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Northern / R & B / 60's Soul



To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com  
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'gift' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm



All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Northern / R & B / 60's Soul



"Barry, Len" "1,2,3 / Bullseye " UK/noc Brunswick 5
"Chandler, Gene & Acklin, Barbara" Will I find love  recommended Brunswick 15
Chi-Lites Give it away  recommended Brunswick 12
"Cooperettes, The" Everything's wrong / Don' trust him (Inc Co sleeve) M-/y/demo/classic/great flip too Brunswick 30
"Holmes, Sherlock" What an argument  demo/TOP TIP!!!!!! Brunswick 40
"Ross, Jackie" Keep your chin up  recommended Brunswick 30
"Smith, Marvin" Have more time  M-/Inc Co sleeve/classic Brunswick 30
"St Claire, Sylvia" Just love me  M-/y/demo/Inc Co sleeve/superb Brunswick 100
"Sweethearts, The" No no  y/demo Brunswick 15
"Symphonics, The" Silent kind of guy  great Brunswick 20
"Wilson, Jackie " I don't want to lose you /Just be sincere  2 great sides Brunswick 15
"Wilson, Jackie " I get the sweetest feeling / Nothing but heartaches  great Brunswick 15
"Wilson, Jackie " Since you showed me how to be happy/Who… vg+/recommended Brunswick 10
"Wilson, Jackie " Since you showed me how to be happy / The who who song  recommended Brunswick 15
Young Holt Unlimited Soulful strut   Brunswick 8
"Watts, Glenn" My little plaything / Money gives dignity  demo/2 great sides Bunky 20
"Moore, Bernie" Forty-five rpm's  great Burdett 20
"Martin, Derek" Moving hands of time   Buttercup 10
"Dells, The" Make sure ex-  Cadet 8
"Dells, The" Make sure  great Cadet 10
"Ellis, Pickford & Coffey" Reach right out  M-/superb/rare Cal 150
"Maze, The" Chained to your heart  M-/great version Calla 15
"Wells, Jean" With my love and what you've got  EX+/blue/white demo/superb Calla 40
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love  ex-/recommended Calla 15
"Witches, The & A Warlock" Heavenly love demo/recommended Calla 30
"Orlons, The " Crossfire ! / It's no big thing  ex-/great Cameo 8
"Orlons, The " Crossfire !/It's no big thing M-/Inc colour pic sleeve/great Cameo 12
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby " M-/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 20
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby " EX-/w/demo/great Cameo Parkway 20
"Knight, Terry" "Come home, baby (xol) " EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/great Cameo Parkway 25
"Williams, Maurice & Inspirations" The day has come  w/demo/nice mid-tempo Candi 20
"Washington, Michael " Stay mine / inst. great Cap City 15
Barbara & Believers What can happen to me now  demo/superb Capitol 30
"Diamond, Randy" I can't live without you / Giving you my love  M-/demo/2 great sides Capitol 30
"Drew, Patti" He's the one  superb Capitol 25
"Drew, Patti" He's the one demo/superb Capitol 30
"Drew, Patti" I've been here all the time  demo Capitol 10
"Drew, Patti" Tell him  vg++/great Capitol 12
Hal and Jean Don't tell me lies  R&B Capitol 15
"Harris, Jill " You really didn't mean it / His kiss  2 great sides Capitol 30
"Houston, Eddie" I can't go wrong / That's how much (ballad) demo/2 great sides Capitol 30
"Jackson, Jerry" Take over now  recommended Capitol 20
"Jades, The" Ain't it funny what love can do  demo/great version Capitol 20
"Love, Marian" The right to cry  superb version Capitol 25
"Love, Marian" The right to cry demo/superb version Capitol 30
Magnificent Men I've got news for you  ex-/superb Capitol 40
Magnificent Men Tired of pushing  great Capitol 15
"Malone, Cindy" Try to understand  EX/great version Capitol 30
"Mason, Tina" Finders keepers  ex-/great Capitol 35
"Mason, Tina" Finders keepers great Capitol 40
"Mosley, Robert" Crazy 'bout my baby / Goodbye my lover goodbye  2 great sides Capitol 15
