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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 617 Mar 17th 2014 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
1 Wallie Hoskins &
Rosemary McCoy Switch Around S T 1005 M- 20
LIMITED EDITION reissue of this previously unreleased sixties gem. Single sided
2 Little Willie J The Pressure Hip City R5 M- 10
Previously unissued Little Willie John R&B styled mover
3 Steve Mancha He Stole A Love That Was Mine GV 2 M- 10
Last few copies of this previously unissued Detroit gem, don’t miss it
4 J J Barnes Everytime I See You, I Go Wild Hip City R4 M- 10
Available in vinyl only on this release. Unissued Motown goes for a high price on eBay
5 Little Ann / Tobi Lark Sweep It Out In The Shed / True True LoveKent Select 001 M- 20
Now deleted - two brilliant previously unissued Detroit sides. Highly recommended
6 Bobby Reed Caldonia Brown SRG 114 M- 8
Probably the finest of the previously unissued Shrine records, last few copies
7 Bettye Swann The Dance is Over Kent Select 003 M- 20
Previously unissued quality from Bettye’s Money period c/w The Other Brothers ‘Nobody But Me’
8 Johnnie Taylor Love On A Lease Plan Sevens T-2 WD M- 10
Found a few copies of this promo-only, previously unissued Detroit gem. Very limited
9 Betty Everett No Place To Hide Sherry Hill M- 10
Previously unissued midtempo gem. Only available on this label on a 45
10 Eric & The Vikings Hurting Kool Kat 5 M- 10
Fantastic! Same backing as ‘Sweet Darlin’ plus 2 brill Detroit tracks on the flip. Only on this 45.
Backed with Willie Jones ‘My Baby Ain’t No Plaything’ and Detroit Strings ‘In The Pocket’
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
Pack AA - Connoisseurs Pack £300
100 Northern / Modern rarities.
All U.S.A. label originals mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack BB — Modern Soul Movers Pack £150
100 x seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul dancers in mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack CC — Sixties / Seventies / Eighties Soul £100
100 x sixties, seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul 45s in various styles — dancers, deep, funk etc
11 Helene Smith You Got To Do Your Share Reid VG 150
Very rare Florida release
12 Sidney Barnes You’ll Always Be In Style Red Bird M- 200
13 Jewel Akens My First Lonely Night Era M- 300
Very rare blue and green issue copy. Ever seen one?
14 Lillian Dupree Hide & Seek D-Town M- 150
15 Sammy Sevens (You Better) Watch Your Step Swan VG++ 100
For sure rarer on black label issue copy. Four years since an eBay appearance
16 Curtis Johnson I’ve Got To Get Away From You Whurley Burley M- 250
17 Marvelows Your Little Sister ABC Paramount M- 100
18 Rosebuds Say You’ll Be Mine Tower VG++ 100
19 Miracle Walkers Love In My Soul Scamm Sound M- 150
20 Dream Team I’m Not Satisfied Gregory M- 150
21 Posse Evil Janus M- 150
22 Lola Sands To Whom It May Concern Bison M- 150
23 Attractions Burn Up Some Road De-To VG++ 150
24 Magnificents My Heart Is Calling Dee Gee VG++ 150
Rare silver label issue copy
25 Jimmie Raye You Must Be Losing Your Mind JRE M- 200
First label before Garrison
26 Pentagons Gonna Wait For You Sutter VG++ 250
27 Sheppard Brothers Mess Up My Mind Gaye VG++ 100
28 Adventurers I Caught You Cheating Music World WD M- 250
Rare white promo
29 Holly Maxwell Don’t Say You Love Me Until You Do Star VG++ 175
30 Jewel Akens A Slice of The Pie Era D M- 100
The rare stomping version as played at Wigan
31 James Arnold Your Chain Of Love Je-Eeca M- 100
32 Johnny Appalachian Up In Smoke Goldie D VG++ 100
33 Perfections Am I Gonna Lose You SVR M- 250
34 Gino Washington Gino Is A Coward w.o.l. Do De Re M- 75
35 Third Tuesday Love Is Better Than Ever Tower WD M- 100
36 Tempos Don’t Leave Me Riley’s M- 100
Fabulous midtempo Detroit from this great group
