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Horse And Groom Doncaster Sunday Chill Out April 20Th

Playlists from latest H & G ........


Steve Mank  12 - 12:50


Dreamlovers - You gave Me Somebody To Love

Barbara Lynn - This Is The Thanks I Get

Terry Johnson - Whatcha Gonna Do

Manhattans - Follow Your Heart

Jerry Butler - What's The Use Of Breaking Up

Patti Austin - He's Good Enough For Me

Jimmy Ricks - Oh What A Feeling

Chris Bartley - I Found A Goodie

Newcomers - Manish Boy

Don Hart - Keep On Holding On

Bobby Cutchins - I Did It Again

Bobby Hebb - You Want To Change Me

Chi-Lites - Pretty Girl

Holland Dozier - New Breed Kinda Woman

Lost Family - Blow MyMind

Sonny Til - Tears And Misery

Vessie Simmons - I Can Make It On My Own

Billy Jones - I'll Keep Holding On

Southside Movement - Do It To Me



Dave Pinches 12:50 - 13:40


Wendell Watts - You Girl

Sherrell Bros - The Price

Willie Fisher - Put Your Lovin' On Me

Maze - The Look In Your Eyes

Kleer - Intimate Connection

Sonny Craver - I Wanna Thank You

Freddie Terrell - You Had It Made

Don Gardner - Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy

Vivian Copeland - Chaos In My Heart

Ty Karim And George Griffin - Keep On Doing What Your Doing

Chuck Ray - I Don't Mind

F J Jones - Gone And Found Another

Dee Dee Warwick - Where Is That Rainbow

The Earles - Everybody's Got Somebody

Rance Allen Group - Gonna Be A Showdown



Mick Waddington - 13:40 - 14:30


September Jones - Voodoo Madamoiselle

Ghetto Children - Don't Take Your Sweet Loving Away

Saun And Starr - Hot Shot

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street

Kenny Hamber - Never Found A Girl

Ivy Joe Hunter - Don't Stop Loving

Vince Montana - That's What Love Does

Booker T And Jay James - Broken Heart

Cane And Abel - Relating A Message To You

Cashmeres - Don't Let The Door Hit Your Back

Clay Brown - Walk With A Groove

Charisma Band - Ain't Nothing Like Your Love

Albert Jones - Fifteen Cent Love

Ann Heywood - Crook His Little Finger

Paul Thompson - Special Kind Of Woman

Pandella Kelly - Stand In For Love


Brian Pinches 14:30 - 15:20


Bonnie Blanchard - Your The Only One

Cody Black - Mr Blue

Fantastic Four - Live Up To What She Thinks

Ultimates - Girl I've Been Trying To Tell You

Professionals - Did My Baby Call

Herb Ward - Why Do You Want To Leave Me

Daybreak - Everything Man

Gloria Gaynor - Tell Me How

Johnny Gilliam - Roomful Of Tears

Soulshakers - Your Turnin'

Houston Outlaws - Ain't No Telling

Appreciations - It's Better To Cry

Rocky Gil - It's Not The End

Hyperions - Why Do You Wanna Treat Me The Way You Do

Skullsnaps - My Hang Up Is You

Crow - Autumn Of Tomorrow

Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Grow Higher

Vanguards - Good Times, Bad Times


Joe Lakin 15:20 - 16:00



Artistics - On And On

Jerry Butler - Stop Stepping On My Dreams

Detroit Spinners - I've Got To Make It On My Own

Jimmy Hicks - Tell Her That I Love You

Shirelles - Let's Give Each Other Love

Jive Five - If I Had A Chance To Love You

Temptations - Stay

Albert Jones - I Do Love You

Helen Shapiro - He Knows How To Love You

Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk

Robert Taylor - Time Keeps On Ticking By

Anthony White - Never Let You Get Away From Me

Charles Drain - I'm Gonna Stay


Martin Dransfield And John Oldroyd 16:00 - 17:30 (1st Guests)