"Paul, Darlene" All cried out  recommended Capitol 25
"Rawls, Lou" You're good for me  great Capitol 10
Sam & Iridescents Without my sugar  demo/recommended Capitol 25
"Sweet Things, The" Breakfast in bed  great Capitol 12
"Thrills, The" Bring it on home to me sl lbl damage/great Capitol 15
"Thrills, The" Bring it on home to me  great Capitol 20
"Wilson, Nancy" Ten years of tears  demo/great Capitol 15
"Four Pro's, The" Just another girl (sm xol) / There must be a reason  M-/2 superb sides/stunning condition Carla 150
"Jackson, Deon" Ooh baby ex-/superb  Carla 15
"Jackson, Deon" Ooh baby wol/superb Carla 15
"Jackson, Deon" Ooh baby  M-/superb Carla 20
"Jackson, Deon" I can't go on  EX+/w/demo/wol/superb  Carla 35
"Jackson, Deon" When your love has gone / Hard to get thing called love  M-/2 superb sides Carla 25
Leon & Metronomes  I'll catch you on the rebound  w/demo/recomnded Carnival 40
"Lovettes, The" I need a guy vg++/superb Carnival 60
"Lovettes, The" I need a guy  wol-flip/superb Carnival 75
"Lovettes, The" Little miss soul (STAMPED ORIGINAL) w/demo/superb/rare demo Carnival 40
"Manhattans, The" All I need is our love  recommended Carnival 15
"Manhattans, The " I bet'cha (couldn't love me)  w/demo/sm wol/recommended Carnival 20
"Williams, Lee & Cymbals, The" Shing-a-ling U.S.A. / Say it isn't so  w/demo/great Carnival 20
"Millionaires, The" You've got to love your baby  M-/superb/classic Castle 150
"Agee, Ray" Your precious love   Celeste 15
Tim  I need your love / My side of the track  recommended Celtex 15
"Clark, Claudine" The telephone game  recommended Chancellor 30
"Gerace, Carlo" Wild about that girl  w/demo Chancellor 30
"Royalettes, The" No big thing ex-/great  Chancellor 20
"Royalettes, The" No big thing  w/demo/great  Chancellor 30
"Thomas, Luther" Upset the town / Who slipped out  M-/2 superb R&B sides Change 75
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell  rev labels/unknown ? Chapter One 12
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell unknown ? Chapter One 15
"McKay, Delsie " Cast your spell  demo/unknown ? Chapter One 20
"Dirte Four, The" I want to give you all my love  R&B inst. Charay 10
Nat & John Pretty woman  R&B version/great Charay 15
Pic & Bill Funny how time slips away  good version Charay 10
Pic & Bill It's not you   Charay 15
"Gray, Dobie" Out on the floor  original/MINT-/classic Charger 25
"Berry, Joan" Just like my baby / Humpty dumpty  Canada/recommended Chateau 50
Soul Attractions I forgot / I never knew what love was like  M-/2 great sides Chawa 15
"Chandler, Gene" I won't need you  great Checker 12
Kolettes Who's that guy / Just how much  recommended Checker 15
Kolettes Who's that guy/Just how much w/demo/recommended Checker 20
Little Milton Don't leave her  great Checker 15
Little Milton Don't talk back  recommended Checker 12
Little Milton So blue (without you)  demo/wol/recommended Checker 15
Little Milton Sometimey  classic Checker 20
"Mary & Desirables, The" Hurting hurts / You're changing  demo/sol/recommended Checker 25
"Moore, Bobby" Chained to your heart  classic Checker 15
Ocapello's Anytime  demo/recommended Checker 15
Timiko Is it a sin  w/demo/great Checker 50
Charles & Walter Night / Kissin and huggin  w/demo/2 great sides Chene 30
Chuck & Rita Baby you got it  great Chess 20
"Clarke, Tony" Joyce Elaine ex-/w/demo/great Chess 20
"Clarke, Tony" Joyce Elaine  w/demo/great Chess 25
"Davis, Andrea " Lonely girl / blank flip w/demo/recommended Chess 20
"Garrett, Jo Ann" A whole new plan (sm lbl tear) / Stay by my side  vg++/classic/stunning flip too Chess 75
"Garrett, Jo Ann" Just say when  great Chess 10
Gems Ain't that loving me / Girls can do it  demo/great Chess 15
Gems All of it  great Chess 15
Gems All of it/same w/demo/great Chess 15
Kolettes Who's that guy / Just how much  UK/great Chess 15
