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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 619 Apr 14th 2014 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £1.00 for recorded delivery. Special Delivery is £7.00.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
1 Mary Wells Ain’t it The Truth 20th Century-Fox WD M- 25
Rare on a white promo — same song as Roy Hamilton on RCA
2 Percy Sledge Baby, Help Me Atlantic M- 15
Percy on vocals, Womack on guitar = top rate Northern
3 Troy Keyes If I Had My Way VMP M- 10
The ex High Keyes man goes rather like “Chuck Jackson” on this one. Good stuff
4 Sir Mack Rice It Takes One To Know One May Day M- 10
Pumping, stomping unique seventies dancer — great stuff
5 Superlatives I Don’t Know How (To Say I Love You) Westbound M- 10
What a record - the ultimate cheapie? Great Detroit stuff
6 Toussaint McCall I’m Gonna Make Me A Woman Ronn M- 25
Total stormer from the New Orleans artist; I’m surprised this has never really been noticed. Great
7 Jimmy Holiday The New Breed Diplomacy M- 15
Fantastic stuff. “Kitchen sink” production hits you like a sledgehammer
8 Supremes Let Yourself Go Motown 1415 M- 10
Any investigation of this group’s seventies material reveals some fine dancers of which this one is
probably the best
9 Dobie Gray The “In” Crowd Charger M- 10
The original version of course — superior sixties stuff
10 Showstoppers Gotta Get Closer To My Love Inferno UK M- 15
Yes it’s UK but UK only, as this tremendous sixties dancer from Party Time Records remained
unreleased back in ‘66
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week. Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
Pack AA - Connoisseurs Pack £300
100 Northern / Modern rarities.
All U.S.A. label originals mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack BB — Modern Soul Movers Pack £150
100 x seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul dancers in mostly mint or mint minus condition
Pack CC — Sixties / Seventies / Eighties Soul £100
100 x sixties, seventies, eighties U.S.A. soul 45s in various styles — dancers, deep, funk etc
11 Bull Bygones Bell WD M- 300
12 Johnny Guitar Watson Big Bad Wolf Magnum M- 250
13 Ideals The Mighty Lover Boo-Ga-Loo M- 200
14 Eddie Spencer If This Is Love Arc M- 150
THE version and being Canadian only much rarer than the Precisions
15 Ultimates Just Because You’ve Gone And Left Me Capito M- 100
16 Tony Harrison Sad Occasion Commerce M- 100
17 Patrice Holloway Stolen Hours Capitol M- 250
18 Souveniers It’s Too Bad Inferno M- 150
19 B. B. Carter Cool It Baby Kris M- 150
20 Fourcounts A Home In Loveland Lyndell WD M- 100
21 Soul Procedures Glamour Girl Five-O M- 150
22 Rose Battiste I Can’t Leave You Thelma M- 225
23 Roosevelt Johnson Call On Me Black Jack M- 100
Rare version of the Bobby Bland tune
24 Alan Bruce I Feel Better Gait M- 150
25 Pace Setters Victim Of Loneliness Mica M- 125
26 Living Color Thank The Lord For Love Madhatter M- 200
27 The Collection & The Civics I’ll Be There Soultrain M- 250
28 Explosions The Sand Lu-Bet M- 100
29 Phyllis Brown Oh Baby! Rainbo M- 200
Yellow and red label
30 Jerry Jackson It’s Rough Out There Parkway M- 300
31 Bootleggers Don’t Count On Tomorrow Discovery M- 250
32 Ruby Andrews Just Loving You Zodiac VG++ 100
33 Barbara & The Castles Stoney Face Ruby-Doo M- 200
Rarest version — great crossover flip ‘Don’t Hurt Me Baby’
34 Carlena Weaver Jealousy Audel M- 125
35 Edd Henry I Love Only You Nu-Sound M- 100
36 Soul Shakers The Cold Letter Loma M- 100
Rare yellow label issue copy
37 Embers Just Crazy About You Baby eEe M- 150
Dark red/maroon genuine first release
38 Mary Moultrie They’re Trying To Tear Us Apart King M- 100
