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60S 70S £5 Each

Everything is £5

Charles Mann" I can feel it/ stop. "Probe German

Brothers sisters cousins "smoke stream" NAACP

Kim Weston "Detroit" rakhim

The arrows "we have love/bring back" bandit

Soul majestically " missing you" al tog

Frankin Karl "I'm so glad" d c sound

Gene redding " this heart" Capitol

David Ruffin "love can be/ heavy love" Motown

Barbra Lewis " baby I'm yours". brandy


Eve of Eden" parade of a bunch of fools"


Esther Philips "what a diffrence a day" kudu bel p/a

Heart and soul " you got me going" p I p

Milton hamilton " my love supreme" t r

Otis clay "turn back the hands of time" Ella

Vernon garret " I'm at the cross

Road" ca

Walter jackson " after you there can be no other" Oleg

Freddie Hughes "send my baby back" wand

Cornellius bros"I'm so glad to be loved by you"

U a

Cornelian bros "to late to turn back now" u a

Archie bell " ain't nothing for a man in love/ you never know" glades

Babies "goodbye my lover, goodbye" dun hill w d

Holidays " making up time" golden world

Will of the people" we got love" firebird

Special delivery "the lonely one"


Dramatics " no rebate on love" mainstream

Ron butler "peace and love" playboy

Family child " what about the music" n a m I

Image "funky thing" grande

Norvells " why do you wanna make me sad" Janus

Impressions "you always hurt me" a b c

First class " me and my Gemini" all platinum

Richard Parker " got to find a way" c u r

Van McCoy strings" sweet and easy" share

Farrell banks " open tge door to your heart" revolt. Pink

The petites "if you wanna change the world" c u b

Poppies " he's ready" epic

Marketts "bela Delana" w b

Pieces of eight "party time" a&m

Freddy& soul sounds "that ain't right/beat of my heart" pearltone

Casey jones " bring the sunshine in". E p I. Wd

Eric mercury " pours when it rains" mercury

Lolita & exotics "put a lot of love to you" libra

O v wright "a nickel and a nail" backbeat

Relations "puddin n tang" Lenny. Wd

Margie Alexander "love slave" future stars

Festivals " music" smash

Derek Martin " beautiful woman" all platinum

Dynamics"I wanna thank you" cotillion

Charlie Romans " twenty four hour service" hickory on hold

Patti Austin " can't forget the one I love" Columbia

If anybody wants the lot!



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