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Brilliant British Ebay & Website Rarities Coming

Good Morning



Welcome to our Easter Ebay listings and website news update.



Some real gems for the British collector's including lots of rare Action, Soul City, London and Atlantic.



Some of the highlights are Shirley Lawson, Melvin Davis, Eddie Holman, Rubaiyats, Dee Dee Sharp and another 150 exceptional British 45s.



All starting at just 99p so lots of potential bargains to be had.



Heres The link http://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/ebay



There is also a website update in the next few days with some extremely rare 45s including a few listed below.




Look away now if you dont want to suffer open wallet surgery.



Jimmy Andrews - Big City Playboy - Only a few known copies to exist of this wonderful 45 - Register your interest



The Idols - Check Her Out - Rare Chicago Northern of the highest order and along with the other impossible USA title Tut Sutton, its the rarest on the label by along way and oozes quality.

Currently one of the most sought after and indemand tunes around so register your interest. SOLD



Jelly - Detroit perfection and impossible to find one of just 4 known copies - SOLD



Loads more to make your soulful juices start bubbling on its way so keep checking in.



Many thanks and happy Easter




Edited by BROWNIE

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