39 Soulful Twins I Can’t Let You Go Sable M- 150
40 Valentines Breakaway Sound Stage 7 WD VG++ 65
41 Z. Z. Hill No More Doggin’ Kent D M- 25
Rare promo copy
42 Margaret Williams Baby Please Downey M- 40
43 Betty O’Brien She’ll Be Gone Liberty M- 300
44 Joanie Sommers Never Throw Your Dreams Away Columbia WD M- 50
45 Five Stairsteps Don’t Waste Your Time Windy C M- 30
46 Vernon Garrett If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time Modern M- 25
47 Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King Ready, Willing And Able Minit M- 25
48 George Freeman Down And Out Valiant WD M- 250
49 Nick Ashford I Don’t Need No Doctor Verve D M- 25
50 Hank Jacobs Elijah Rockin’ With Soul Call Me VG++ 100
51 Ike & Tina Turner Can’t Chance A Break Up Sue M- 40
Great stormer ripe for revival
52 4 Seasons Beggin’ Philips WD M- 20
Original and best version. Rare promo
53 Joe Tex Old Time Loser Dial M- 125
54 Vibrations Gonna Get Along Without You Now Okeh M- 40
55 Enchanters You Were Meant To Be My Baby Loma M- 30
56 Variations Yesterday Is Gone Bob-Joy M- 60
Local label before Okeh
57 James Bryant Hey There You Girl Renee D M- 35
Rare promo — first one we’ve seen
58 Bobby McClure You Got Me Baby Checker M- 25
59 Boss-Four Walkin’ By Rim M- 40
60 Varetta Dillard That’s Why I Cry RCA Victor M- 75
61 Dimensions We’re Doing Fine Washington Sq VG 50
62 Cardella DiMilo Mr. Everything Claridge WD M- 25
63 Dino & Doc A Woman Can’t Do (What A Man Do) Volt M- 50
64 Dino’s Baby, Come On In Van M- 50
65 Debra Dion Don’t Bug Me Baby Sue M- 20
66 Diplomats He’s Got You Now Arock M- 50
67 Diplomats Love Ain’t What It Used To Be Wand M- 25
68 Disciples Of Soul That’s The Way Love Goes Phantom M- 100
69 Ditalians Egypt Land Saxony M- 20
70 Wayman Dixon You Put Love On My Mind Instant M- 40
71 Jimmy Dobbins Little Miss Perfect Crash M- 15
72 Doc & The Interns Baby I Know Now D M- 40
73 James Dockery My Faith In You Is All Gone Soul Craft D M- 50
74 Malcolm Dodds Come See The Sun Paramount D VG++ 25
75 Nella Dodds P’s And Q’s Wand M- 25
76 Troy Dodds Trying To Find My Baby Baytown M- 25
77 Troy Dodds The Earthquake Beechwood M- 25
78 Dolly & The Fashions Absence Made My Heart Grow Fonder Tri Disc WD M- 50
79 Fats Domino It Keeps Rainin’ Imperial M- 20
80 Fats Domino The Lady In Black Broadmoor M- 25
81 Fats Domino The Lady In Black Broadmoor WD M- 25
82 Don & Bob Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl Argo D VG+ 10
83 Don & Juan Because I Love You Twirl WD M- 75
84 Don & Juan What I Really Meant To Say Big Top M- 25
85 Ral Donner Don’t Let It Slip Away Sunlight D M- 100
86 Ral Donner Don’t Let It Slip Away Starfire pic sleeve M- 20
87 Dorelles You Are RSVP D M- 100
88 Dee Dee Dorety If The World Only Knew Era D M- 40
89 Doris And Joe I Can’t Understand Checker M- 20
90 Jackie Dorsey Sweetheart Baby ABC WD M- 15
91 Lee Dorsey Vista, Vista Amy D M- 40
92 Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris Love Lots Of Lovin Sansu M- 15
93 Life Tell Me Why Reprise VG++ 200
Very rare orange issue of the Mecca classic. Not mint but such a tough one
94 Will Chapron Jealous Marquee M- 200
95 Charlie Clemons The Devil Has Made This Land His
Mighty Power M- 150
96 Denise Kelly & Fame I’d Like To Get Into You 20th Century Fox M- 100
97 Kapp Ivory Project Shock The World Det Mi M- 150
98 Pete Warner I Just Want To Spend My Life With You Polydor M- 100
99 Lee Stone Little Girl You Win Sandru M- 100
100 Holly Maxwell Never Love Again Smit-Whit M- 100
Very first label before Atlantic distribution. Totally different design - rare
101 Rhinestones Party Music 20th Century M- 100
From the Just Sunshine stable (Voices of East Harlem) this is a great smooth soul version of the Pat Lundy song on Vigor
