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200 Real Quality Reissues Listed

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Hi everyone



Just a quick mention about our latest Ebay listings, this time around its all reissues and previously unreleased tracks.



Loads of rare and hard to find 45s in there including 7 goldmine test pressings as well as plenty of uk issued demos.



As well as all the individual items I've also listed a collection of Grapevine 2000 series 45s with only the last 5 records still needing to be collected.



This is a  real time saver and a really economic way of completing the whole set which in time will prove a really great investment as the collection is bursting with with quality and previously unreleased tracks.



All the hard to find 45s are in there so you wont have to pay a fortune for that odd 45 that everyone is after.



The lot is up as a buy it now however if someone wants to contact me direct via email we can have a chat about my expectations pricewise.



Heres the link to our Ebay sales https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/ebay



Heres the link to our website sales https://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/



Thanks Darren


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