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For The Guitar Playing Northern Soul Affectionados


I play guitar...im having a set of them plectrums im afraid....sorry

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Me too I might get a set as well.

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Brilliant! I admire their genius in marketing!  Love this part:




Only 50 have ever been made so far despite it saying 250 were, we have just released another ten sets after a two year gap.

Can we assume then that it took them two years to sell the 50 sets? If so, it just goes to show what potential there is for great items such as these.


I don't play guitar, but I sure do wish I did now.

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Hmmmm. might open a can of worms here but as a (crap but enthusiastic) guitarist myself I don't naturally gravitate towards northern tunes when playing. It's usually quite sophisticated and well arranged for a fuzzy strummer like me.


Now an OKeh branded trumpet or set of vibes or drums - that'd be more like it!

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