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Mark Trehus

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hello all.  i'm mark trehus, although many know me simply as mark treehouse because of the play on my last name that gives my bricks-and-mortar record store its name.  my store, in minneapolis, minnesota, usa, is a primarily vinyl shop that specializes in blues, soul, rock and roll, jazz, country, avant garde...your usual independent record store fare.  several things distinguish the shop from others somewhat like it, not least of which are the thousands of soul & r&b 45s (and lps) of a collectible nature.  i am proud to say that we have many buyers & collectors from worldwide origins who make minneapolis a stop on their traverses simply because of my store.  as i am prone to telling folks, i wouldn't have a candy store if not for my sweet tooth;  in other words, i collect records myself.  i am looking for records in all genres, but nothing gets me more excited than a new "new breed" or gritty soul platter in the mail!  if anyone has a night riders "looking for my baby" on sue that they want to sell, i have a wad of cash waiting just for you.

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Hi Mark,

Wow, I like the sound of your 'avant grade' records - do you sell them before they have been quality checked?  :lol:


Seriously, welcome to Soul Source - we love vinyl nuts on here. Your shop sounds excellent.



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Hello :wave:

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