102 Paragons Oh Lovin’ You Buddah VG++ 100
Rare with the deep ‘B’ side “Con Me”
103 Collins & Collins Top Of The Stairs A&M M- 100
Mint vinyl, faint writing on the label
104 NBT Am I The Only One Natural Key M- 100
Obscure midtempo out of Kensington, Maryland
106 Velvet Hammer I Can’t Believe Chila M- 300
Very rare on 7” as opposed to the twelve
107 Mandrill Too Late Arista M- 75
108 Fidels I Want To Thank You Maverick M- 25
109 Tony Chambers Stay Calm, Be Cool And Think Collectively Mopres VG++ 50
110 Jobell & Orchestra Never Let You Go Jan M- 50
Rare first release, olive green label with arranger shown (no arranger on bright green reissue label)
111 Peaches & Herb I’m Counting On You MCA D M- 20
Rare promo for this neat 1977 dancer
112 Glenn Jones I Am Somebody RCA M- 15
113 John Edwards Vanishing Love Aware M- 15
Non album. Top rate seventies midtempo
114 Mystic Merlin Got To Make The Best (Of A Love Situation) Capitol M- 15
115 Vessie Simmons You’ve Got The Love I Need Simco M- 15
116 Joe Simon Someone To Lean On Sound Stage 7 WD M- 15
117 Marvin Sims It’s Too Late Mercury WD M- 25
118 Sins Of Satan Dance And Free Your Mind Buddah M- 30
119 Sister Sledge Circle of Love Atco WD M- 10
120 Sister Sledge Mama Never Told Me Atco WD M- 10
121 Sisters Love Forget It, I’ve Got It A&M M- 20
122 Sisters Love You’ve Got To Make The Choice Mowest M- 25
123 Jimmy Beaumont & Skyliners Our Day Is Here Drive M- 25
124 Skyliners We’ve Got Love On Our Side Tortoise Int’l M- 15
125 Skyliners The Love Bug pic sleeve Tortoise Int’l M- 20
126 Sky’s The Limit Your Love Runs Out De-Lite M- 15
127 Danny DeLaney Stop And Think Palmetto M- 100
128 Katie Briggs Green Power Columbia WD M- 100
129 Chain Reaction Lady In Red Oshowleo M- 150
130 Underground Euphoria ft. Keisa Brown What Can I Do About You Unity M- 250
131 Francene Thomas I’ll Be There Tragar M- 100
132 Lil Walter’s... Do The Rope “pee” Dope Column B VG++ 100
133 Inner Soul Put The Hurt On You Cherrie M- 100
134 James Kelly Duhon Pusher Man Jude M- 100
135 Chuck Colbert Oof Bee M- 100
136 Cold, Bold & Together Somebody’s Gonna Burn Ya’ Ice M- 100
137 Standing Ovation But To Love Raja M- 100
138 Curtis Davis Your Love And My Money Bev-Mar M- 100
139 Richard Flowers Do It Flowing-East M- 100
140 Elements Of Love Funky Earthquake Soul World M- 250
141 New Establishment Ridin’ High United World M- 150
142 Freda Allyne Money, And All Your Love J & S M- 200
143 Juju & The Space Rangers Got To Be Right On It Black Fire M- 100
144 Bobby McLaughlin Funky Birthday Uptown M- 100
145 Soul Stoppers Band Boilin’ Water Capp-Matt M- 150
146 Bad News Band Rockin’ On Down NMI M- 100
147 Gloria Williams Sister Funk Downtown M- 200
148 Jim-Stick Revelation Night Of The Witch Doctor Bull Durham M- 100
149 Billy The Kidd Ghetto Car Brubell M- 100
150 James Preston Keep Your Soul Movin Contrast M- 250
151 Pat Hodges Ain’t Watcha Got HME M- 200
152 Betty Harris Taking Care Of Business Douglas M- 100
153 Big Jay Bush Dynamite Redbug M- 100
154 LaVon Bridges We Were Young Gloreco M- 100
155 Pretty Boy Lamar I Am In Love Cyclone M- 100
156 Betty Freeman I’ll Never Let Him Go Bargain M- 100
157 Zeke Strong Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone Progress VG++ 100
158 Garlon Davis Oh My Soul Ended M- 100
159 Jesse Thomas That’ll Get It Ace M- 125
160 King Midas Mellow Moonlight Kanwic M- 100
Rare and obscure version
161 Junior Gordon Call The Doctor Jay Pee M- 100
162 Eddie Foster I Goofed Luck M- 100
163 Bethea Whenever I Look At You Sabu WD VG++ 150
164 Nappy Brown Coal Miner Savoy M- 50
165 Benny Spellman Ammerette Minit M- 75
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