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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 618 Mar 31st 2014 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £0.80 for recorded delivery. £6 for Special Delivery.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
OSV 002 Andrea Henry I Need You Like A Baby M 8
OSV 003 Two Plus Two I’m Sure / Look Around M 8
OSV 004 Frankie & Johnny I’ll Hold You M 8
OSV 006 Doni Burdick Candle (In The Window M 8
OSV 007 Doni Burdick Bari Track M 8
OSV 008 Sam Dees Lonely For You Baby M 8
OSV 009 Martha Star No Part Time Love For Me / Love is The Only Solution M 8
OSV 011 Joseph Moore I Still Can’t Get Over You / Blenders — Your Love Has... M 8
OSV 012 Jackey Beavers I Need My Baby M 8
OSV 013 Lou Pride I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un / Inst M 8
OSV 014 Emanuel Laskey I’m A Peace Loving Man / Don’t Lead Me On Baby M 8
OSV 015 J J Barnes Our Love Is In The Pocket M 8
OSV 017 Detroit Executives Cool Off / Mighty Lovers — Mighty Lover M 8
OSV 018 Stanley Mitchell Get It Baby / Tony Hestor — Down In The Dumps M 8
OSV 019 Sonatas Going Down The Road / Donna King — Take Me Home M 8
OSV 020 Nolan Chance Just Like The Weather M 8
OSV 021 Showmen The Wrong Girl M 8
OSV 022 Mayfield Singers My Baby Changes Like The Weather / Don’t Start None M 8
OSV 023 Marvin Smith Who Will Do Your Running Now M 8
OSV 024 Fascinations Girls Are Out To Get You M 8
OSV 025 Vibrations ‘Cause You’re Mine / Follow Your Heart PROMO M 8
OSV 026 Major Lance You Don’t Want Me No More M 8
OSV 030 Lew Kirton Heaven In The Afternoon / Inst M 8
OSV 031 Sandi Sheldon You’re Gonna Make Me Love You M 8
OSV 032 Lorraine Chandler I Can’t Change / You Only Live Twice M 8
OSV 033 Gwen Owens Just Say You’re Wanted (And Needed) M 8
OSV 035 Showmen Our Love Will Grow M 8
OSV 036 Rose Battiste Hit & Run / I Miss My Baby M 8
OSV 037 Pat Lewis No One To Love / Look At What I Almost Missed M 8
OSV 038 Dynamics I Need Your Love M 8
OSV 040 Al Williams I Am Nothing / Inst M 8
OSV 042 Sidney Barnes You’ll Always Be In Style / I Hurt On The Other Side M 8
OSV 043 Don Varner Tear Stained Face / Mojo Mama M 8
OSV 044 Masqueraders That’s The Same Thing M 8
OSV 045 Seven Souls I Still Love You M 8
OSV 046 Robert Tanner Sweet Memories / New Sounds — Sweet Memories M 8
OSV 048 United Four Honey Please Stay / Baby Don’t Do It M 8
OSV 049 Bernard Williams Focused On You / It’s Needless To Say M 8
SEE WEBSITE FOR FULL LISTINGS OF OTHER AVAILABLE OUTTA SIGHT 45sDon’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week. Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
Pack AA - Connoisseurs Pack £300
100 Northern / Modern rarities.
All U.S.A. label originals mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack BB — Modern Soul Movers Pack £150
100 x seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul dancers in mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack CC — Sixties / Seventies / Eighties Soul £100
100 x sixties, seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul 45s in various styles — dancers, deep, funk etc
1 Sonny Craver I’m No Fool Musette M- 300
2 Freddie North The Hurt R I C M- 200
Rare gold label issue copy
3 Mighty Lovers Mighty Lover Boo-Ga-Loo M- 250
4 Artie Feldman We Have Turned Away Aries M- 150
5 Little Jeanette Crazy Crazy The Green Lights M- 200
6 Adams John So In Love Silver Bull M- 100
7 Fashioneers Without You Blue Rock D M- 100
8 Lonzine Cannon Quit While I’m Ahead Philips M- 250
9 Classic Sullivans Shame, Shame, Shame Master Key M- 200
10 Anthony & The Aqua Lads I Remember Gold Bee VG++ 175
Rarer gold label issue copy
11 Vala Reegan Fireman Atco VG++ 250
Rare yellow/white issue copy
12 Leon & The Metronomes I’ll Catch You On The Rebound Carnival WD M- 100
13 Eddie Holland I’m On The Outside Looking In Motown 1049 WD M- 150
14 Geraldine Hunt (Two Can Live) Cheaper Than One Bombay M- 150
Black label
15 Melvin Elling Lonely Eyes Stretch M- 250
16 Uptights Shy Guy Columbia WD M- 125
17 Gypsies It’s A Woman’s World w.o.l. Old Town WD VG++ 250
18 Witches She’s Got You Now Bang WD VG++ 100
19 Kindly Shepherds Lend Me Your Hand Checker D M- 150
20 Terry Callier Look At Me Now Cadet D M- 350
Rare demo copy
21 Bob Collins Inventory On Heartaches Main Line VG++ 25022 Rays Love Another Girl Amy M- 300
23 Notations You Should Know Sue M- 300
24 Premonitions In Love Together Jade M- 250
25 Sissie Houston Don’t Come Running To Me Kapp WD M- 100
26 Bobby Williams I’ve Only Got Myself To Blame Sure-Shot D M- 300
27 Jerry Cook I Hurt On The Other Side Capitol D VG++ 150
28 Fabulous Jades Come On And Live Rika M- 400
Rare, true stamped original
29 Brothers Of Soul I’d Be Greatful Boo VG++ 125
30 Roy Hamiilton The Panic Is On MGM M- 125
31 Malibus Gee Baby, (I Love You) Sure-Shot D M- 100
32 Poets I’ve Got Two Hearts Symbol M- 150
33 Shelley Fisher Girl, I Love You Dalya M- 200
34 Roger Hatcher Sweetest Girl In The World Excello M- 300
35 Jive Five You’re A Puzzle United Artists WD M- 100
What a stormer — surely must happen again soon?
