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Manhattans: Summer In The City. On 45?


Summer in the city by The Manhattans. Did that get a 45 release? I see what appears to be some form of reissue on eBay, but wonder if there is a proper 1st issue. Always thought it was album only. Mind you, I'm sure I recall seeing it on a French release, or did I just imagine that?

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I guess you mean "Summertime in the city" by The Manhattans.

If so that was a Columbia / CBS 45 in the US, UK, Germany & I'd think a few other countries as well (summer 1974).

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A-ha. Thanks for that. I've not got the title right then, which might explain why I was having difficulty finding it! Checking now, I see it on YouTube as Summer in... Not Summertime in... And there's one on eBay listed with the same error.



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