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Cheap 60's For A Wednesday

Posted (edited)

Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason




Andrew Brown - For Liz - Four Brothers £9

Superb, atmospheric instro!!!!!!!!


For Liz AB.MP3


Dick Jensen - Groove With What You Got - Mercury £6

Light wear to label and vinyl, nice easy going Northern!!


Groove With What You Got DJ.MP3


Roscoe Robinson - What You're Doing To Me - Wand £10

Apart from "drill hole" nice copy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Northern!!!!


What Youre Doing To Me RR.MP3


Intruders - All The Time - Excel £8

Love this - Superb Philly Northern!!!


All The Time I.MP3


Blendelles - La La The Magic Song - Jotee £5

Worth a listen AND a punt at a fiver!!!


La La The Magic Song B.MP3


Leon Haywood - Ain't No Use - Fat Fish £10

Great, paced Northern!!!


Aint no Use.MP3


Five Dutones - Sweet Lips - One Der Ful £9

Well worth a listen SUPERB, Pristine copy apart from a "drill hole"


Sweet Lips FD.MP3


Sandpebbles - You Turn Me On - Calla £6

A couple of light, inaudible, superficial marks, slow intro, but a real underplayed atmospheric slab of Northern!!


You Turn Me On.MP3


Roger K - Give Me The Love I'm Needing - Birth £10

Casino spin - Dramatic, well worth revisiting - I love it!!!!!!!


Give Me The Love Im Needing RK.MP3


Outsiders - We Ain't Gonna Make It - Capitol (PROMO) - £14

Light scuffs to vinyl - Plays great - Uptempo, superb Northern!!


We Aint Gonna Make It O.MP3


Jackie Verdell - Are You Ready For This - Decca £10 SOLD



Mac & Barb - Hold Me Tighter - Pyramid £140

Light, inaudible scuffs - Fabulous tune!!!!!!!


Hold Me Tighter MAB.MP3


THESE STILL AVAILABLE...........................................


Tony Bruno - Small Town Bring Down - Buddah £8

One of my FAVOURITE mid tempo gems - STUNNING!!!!!!!!


music.gif  Small Town Bring Down TB.MP3   2.15MB   32 downloads


Thomas Hall - You Told Me A Lie - Diamond (PROMO) £10

Catchy, underplayed gem!!


music.gif  You Told Me A Lie.MP3   1.44MB   17 downloads


George Jackson - That Lonely Night - Double R £14

Very light wear to label, old "Otis Pollard" cover up from Stafford - GREAT!!!


music.gif  That Lonely Night GJ.MP3   2.12MB   26 downloads


Parliaments - Don't Be Sore At Me - Revilot £10



music.gif  Dont be Sore At Me P.MP3   1.65MB   5 downloads


Ruby & Romantics - Much Better Off Than I've Ever Been - Kapp £14

Catchy, easy going Northern!!


music.gif  Much Better Off RATR.MP3   2.1MB   17 downloads


Jimmy Helms - Your Past Is Begginning To Show - Oracle £7

Wear to vinyl and label, plays fine and doesn't look too horrible - Nice tune!!


music.gif  Your Past Is Begginning To Show JH.MP3   1.63MB   12 downloads


Earl Lewis - She Blew My Mind - Rare Bird £15

Fabulous, addictive Northern!!!


music.gif  She Blew My Mind.MP3   2.57MB   14 downloads


Dale Brooks - What Is There To Tell - Twirl (WHITE PROMO) £14

Smudged black marker cross on label, otherwise fine copy of this good bit of underplayed Northern!!


music.gif  What Is There To Tell DB.MP3   1.73MB   8 downloads


Casinos - How Long Has It Been/Forever & A Night - Fraternity £9

Double sided gem!!!


music.gif  How Long Has It Been.MP3   1.81MB   11 downloads


music.gif  Forever And A Night.MP3   1.74MB   13 downloads


Johnny Neel & Shades Of Soul - Talking About People - Richie £14

Oddball Philly dancer - Has "something"!!


music.gif  Talking About People JN.MP3   1.52MB   8 downloads


Stevie Wonder - Every Time I See You I Go Wild - Tamla £8



music.gif  Every Time I See You I Go Wild SW.MP3   2.03MB   14 downloads


Archie Bell & Drells - I Love my Baby - Atlantic £6

Apart from a "drill hole" a nice copy of yet another winner from this great outfit!!!


music.gif  I Love My Baby ABATD.MP3   1.72MB   17 downloads


Barbara Carr - Shake Your Head - Chess (PROMO) £26



music.gif  Shake Your Head BC.MP3   1.35MB   28 downloads


Bobby Jones - Slow Down, I'm Gonna Lose You - Tmp Ting (WHITE PROMO) £20

Bit of red marker on flip, fortunately - Cracking Northern!!!!


music.gif  Slow Down Im Gonna Lose You.MP3   1.22MB   25 downloads


Mitch Ryder - Blessing In Disguise - Dynovoice £8

Same as Hal Miller rarity - Love this!!!!!


music.gif  Blessing In Disguise MR.MP3   2.02MB   12 downloads


Five Keys - Hey Girl - Inferno £9

Great, paced group Northern!!!


music.gif  Hey Girl FK.MP3   2.42MB   19 downloads


Bernie Moore - 45 RPM's - Burdett £10

Forget the title - Great paced Northern!!!


music.gif  45 RPM BM.MP3   2.02MB   41 downloads


Barbara Lewis - My Heart Went Do Dat Da - Atlantic (PROMO) £7

Some wear to label and vinyl, plays ok, looks ok - forget the title great Northern!!


music.gif  My Heart Went Do Dat Da BL.MP3   1.44MB   10 downloads


Pendulums - Love Is Summertime - Aurora £6

Scuffs to vinyl and light wear on label - plays fine - Nice bit of Northern!!!


music.gif  Love Is Summertime P.MP3   1.74MB   17 downloads


Bobby Sax - Sock It - Deplace £12



music.gif  Sock It BS.MP3   1.15MB   20 downloads


Phil Lipari - I Came Up Singing - Am/Fm £12

Wear to label and vinyl, with a bit of sticker residue - Looks ok, plays ok - FANTASTIC semi known - powerful, dramatic, obscure!!!


music.gif  I Came Up Singing.MP3   1.88MB   10 downloads


Andre Williams - You Got It And I Want It - Ric Tic £12



music.gif  You Got It And i Want It AW.MP3   1.18MB   19 downloads


J.R. Bailey - Too Late - Mala (PROMO) £16

Classy - Highly recommended!!!!


music.gif  Too Late JRB.MP3   1.96MB   24 downloads


Frankie Valli - This Is Goodbye - Smash £12

Light wear to vinyl and drill hole - Great paced Northern!!!!


music.gif  This Is Goodbye FV.MP3   1.72MB   18 downloads


George Freeman - You Lied, I Cried, Love Died - Okeh (WHITE PROMO) £28

Soulful mid tempo gem!!!


music.gif  You Lied I Cried Love Died GF.MP3   1.86MB   34 downloads


Charlie Gracie - Walk With Me Girl - Sock & Soul (WHITE PROMO) £8

Nice, paced Northern!!


music.gif  Walk With Me Girl CG.MP3   1.72MB   14 downloads


Castles Royal Band - The Little Floridy - Castle £24 SOLD

forget the title - great Instro - Old Stafford secret sound!!!


Ben E. King & Dee Dee Sharp - We Got A Thing Going On - Atco £4

Very lightwear to vinyl - Lovely duet!!


music.gif  We Got A Thing Going On.MP3   1.41MB   10 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



Are You Ready For this JV.MP3

Edited by SOUL INC

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