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Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason






Chubby Checker - You Better Believe It Baby - Parkway £7

Some light, inaudible scuffs on vinyl, great underplayed Northern!!!


You Better Believe It Baby CC.MP3


Betty Renne - Bye Bye Baby - New Art £12

Fantastic early Philly Soul/R & B!!!


Bye Bye Baby.MP3


Olympics - Baby Do The Philly Dog - Mirwood £8



Baby Do The Philly Dog O.MP3


Valentinos - Baby Lots Of Luck - SAR £10

Nice, paced group soul!!!!


Baby Lots Of Luck V.MP3


Five Stairsteps - Ain't Gonna Rest - Windy C £7



Aint Gonna Rest 5S.MP3


Shirley Ellis - Sugar Let's Shing A Ling - Columbia (WHITE PROMO) £12

Recommended underplayed Northern mover!!!!


Sugar Lets Shing A Ling.MP3


Capt Jesse Fountain - I'm Marchin - Cameo Parkway (WHITE PROMO) £10



Im Marchin.MP3


Little Herman - One Out Of A Hundred - Arlen £14 SOLD

Very light wear to label and vinyl - Great early Philly Soul!! 


Ruth Christie - Dancing Feet/What Fools Girls Can Be - Uptown £14

Two great sides!


Dancing Feet.MP3


What Fools Girls Can Be.MP3


Jr Walker - Baby You Know You Ain't Right - Soul £5



Baby You Know You Aint Right.MP3


Thrills - Show The World Where It's At - Capitol (PROMO) £10

Light wear to vinyl, with a small mark on vinyl, plays through fine with no click etc - Nice oldie


Show The World Where It's At.MP3


Doris Duke - Congratulations Baby - RRG £8



Congratulations Baby DD.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE...............................................


Bobby Hebb - Love, Love, Love - Philips £7

Some light, inaudible scuffs on vinyl, Black label variant - Still a brilliant slab of Northern!!!


music.gif  Love Love Love BH.MP3   1.96MB   10 downloads


Revels - Downtown - Kapp £12

Lovely paced bit of group soul!!!!!


music.gif  Downtown R.MP3   1.19MB   23 downloads


Maurice Williams - Nobody Knows - Scepter £12

Wear to label and vinyl, looks ok and plays ok - Good Northern!!


music.gif  Nobody Knows MW.MP3   1.71MB   25 downloads


Lovers - Do This For Me - Philips £8



music.gif  Do This For Me L.MP3   1.37MB   13 downloads


Forest Hairston - We Go To Pieces - Viney £9

Light wear to vinyl - Frantic Detroit dancer!!!!


music.gif  We Go To Pieces FH.MP3   1.85MB   31 downloads


Jerry Jackson - It's Rough Out There/I'm Gonna Paint A Picture - Parkway (WHITE PROMO) £150

Lovely copy - CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music.gif  Its Rough Out There JJ.MP3   1.66MB   22 downloads


music.gif  Im Gonna Paint A Picture JJ.MP3   2.01MB   24 downloads


Gene Middleton & Sole Survivors - You Need Love/Stop Where You Are - D & B £60

FANTASTIC double sider!!!


music.gif  You Need Love GM.MP3   1.75MB   50 downloads


music.gif  Stop Where You Are GM.MP3   1.52MB   20 downloads


Chesterfields - You Walked Away - Philips £200

Wear to label and vinyl - Looks ok, plays well - Rare tune!!!!!


music.gif  You Walked Away C.MP3   2.1MB   41 downloads


Chester Mayfield - Throw It Out Of Your Mind - Game £50

Great, raw, uptempo mover!!


music.gif  Throw It Out Of Your Mind CM.MP3   1.52MB   30 downloads


Mirettes - Ain't My Stuff good Enough - Zea £10

Under played 60's mover!!


music.gif  Aint My Stuff Good Enough M.MP3   1.57MB   13 downloads


Instigation - I Don't Want To Discuss It - T Bird £10

Raw, uptempo version of this CLASSIC!!


music.gif  I Dont Want To Discuss It I.MP3   1.61MB   21 downloads


Roy Hamilton - She's Got A Heart - RCA (WHITE PROMO) £25

Small sticker stain/residue, otherwise lovely copy of this under played cracker!!


music.gif  Shes Got A Heart RH.MP3   1.53MB   20 downloads


O Jays - Whip It On Me Baby - Imperial £6

Forget the title - Highly recommended mover!!!


music.gif  Whip It On Me Baby OJ.MP3   1.37MB   18 downloads


Chuck Jackson - Girls, Girls, Girls - Motown £7

Great Motown, with Chuck at the helm!!


music.gif  Girls Girls Girls CJ.MP3   1.78MB   2 downloads


Gene Mcdaniels - Walk With A Winner - Liberty £80

Lovely copy of this CLASSIC!!!!!


music.gif  Walk With A Winner GM.MP3   1.53MB   24 downloads


Willie Cooper & Webs - You Don't Love Nobody - Dynamics £100

LOVELY copy of a lovely tune!!!


music.gif  You Dont Love Nobody WC.MP3   1.56MB   50 downloads


Cleftones - Right From The Git Go - Ware £10

Great, catchy, under played Northern!!!!


music.gif  Right From The Git Go.MP3   1.57MB   26 downloads


Sweet Three - I Would If I Could - Cameo Parkway (PROMO) £30

Nice Promo of a nice tune!!!


music.gif  I Would If I Could ST.MP3   1.72MB   30 downloads


Avons - Since I Met You Baby - Excello £16

HIGHLY recommended - Bargain price!!!


music.gif  Since I Met You Baby A.MP3   1.41MB   23 downloads


Patty And The Blue Belles - Tear After Tear - Newtown £8

Light wear to label and vinyl - Great early Soul - Worth a listen!!


music.gif  Tear After Tear PATE.MP3   1.67MB   7 downloads


Johnny Noble - You're So Smooth - Veep £8

Good Northern!!


music.gif  Youre So Smooth.MP3   1.58MB   14 downloads


Benny Harper - Don't Let It Happen To You - Phil La £20

Tiniest of sticker marks, otherwise nice copy of this CLASSIC!!


music.gif  Dont Let It Happen To You BH.MP3   1.54MB   12 downloads


Cash Mcall - That Lucky Old Sun - Thomas £8

Small 1cm black biro line on label, otherwise nice copy of this great tune!!


music.gif  That Lucky Old Sun CM.MP3   2.03MB   14 downloads


Dynamites - Let's Try - Pay £5

Nice paced, group Northern at a nice price!!


music.gif  Lets Try D.MP3   1.57MB   10 downloads


Showmen - Take It Baby - BB £9

60's Pittsburgh issue of this CLASSIC!!!!


music.gif  Take It Baby S.MP3   2.01MB   7 downloads


Darlings - Two Time Loser - Kay Ko £14

Some wear to label and vinyl - plays fine and doesn't look too horrible - Nice tune!!


music.gif  Two Time Loser D.MP3   1.53MB   24 downloads


Kim Weston - Take Me In Your Arms - Gordy £7

Wear to vinyl, plays ok - Classic!!


music.gif  Take Me In Your Arms KW.MP3   1.51MB   1 downloads


Jeff Barry - I Still Love You - Red Bird (PROMO) £14

Light wear to label, with a small blue biro cross on label - Great underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  I Still Love You JB.MP3   1.68MB   20 downloads


Evaline - A Little Bit Of Hurt - Sound Stage 7 (WHITE PROMO) £15

Nice promo of a nice paced bit of 60's!!


music.gif  A Little Bit of Hurt E.MP3   1.32MB   27 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



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