Porgy Williams - Lonely Man's Hum

Donnell Brown - With Love We'll Make It

Lee Williams - Girl From A Country Town

James Kelly Duhon - In School

Joe McKeeva - Dance With Me

Hot Ice - Time To Leave The Disco

Jimmy Jules - New Year

Marva W Taylor - Nothing I'd Rather Be

Lawrence Payton - Love Sounds

Bobby Jones - Talkin' Bout Jones

Rotations - Can't Find Her

Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby

Esquires - How Could It Be




Dennis Lee And The Notables - Sunday Afternoon

Elements - Just To Be With You

The New Day - Wait A Minute

The Swiss Movement - Come Round Here

Strutt - Said You Didn't Love Him

H Andrews - Steppin' Out

The Mellow Fellows - My Baby Needs Me

Sharon McMahon - Get Out Of My Life

Brothers Unlimited - Got To Get Over

Jessie Butler - Let My Love Bring Out The Woman In You

Shirley Brown - I Don't Play That

Wilson Pickett - Mr Magic Man

Miss Misty And Dillinger - Can't Stop

Ed Townsend - Where Did Those Signs Go

Teddy Pendergrass - You And Me For Right Now

Chilites - When Temptation Comes

George Benson - When Love Comes Along


John Phillips 17:30 - 18:30 (2nd Guest)


Tearra ~ just loving you
Timepiece~ from the moment
Melvin Moore~ all of a sudden
Ike strong ~ our love
The mark IV ~ if you can't tell me something good
Earl white jr ~ very special girl
Papa bear ~ you're so fine
Ron Henderson ~Gemini Lady
John Wilson ~ ain't enough lovin
Cynthia Brown ~ heaven must have sent you
Sammy Campbell ~ hold on
Dream flight ~ time
Sonny craver ~ outside of Memphis
J hall ~ I wanna get into you
Parliaments ~ rainy day
Patrinell staton ~ little love affair
Gene Holliday ~ scratch my name
Buddy Smith when you lose the one you love
Parliaments ~ getting ready for the summer(thanks DB)
James lately ~ love friends and money (rip Glen Hunter)



Dave 2nd Spot


Oddysey - Battened Ships

Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You

Mojoba - Say You Will

Eddie Billups - Shake Off That Dream

Marvin Gaye - Where Are We Going

Tommy Tate - I Can't Do Enough For You Baby

Art Gentry - This Is My Chance

Carl Hall - What About You


Mick 2nd Spot


7th Avenue Aviators - You Should Have Held On

Cashmeres - Showstopper

Syl Johnson - Do You Know What Love Is

Tangeers - Let My Heart And Soul Be Free

Jelly Beans - I'm Hip To You

Lyde Fisher And Giles - Serve Me Right To Suffer

Bitter And Sweet - I Won't Have Any Babies For You

Four Tracks - Like My Love For You

Royal Lancers - At The Head Of The Crowd

Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights

Spiedels - Dream Girl


Bri 2nd Spot


Dewey Jeffries - When No One Cared

Jimmy Bo Horne - I Can't Speak

Al Green - Keep On Pushing Love

Impressions - Potent Love

Spread Love - Here I Go Through These Changes Again

Barbara Lynn - Movin' On A Groove

George Lemons - Fascinating Girl

Magnetics - When I'm With My Baby

Donni Burdick - I Have Faith In You


No playlists from Joe or Steve for 2nd spots.


Next H & G Sunday Chill Out - June 22nd

Edited by PS-Soul

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Great Stuff again,will be at the next one :)

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Guest Polyvelts

Just reading these lists makes me feel good !!

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Sheer torture having to read those playlists and not being able to get there, awesome, see you lads in June



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Fabulous day once again. Enjoyed all the spots. Thought Martin and John's double decking was a perfect match.

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Video from the afternoon


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Bloody great music there as expected! Hols exclude me from the next one, but will be back in August fo sure.



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Video from the afternoon



Plenty of old faces, one or two chemist burglars too, and that's only the women.

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