36 Lillian Dupree Hide & Seek D-Town VG++ 100
37 Metros Since I Found My Baby RCA Victor VG++ 125
38 Nancy Butts I Want To Hold Your Hand Baby Flaming Arrow M- 300
39 Vontastics I’ll Never Say Goodbye Satellite VG++ 125
40 Trade Martin She Put The Hurt On Me Stallion M- 250
41 Dealers You Got it Big Bunny M- 200
42 Constellations I Didn’t Know How To Gemini Star WD M- 200
43 Danny Harrison Broken And Blue Coral D M- 100
44 Tony Hestor Watch Yourself Karate M- 200
Great double sider of course
45 Delights Orchestra King Of The Horse Atco M- 20
46 Delicates Stop Shovin’ Me Around Challenge M- 50
47 Dell-Vikings Finger Poppin’Woman Fee Bee M- 150
48 Dells Hi Diddley De Dum Dum Argo D M- 25
49 Dells Good-Bye Mary Ann Argo D M- 35
50 Dells Run For Cover Cadet VG++ 50
51 Dells Inspiration Cadet M- 40
52 Dells Make Sure Cadet M- 1`5
53 Dells Shy Girl Vee Jay M- 15
54 Dells Shy Girl pic sleeve Vee Jay D M- 15
55 Dells Oh What A Good Nite Vee Jay D M- 30
56 Dells Hey Sugar (Don’t Get Serious) Vee Jay D M- 25
57 Dells Hey Sugar (Don’t Get Serious) Vee Jay M- 10
58 Deltas Hey Girl Just Like You New Chicago Sound M- 75
59 Demotrons I Don’t Want To Play No More Atlantic M- 15
60 Chuck Denman Golden Dreams Garpax WD M- 10
61 Denny & The Dukes In A Thousand Cities Sultan VG++ 30
62 Gino Dentie I Found A Reason MGM D M- 30
63 Derek & Ray Interplay RCA Victor WD M- 50
64 Sugar Pie DeSanto The One Who Really Loves You Brunswick D M- 25
65 Sugar Pie DeSanto Crazy Lovin’ Checker M- 15
66 Sugar Pie DeSanto Here You Come Running Checker M- 10
67 Sugar Pie DeSanto Jump In My Chest Checker M- 15
68 Jackie DeShannon Find Me Love Imperial D VG++ 10
69 Detroit Road Runners Swingin’ Camels ABC WD M- 10
70 Detroit Road Runners Swingin’ Camels ABC M- 8
71 Detroit Soul Does Your Mind Go Wild Music Town M- 30
72 Detroit Wheels Linda Sue Dixon Inferno D M- 5
73 Detroit Wheels Think (About The Good Times) Inferno D M- 5
74 Brenda Devlin Were You Ever Lonely Road M- 30
75 Devonnes I’m Gonna Pick Up My Toys Colossus D M- 20
76 Devonnes Dawning Of Love Colossus M- 10
77 Dey & Knight I’m Gonna Love You Tomorrow Columbia WD M- 25
78 Diamond Joe How To Pick A Winner Sansu M- 25
79 Diamond Joe Hurry Back To Me Sansu M- 30
80 Gene Diamond Lonely Drifter Mothers M- 15
81 Gene Diamond Miss Tall and Slender Tangerine WD M- 50
82 Johnny Diamond Dark Rain / Our Dream Columbia WD M- 25
83 Randy Diamond I Can’t Live Without You Capitol M- 40
84 Frankie & Ward Dillard Let Me Generation M- 15
85 Tal Armstrong Let It Go Love M- 200
86 Mr. Kofe Part Of The Good Life Debko M- 100
87 Al McCall If You Ever Knew Alar M- 100
88 Chuck Robinson Love Affair Albradella M- 100
Genuine original — first bright purple label
89 Dwight Franklin Foxie Lila ‘I Want To Make Love To You’ Franklin M- 125
90 Lillian Alexander Can You Feel It Reynolds M- 100
91 Turner Bros. Let’s Go Fishing MB M- 150
92 Barrons No More Tears Sugarcane VG++ 200
93 Shagtime Band Your Precious Love Shag Power M- 100
94 Bill Harris Am I Hot, Am I Cold RCA D M- 150
95 Neo Experience Human Sahara M- 150
96 Foundations Change My Life Psycho VG++ 180
Rare UK only modern dancer on this tiny label from ‘78
