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Guest Imcuminome

War Of The Roses

Guest Imcuminome



Lancs lad, been on here before a long time ago. Went to Eggborough Power Station, Yorks last week (had a great boogie) and have been aching for another dance since. I was the Lone Prestonian in black taking up all the space :)


Wouldnt mind tracking down the blonde who was trying to talk to me but i was too busy dancing !! Sorry but if you see this. See you next month at the Power Station. Looking forward to a lot more dancing over the coming months across lancs/yorks. Here comes the Sun ....... 





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Hi Pete, Welcome back to the Source you old smoothie you!... Hope she gets in touch.  :thumbsup:

Good choice of fave song - you have ears my friend!


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Guest Imcuminome

Thanks Stu,


Nice to have a wingman in these matters. I hope you dont mind i note you are a "Trained graphic designer, (in) all aspects of art and design".


This is very interesting to me at the moment as i am looking at a lot of design. I could do with a chat. I'll PM you. 



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