37 Bessie Jones No More Tears A-Bet M- 100
38 Art Freeman Slippin’ Around With You Fame M- 200
39 Emanuel Laskey I’m A Peace Loving Man Thelma M- 100
40 George (Juke) Byrd I Know I’m In Love With You Pay-Tons M- 200
Original gold label
41 Chancellors All The Way From Heaven Capcity M- 150
42 Ron Holden I’ll Forgive And Forget Challenge WD M- 150
43 Erma Franklin I Get The Sweetest Feeling / Whispers Brunswick D VG++ 100
44 Tommy Tate I’m Taking On Pain Okeh WD M- 250
45 Cody Black Too Many Irons In The Fire D-Town M- 75
46 Joe & Mack Don’t You Worry One-derful! VG++ 75
47 Jewells Lookie Lookie Lookie King M- 50
48 Ruby Jean Empty Words SBK M- 200
49 Sound Judgment Happy Without You Kapp M- 50
50 Symphonics Silent Kind Of Guy Wilson WD VG++ 75
51 Sweethearts Beauty Is Just Skin Deep Kent M- 100
52 Bettye Swann The Man That Said No Money WD M- 100
53 Sugar & Sweet I’ve Changed Audio Forty M- 150
54 United Four She’s Putting You On Harthon M- 75
55 Clydie King Missin’ My Baby Imperial M- 150
Rarer issue
56 June Jackson It’s What Underneath Thst Counts Imperial D M- 75
57 Technics Cause I Really Love You Chex M- 100
58 Big Joe Turner Two Loves Have I Bluestime D M- 80
59 Tomorrow’s Men Who’s That Lady Congress D M- 100
60 Bill ‘Tarzan’ Jones A Man Should Never Cry w.o.l. Tishman M- 200
61 Leslie Uggams Don’t You Even Care Atlantic M- 75
62 Theresa Lindsey Good Idea Correc-tone M- 150
63 Joy Leonard Don’t Feel Sorry For Me Hercules WD M- 100
64 Otis Leavill Gotta Right To Cry Lucky M- 150
65 Kittens Three I’m Coming Apart At The Seams Newark D M- 100
66 Jo Ann King Don’t Play With Fire Fairmount D M- 75
67 Jimmy James Time’s Running Out Coed WD M- 100
68 Walter Jackson Then Only Then Columbia M- 60
69 Ollie Jackson Just A Little While Pepper M- 50
70 Pendulum Swingers Never Should Have Loved You Baby Great World Of Sound M- 100
71 Robin Rice I’ve Had It Metro Int’l VG++ 150
72 Don Ray Sampson Baby Come Back E DJ M- 80
73 Rumblers Soulful Jerk Downey WD M- 75
74 Lorraine Rudolph Keep Coming Back For More Jetstream M- 80
75 Soul Searchers Band Sad Sad Story Dart M- 200
76 Al De Lory The Moon Racers A&M WD M- 15
77 Al De Lory Traffic Jam Phi-Dan M- 30
78 De Vonns Freddie Parway WD M- 25
79 De Vons Someone To Treat Me King M- 50
80 Bill Deal Don’t Put Me Down Mala D M- 20
81 Dean And Jean Lovingly Yours Rust M- 40
82 Dean And Jean Sticks & Stones Rust M- 25
83 Debbie Dean Why Am I Lovin’ You V.I.P. WD M- 80
84 Debbie Dean But I’m Afraid Motown VG++ 30
85 Janet Deane I’m Glad I Waited Mastodon M- 25
86 Deans No Not Now Panik VG++ 125
87 Billie Dearborn You Need Me To Love You Bell D M- 75
88 Debonaires C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery) Golden World M- 25
89 Debonaires Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie Golden World WD M- 20
90 Debra Came You Remember Gule M- 20
91 Debra Can You Remember Gree-Jack M- 15
92 Debs Danger Ahead Double-L WD M- 30
93 Debuts If I Cry Atco WD M- 20
94 Joey Dee What Kind Of Love Is This pic sleeve Roulette M- 20
95 Kiki Dee I’m Going Out Liberty D M- 15
96 Sam Dees I’m So Very Glad Clintone M- 30
97 Del Capris Hey Little Girl Ronderjon VG++ 40
98 Del Counts With Another Guy Soma M- 50
99 Del Vikings Confession Of Love BC Paramount M- 40
100 Delacardos They Put A Spell On You Atlantic D M- 25
101 Delanettes You’ve Got That Feeling Shikari M- 60
102 Travis Delane Broken Hearts Everywhere Ventural M- 50
103 Del-Chords Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy Mr, Genius M- 30
104 Delfonics w/ Carlton Lee Come On Down Deesu M- 30
105 Delicates Come On Everybody Challenge VG++ 35
106 James Bynum Time Passes By Philly City M- 150
107 Third Wish You Gotta Believe Le Cam M- 150
Seventies take of a vocal to 6 X 6
108 James Jennings Everything Goes Good With Music Humes M- 200
