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Souler Power - Edinburgh - Playlist

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Souler Power

Taxi Drivers Sports and Social Club

Beaverhall Road


Saturday 30th October 2004

8pm - 2am

Admission £3 before 9pm, £4 thereafter

Resident Djs - Ali, Suzi and Hammy

Guest Djs Davie McLeod, Malcolm Dunn and John MacDonald


Edited by soulmac

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10.45 to 12

The Spontanes - Where did i go wrong. UA

The Dynamics - You make me feel good. RCA

The Creations - Just remember me. Globe

The Commands - Hey it's love. Dynamic

Benny Latimore- Girl i got news for you. Dade

Joe Hinton - Got you on my mind. Backbeat

The Hesitations - She won't come back. Kapp

Doris Troy - He's qualified. Capitol

The Shepards - Little girl lost. ABC

The Intentions - My love she's gone. Kent

The Impalas - Speed up. Capitol

Deon Jackson - I can't go on. UK Contempo

Maurice & The Radiants - Baby you got it. Chess

Connie Austin - Ball of fire. King

The Intrigues - Fly now pay later. Janus

The Intrigues - I'm gonna love you. Yew

Johnny Gilliam - Baby take me back. Modern

Marie Franklin - You ain't changed. Maverick

Patti Jo - Ain't no love lost. Scepter

The Limitations - All because of you. Volt

The Ethics - I want my baby back. Vent

The Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy. Maple

The Performers - I can't stop you. Mirwood

Clifford Curry - Ain't no danger. UK Pama

The Paramount Four - You don't know. Southern City

The Stratoliners - What do you want with my love. Federal

Jack Montgomery - Baby baby take a chance on me. Revue

Brook Benton - Where does a man go to cry. RCA


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Guest Johnny One Trout

Nice playlist lurrrv both those intrigues tracks :lol:


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Guest hammy

The Intentions - My love she's gone. Kent

Hey John

Didn't know you'd got one of these at last. Was going to say that I saw one in Butch's box at the Lifeline for £95.

Sorry I missed your set - f**king bronchitis. Urggggh.


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Guest cC B

Clifford Curry - Ain't no danger. UK Pama


This is really, really good IMO :lol:

So very, very soulful - great artist - great voice.


Christian :P B

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Was a really nice set - love that Doris Troy and the Commands :lol:



Yes, alot of nice tracks in there, some I play myself.... Clifford Curry.. BRILLIANT !

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