, The" Wait a minute superb x-over On Top 15      
"Helms, Jimmy" Your past is beginning to show/same w/demo Oracle 15      
"Barnes, Jimmy J" I think I've got a good chance(Pt 1)/Pt 2 EX-/superb x-over Organic 150      
"Lance, Major" I got a right to cry             (great version) EX+/w/demo/v sl warp-nap Osiris 50      
"Lance, Major" You're everthing I need/inst. great Osiris 10      
Pure Velvet Hooked on your love/I'm tired of dreaming w/demo/2 great sides Osiris 40      
"Entertainers, The" Why ?/Po boy 2 nice sides Ovide 15      
Masters Of Soul Count the times bubbly vinyl-plays fine/nice Ovide 10      
"Parker, Winfield" I wanna be with you highly recommended P&L 25      
"Curtan Revue, Lou/Winter Band, Robert" Heaven in the afternoon/L-O-V-E M-/2 superb sides PAD 25      
"Brown, Randy" I wanna make love to you superb Parachute 8      
"Brown, Randy" You says it all/same demo/great Parachute 10      
"Clifford, Linda" March across the land great Paramount 15      
"Courtney, Dean" It makes me nervous/You're all I've got 2 great sides Paramount 25      
Gentle Persuausion Lu w/demo/great Paramount 15      
Tender Touch You were never mine to begin with demo/great Paramount 20      
Two Tons Of Love What good am I without you/same-Spanish EX+/w/demo/wol/fantastic Paramount 75      
First Class Laying my heart on the line nice Park-way 12      
"Clayton, Willie" "Hello, how have you been?/Say yes to me" demo/nice mid-tempo Pawn 15      
"Guess, George" Do it to death recommended Pearl Harbor 10      
"Jon, Leslie" Never want to lose this feeling 2x's ol/great x-over Pelegrin Sands 25      
Velvet  Bet you if you ask around/inst. recommended Perception 15      
"Originals, The" The magic is you recommended Phase II 15      
"Originals, The" The magic is you recommended Phase II 20      
"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Old People w/demo/superb Phil. Int. 25      
"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Old People superb/rare issue Phil. Int. 30      
"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Where will you go when the party's over  M-/UK/Inc Co sleeve/great Phil. Int. 30      
"Bell, Archie & Drells, The" Where will you go when the party's over (lite wol) demo/UK/Inc Co sleeve/great Phil. Int. 40      
"Bennett, Bobby" Days go by/Bumble bee (sting me) recommended Phil. Int. 20      
"Carn, Jean" Don't let it go to your head/same w/demo/recommended Phil. Int. 15      
"Carn, Jean" If you wanna go back classic Phil. Int. 8      
"Carn, Jean" If you wanna go back EX+/DEMO/UK/Inc Co slv/classic Phil. Int. 12      
"Carn, Jean" If you wanna go back/same w/demo/classic Phil. Int. 12      
"Covay, Don" Travelin' in heavy traffic sl lbl wear/recommended Phil. Int. 8      
"Ebonys, The" I'm so glad I'm me/same-mono w/demo/superb Phil. Int. 25      
"Ebonys, The" It's forever w/demo Phil. Int. 8      
"Ebonys, The" Life in the country/same w/demo Phil. Int. 8      
"Ebonys, The" Nation time sl lbl stain/recommended Phil. Int. 15      
"Ebonys, The" Nation time sol-flip/recommended Phil. Int. 18      
"Ebonys, The" Nation time recommended Phil. Int. 20      
"Ebonys, The" Sexy ways/You're the reason why 2 good sides Phil. Int. 8      
"Futures, The" Party time man ex-/superb Phil. Int. 25      
"Futures, The" Party time man M-/superb Phil. Int. 30      
"Futures, The" Party time man/same M-/w/demo/superb Phil. Int. 30

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