109 Herman Hitson You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down Sweet Rose M- 400
110 Rick Sheppard Can We Share It Columbia M- 150
Rare issue copy with both sides
111 Silk & Satin You Got To Be The One Hamilton M- 100
112 Brewster & Crew I’m One Who Know Lifeline VG++ 150
113 Roy Redmond Hold Me R/V M- 100
114 God’s Gift To Women Let Your Heart Be The Judge A-I M- 100
115 James Nelson Mellow, Mellow Me Teri De M- 100
116 Silent Majority Something New About You Hot Wax M- 100
117 Marva & Melvin (Get Ready For) The Changes Forte M- 100
118 Alfie Davison Love Is Serious Business Mercury VG++ 200
119 Benny Troy I Wanna Give You Tomorrow De-Lite D VG++ 50
120 Four Below Zero My Baby’s Got E.S.P. Roulette M- 75
121 Sensations Wild Love Somebody, Love Someone Ram M- 30
122 Serenade I Like The Little Boy In You Phoenix M- 25
123 Serenade When Love Is Gone Out Front M- 25
124 Sesil And Lujon Love Has No Color Soap Opera M- 20
125 7th Wonder She’s My Girl T-Town M- 25
126 Kenny Seymour I’ve Got The Rest Of My Life Shout M- 15
127 Shaker Since We’re Not Together Pittsburgh Int’l M- 25
128 Dee Dee Sharp Happy ‘Bout The Whole Thing TSOP M- 15
129 Cecil Shaw This I’ve Gotta See Bil-Mar M- 50
130 Cecil Shaw What Do You Want From Me Girl? Bil-Mar WD M- 20
131 Cecil Shaw What Do You Want From Me Girl? Bil-Mar M- 25
132 James Shaw Got To Get Me A Wife Nation-Wide M- 30
133 Marlena Shaw Pictures And Memories Columbia WD M- 15
134 Marlena Shaw Pictures And Memories Columbia M- 20
135 Shayne I Miss You Baby Sabteca M- 10
136 Lois Shayne Show Me Sabteca M- 15
137 Bobby Sheen Don’t Make Me Do Wrong / Payback Warner Bros WD M- 25
138 Bobby Sheen Don’t Make Me Do Wrong / Payback Warner Bros VG++ 15
139 Bobby Sheen It Ain’t Easy Being Your Fool Warner Bros M- 30
140 Bobby Sheen It Ain’t Easy Being Your Fool Warner Bros WD M- 30
141 Billy Wade Shelby Who’s Your Next Fool Gonna Be Supreme M- 40
142 Ernie Shelby Bend Over Backwards w.o.l. Polydor M- 25
143 Ernie Shelby Bend Over Backwards w.o.l. Polydor WD M- 15
144 Ernie Shelby Carry Me Polydor WD M- 15
145 Mel Sheppard Can I Take You Home TSOB M- 25
146 Gus ‘The Groove’ Lewis Together Tou-San WD M- 100
147 Donald Ray Bump Your Booty Aslon M- 100
148 Anna Raye Anna’s Thang Lock M- 150
149 Larry & The Hammer Take Me Make Me Black Feeling M- 200
150 Gene Anderson The Gigolo Royal-Tone M- 200
151 Jack & The Mods It’s Your Thing Hamtown VG++ 250
152 Bob Stone & His Band Foxy Little Mama Jive M- 100
153 Bird Rollins Party And Don’t Worry Bout It Magnet M- 100
154 R.D.M. Band Butter That Popcorn Virtue WD VG++ 125
155 Lil’ Tiger Do It Geodol M- 100
156 Carl Walden You’ve Got To Do The Best You Can A&M M- 25
157 Randolph Walker You’ll Lose Your Love Mala D M- 30
158 Wallace Brothers I Need Someone Jewel M- 20
159 Chico Waters If You Were Mine Embryo M- 15
160 Freddie Waters Love Is A Two Way Thing Tee Jay M- 15
161 Cal Waymon Lu Lu Was That You Pacific Artists M- 15
162 Katie Webster Never Let Me Go A-Bet D M- 15
163 Billy Weston It Won’t Be This Way Always Ep-Som M- 35
164 Percy Wiggins Book Of Memories Atco M- 25
165 Spencer Wiggins I’d Rather Go Blind Fame M- 20
166 Dicky Williams Laughin’ And Grinnin’ (In Your Face) CMC WD M- 8
167 Timmy Willis Easy As Saying 1-2-3 Jubilee D M- 15
168 Obrey Wilson She Used To Be Mine Epic VG++ 20
169 Timothy Wilson These Are The Things Sky Disc M- 20
170 Ruby Winters The Bells Of St. Mary’s Diamond D M- 25
171 Joe Woods I Found A Love Hit Pack M- 50
172 Earl Wright This Soldier Wants To Come Home Brotherhood-Winley VG+ 15
173 Leo Wright I Pretend And Cry Perico M- 40
174 Dee Dee Young Too Little In Common To Be Lovers Mil-Smi VG++ 20
175 Ray Zeiner I Had A Girl Poison Ring VG++ 15
176 Bobby Angelle I’m Begging Money M- 10
177 Jimmy Armstrong Count The Tears Enjoy M- 10
Edited by Quinvy

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