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Ambassadors "i Love You"


looking for clean 45 on Ambassadors "Do You Ever Think About Me/ I Love You" on DeBrossard label.

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I've got a nice Vg+ i don't wanna Sell but i am curious to hear an offer  for it these days? such a mega Ohio group Sweet soul sound, and rare as hens teeth.

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This May Help, but Maybe Not George, just because one goes for dirt cheap doesn't set the price, someone Obviously  Got Very, Very Lucky & as always it's Supply & demand that Truly Drives a Records  Value, and from Experience this one Hardly ever, ever pops up and Demand is High & Heavy in the Sweet Soul Scene. But thanks for trying to Devalue My Record,.. spoil a possible sale? (Even though I'm NOT selling)  & giving poor information that this ebay sale is a "Possible Guide for Price" & Giving False hopes to the seeker / potential buyer here, that this rarity is worth under $90 us dollars?...again this is all my Opinion.

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