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Doug Tanner, 1960S North Carolina Producer

Trying to find some 'proper' background to Doug Tanner on line, but struggling. Anybody got any decent links / info?

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To begin with, he arranged and conducted two of Patti Austin's northern monsters : I've Give All My Love and You're Too Much A Part of Me.


Songwriter and music director on both those records was Fred Tanner. Related persons perhaps .... or one and the same person in light of the producer's name being Jekyll & Hyde ...


Appears to have had a more than casual link to Decca / Coral records as he was also involved on Sam and Bill's I'll Try and Tryin To Get Back To My Baby.


Also Fred Tanner was responsible for Chuck Cockerham's Have I Got A Right.




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The above is correct as Fred & Doug Tanner is the same person.

He has 24 songs registered with BMI as Fred Tanner, Doug Tanner or Fred Douglass Tanner.

Some of his songs were co-written with Douglas Brown who also co-wrote stuff (for Mikim) with Leon Ware & Mickey Stevenson.

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Cheers. I was aware of the Sam and Bill link (kind of why I was asking in part).


John and Fred Tanner (brothers, or all one and same?) were apparently session musicians at the Greensboro NC sessions on "I'll Try" and the other Decca tracks along with Little Mac (aka Willy McDougal aka Billy Mack). Would love to know more about what Doug Tanner +/- John +/- Fred were / is all about....


Like the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde angle, beginning to make sense.


And Tanner and Coffman enterprises - who was Coffman?

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