"Lime, The" Love a go-go recommended Chess 15
"Lime, The" Love a go-go  demo/recommended Chess 20
Maurice & The Radiants Baby you've got it  EX+/highly recommended Chess 30
"Radiants, The" Whole lot of woman great Chess 15
"Radiants, The" Whole lot of woman  w/demo/great Chess 20
"Ross, Jackie" Selfish one  classic Chess 15
"Stewart, Billy" What have I done  recommended Chess 10
"Stewart, Billy" What have I done demo/recommended Chess 15
"Williams, Larry" Everyday I wonder  w/demo/sld & stmol-flip Chess 15
"Baxter, Tony" I'll come to you  great Chubby 20
"Neville, Art" Lover of love ex-/recommended Cinderella 15
"Neville, Art" Lover of love  recommended Cinderella 20
"Mackey, Linda" Yours for the asking  M-/recommended Claire 30
"Church, Eugene" I ain't goin' for that wol/great Class  20
"Church, Eugene" I ain't goin' for that  great Class  25
Jerry-G & Co. She's gone  great Clevetown 20
Joe-L (I'm not gonna be) worried  highly recommended Clissac 30
"Vogues, The" True lovers   Co & Ce 10
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell  vg+/recommended Cobblestone 10
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell recommended Cobblestone 15
"Burke Family, The" Under the spell demo/recommended Cobblestone 20
"Crests, The" The angels listened in ex-/great Coed 8
"Crests, The" The angels listened in wol-flip/great Coed 10
"Crests, The" The angels listened in  great Coed 10
"Scott, Freddie" Brand new world  nice mid-tempo Colpix 10
"Scott, Freddie" Brand new world w/demo/sm wol/nice  Colpix 15
Artie & Linda Goody goody / same w/demo/wol/R&B/great Columbia 15
"Bailey, Jimmy" Happy train  w/demo/recommended Columbia 25
"Buckinghams, The" You misunderstand me  superb Columbia 25
"Carrow, George" Angel baby (you don't even love me)  M-/w/demo/classic Columbia 50
"Colbert, Bertha" Teardrop avenue  w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
Dey & Knight I'm gonna love you tomorrow  w/demo/great Columbia 15
Dey & Knight Sayin' something / Ooh da la da lay  w/demo/great Columbia 15
"Diamond, Johnny" Our dream / Dark rain  recommended/rare issue Columbia 15
Flavor Dancing in the street w/demo/version Columbia 10
"Franklin, Aretha" Soulville  recommended Columbia 12
"Franklin, Aretha" Soulville green lbl/wol/recommnd Columbia 15
"Hughes, Rhetta" One in a million  M-/w/demo/superb vers/Inc Co slv Columbia 30
"Jackson, Walter" I don't want to suffer (wol) / This world of mine  tiny label tear/recommended Columbia 45
"Jackson, Walter" I don't want to suffer/This world of mine w/demo/recommended Columbia 60
Kenny & Yvonne Come on and be my love  w/demo/recommended Columbia 20
"Leavill, Otis" Right back in love / Keep on loving  w/demo/2 great sides Columbia 50
"Lee, Donna" Clown town  M-/superb Columbia 30
"Lester, Bobby" Hang up your hang ups  w/demo/great Columbia 25
"Lewis, Junior" Forty days and forty nights  w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
"Lonas, Kenny" Would you believe  M-/w/demo/lite stmol/superb Columbia 40
"Lundy, Pat" The thrill is gone  w/demo/recommended Columbia 30
"McDaniels, Gene" Cause I love you so / Something blue  w/demo/2 great sides Columbia 20
"Moody, Ron & Centaurs, The" The new breed  w/demo/great version Columbia 25
"Moultrie, Mary" Rover  w/demo/sl warp-nap/rcmnd Columbia 35
"Moultrie, Mary" Rover w/demo/wol/stmol/recmnd Columbia 40
"Oceans, Sonny" Pity me  vg/vg- flip/w/demo Columbia 10
"Ovella & Overtures, The" That's all you gotta do  w/demo/great  Columbia 40
"Players, The" Giving up your love is like giving up the world / Guilty  2 great soul sides Columbia 25
Regina If you're gonna love me  recommended Columbia 25
"Richards, Turley" I just can't take it any longer  w/demo/Inc pic slv Columbia 60
"Roddy & Robins, The" I'm telling you baby / Let's do the freeze  ex-/w/demo/unknown? Columbia 25