97 Rick Sheppard For My Lady Jay Hill D M- 50
98 Rick Sheppard Just You And Me Sonia M- 20
99 Anita Sherman Make Love Like You Mean It A&M WD M- 15
100 Shirelles Do What You’ve A Mind To RCA Victor M- 25
101 Shirelles Do What You’ve A Mind To RCA Victor D M- 20
102 Shirelles Lost / It’s Gonna Take A Miracle United Artists M- 25
103 Sho Nuff It’s Alright Malaco M- 15
104 Shock Footsteps Across Your Mind Sirocco M- 30
105 Lee Shot Are You LEaving Me Chelsea Avenue M- 10
106 Showtime Incorporated Please Take This Heart Of Mine Girl Black Circle M- 25
107 Jean Shy I’ll Belong To You Brunswick M- 25
108 Chuck Sibit Hey Girl Ultra - Class M- 10
109 Sideshow Sexy Lady Muscadine M- 200
110 Bunny Sigler Never Let Them See You Sweat Star Island M- 15
111 Bunny Sigler & Cindy Scott Conquer The World Together Neptune M- 15
112 Silent Majority Frightened Girl / Colors Of My Love Hot Wax D M- 20
113 Silk Storm Baby, Don’t Say No Pawn D M- 50
114 Silver, Platinum & Gold La-La-Love Chains Warner Bros M- 10
115 David Simmons Success WMOT M- 10
116 Gwen Simmons Don’t Cry Lionel M- 25
117 Mack Simmons Turning Point PM M- 20
118 Mack Simmons I’m Gonna Keep On Searching PM M- 15
119 Simtec Simmons Some Other Time / Classified Crazy Man Innovation II 8047 M- 20
120 James Marsh — Big Bo Searching For My Baby Gay Shel M- 300
121 Mary Johnson These Tears Foxy VG++ 200
122 Tony Clarke Love Must Be Taboo Fascination M- 200
123 Lord Charles & The Prophets Cherry Pie Modern WD M- 100
124 Little Joe Washington Bossa Nova And Grits Federal M- 100
125 Sonny Til Hey! Little Woman Charlie Parker D M- 150
126 Lee Maye Have Love Will Travel Jetstream D M- 150
127 Billie Warfield Crying All The Time Merging M- 150
128 Amos Milburn Jr. Don’t Want To Go Shatter M- 200
129 Clarence Williams No Rest For The Wicked Throne M- 300
130 Young Jessie I’m A Lovin’ Man Mercury D VG++ 100
131 Earl Wade Feel So Bad Seville VG++ 25
132 Homer Walker Jr. Move Back Baby Special Agent VG 20
133 Jr. Walker All Stars Cleo’s Mood / Brain Washer Harvey 117 M- 25
134 Jr. Walker All Stars Twist Lackawanna Harvey 113 M- 25
135 T-Bone Walker Hey Hey Baby Modern M- 20
136 Willie Walker You’re Running Too Fast Checker D M- 15
137 Lloyd Wallace Trio Blues For Gerry Duo VG++ 10
138 Travis Wammack Louie Louie Atlantic M- 25
139 Sammy Ward Don’t Take It Away Tamla 54049 M- 50
140 “Singing” Sammy Ward That Child Is Really Wild Tamla 54030 M- 60
141 Singin’ Sammy Ward Big Joe Moe Tamla 54057 M- 40
142 Singin’ Sammy Ward Someday Pretty Baby Tamla 54071 M- 40
143 Albert Washington Woman Love Fraternity M- 30
144 Albert Washington Loosen These Pains And Let Me Go Jewel M- 15
145 Jeanette B. Washington Medicine Man Neptune M- 20
146 Billy Washington You Left Me Something Bethlehem M- 25
147 Billy Washington Do You Really Love Me D’Oro M- 35
148 Gino Washington Out Of This World Anon M- 40
149 Jumping Gino Washington Around The Town w.o.l. Washpan VG++ 40
150 Tony Washington Forever More Peacock VG++ 25
151 Muddy Waters When The Eagle Flies Chess M- 15
152 Muddy Waters I Won’t Go On Chess VG++ 15
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