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tsu tomatoes

Filthy Soul Alldayer 20Th April

Thanks to you all for turning up on a thoroughly miserable day and a massive thanks to Dave Thorley, Paul Thrower, Brian Flanders and the residents Steve Guarnori, Wayne Arbon and Andy Jones for some more outstanding tunes. I was feeling a bit rough, so kept myself mostly contained to the sidelines after my coughing fit during my set!!. Here's my playlist:

Jerry Butler - Let's make love

Richard Starr - Love is not a game

Karen Smith - wide awake in a dream

Soft Touch - Is this the way to treat a guy

Jimmy Dotson - I wanna be good to you

Laura Lee - Together

Bull & the Matadors - If you decide

Jimmy Beaumont - Our day is here

Beau Williams - I'll be home soon

Bobby King - Don't give up hope

Masters of Soul - Do you really love me

Nate Evans - Main Squeeze

Henry Brooks - Greatest debt to my mother

Chicago Pete - Do you remember

Lenny Dexter - Let's do it again

Kool Blues - Can we try love again

Edwin Starr - If my heart could tell the story

Lost Generation - You're so young, but you're so true

Gerald Sims - You'll never be sorry

Four Tops - You clip my wings

Mel & Tim - I may not be what you want

Percy and them - Look in the mirror of your eyes

Paul Thompson - Special kind of woman

Jackie Wilson - I'm the one to do it

Billy Paul - Only the strong survive

Bobby Wilburn - I'm a dreamer

Zap Pow - Holding on

GC Cameron - Love just aint no fun

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Big thx to all our guest dj`s,some cracking sets again.i don`t usually `big up` my own gigs but i think we are really going from strength to strength. Many thx to everyone who turned up to make it a great night.:thumbup:

Next Filthy`s is we on tour at the Red Bar,Wakefield on Sat/Sun 3/4th May. :shhh:  :P

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Guest Soul Addict

Just wanna add my thanks to all who came along to Filthy Soul yesterday. Always good to see an appreciative crowd to revel in some awesome original 45s from our guests Paul ThrowerDave Thorley and Flanny...........

My 21:00- 22:00 playlist went a little something like this

Sharon McMahan - Maybe you'll be back - Columbia issue
The Charmels - As long as I got you - Volt
The Originals - I'm someone who cares - Soul 
Percy Stone - Chained - Ram
Carmelita - Rosebud - Carmen 
Pimmbrock Skiggs - That was yesterday -Pzazz
Sheryl Swope - One moment - Duo
Karen Pree - Make love last forever - Casablanca 
Herman Griffin - Are you for me or against me - Magic touch 
Exceptional 3 ft Ruby Carter - Unlucky Girl - Way Out 
Tammi Terrell - Come on and see me - Motown 
Herby Brown - One more broken heart - Blue Ash 
L'il Major Williams - Girl don't leave me - Palladium
Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory - Sugar 
Dolly Gilmore - Don't you know you're the yes - Dove
Sandra Wright - Midnight affair - Truth 
Joytones - This love - Co-ed
Norris Vines & Luvlines - Give in - Smile 
Bobby Reed - The time is right for love - Bell demo

as I can remember in the order.... ish! lol
hopefully see you 25th May

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