"Royal, Billy Joe" Everything turned blue  ex-/w/demo/great Columbia 20
"Smith, OC" Little green apples + 3 more tracks vg/wol/4 track ep/ Columbia 8
"Sommers, Joanie" Never throw your dreams away  ex-/w/demo/recomnd Columbia 50
"Spellbinders, The" Help me ( get myself back together again)  EX/Inc Co sleeve/classic Columbia 40
"Spellbinders, The" Were acting like lovers  M-/superb Columbia 15
"Spellbinders, The" Were acting like lovers / same EX+/w/demo/superb Columbia 20
"Taylor, Faron" Blue eyed soul  w/demo/great Columbia 20
"Thornton, Teri" To remember you by w/demo/recommended Columbia 25
"Thornton, Teri" A fool am I/Crossroads of love recommended Columbia 25
Tony and Tyrone If you were there  2 nice ballads Columbia 10
"Young, April" Run to my lovin' arms / You're the one  vg++/w/demo/wol-flip/great Columbia 20
"Tribe, The" Dancing to the beat of my heart  great Columbus 40
"Accents, The" Tell me (what's on your mind)  ex- Commerce 20
"Harrison, Tony" Sad occasion  ex-/great Commerce 35
"Lee, Sammy" Rosetta / As a city sleeps  great Commerce 25
"Adams, Ritchie" Slippin' away  w/demo/great Congress 20
"Love, JB" No one else but you  w/demo/great Congress 40
"Ray, James" One by one  superb  Congress 15
"Ray, James" One by one w/demo/superb  Congress 20
"Chandler, Gene" If you can't be true  classic Constellation 12
"Chandler, Gene" Nothing can stop me  ex-/classic Constellation 8
"Chandler, Gene" Nothing can stop me classic Constellation 10
"Chandler, Gene" Pretty little girl / A little like lovin'  M-/superb/nice flip too/his rarest Constellation 125
"Dynettes, The" New guy / Witness to a heartbreak  2 great sides Constellation 15
"Miller, Bobby" I'm for the girls  demo/recommended Constellation 30
"Miller, Bobby" The big question  recommended Constellation 20
"Cager, Willie" He's a player  mid-tempo/superb  Contact 15
"Hart, Don" Soldier coming home  recommended Coolschool 20
"Austin, Patti" I wanna be loved  M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Coral 30
"Austin, Patti" Only all the time  M-/demo/superb Coral 40
"Harrison, Danny" "Girl, girl, girl / Broken and blue " M-/y/demo/inc Co slv/2 great sides Coral 75
"Heatherton, Joey" Hullabaloo / My blood runs cold  M-/Canadian/highly recommended Coral 75
"Soul, Sharon" You found my weak spot  M-/y/demo/Inc Co slv/classic Coral 50
"Verdell, Jackie" Call on me  great Coral 25
"Wells, Barbara" My baby's name  demo/xol/great Coral 25
"Wells, Barbara" Pretty boy  y/demo/sol/great Coral 25
"Hines, E. Jackie" I'm so glad / I'm not the fool  M-/recommended Cosmic 25
"Impacts, The" Jerkin' in your seat  M-/superb Counsel 125
"Rice, Robin" I've had it  EX/w/demo/superb Crackerjack 40
David & The Giants Superlove  classic Crazy Horse 30
"Fox, Damon" Gotta get my baby back DJ stamp-ol Crimson 15
"Mason, Barbara" Trouble child recommended Crusader 15
"Corvells, The" The jokes on me  M-/sm xol/great Cub 50
"Impalas, The" Sorry (I ran all the way home)  Cub 20
"Jones, Jimmy" I say love  ex-/smol/orig. sleeve Cub 30
"Ozells, The" Please don't go  demo/recommended Cub 50
"Ozells, The" Please don't go (Inc original sleeve) xol-flip/recommended Cub 40
"Middleton, Gene & Sole Survivors" You need love / Stop - where you are  M-/2 great sides D and B 20
"Guess, Lenis" Thank you baby  great D.P.G. 25
"Moore, Johnny" Walk like a man/Its just my way of loving you(wol)    VG+/Inc Co slv/classic/nice flip too Date 25
Little Anthony Never again    awesome soul DCP 10
"Randazzo, Teddy" You're not that girl anymore  M-/w/demo/sm wol/at his best!!! DCP 40
"Craig, Anna" The life of the party / Shout and tell the world  demo/2 great sides Decca 30
"Free Movement, The" I've found someone of my own demo/great Decca 15
"Grant, Earl" Hide nor hair  M-/Inc Co sleeve/classic Decca 40
"Harrell, Vernon & Little Gigi" Baby don'tcha worry  M-/R&B/recommended Decca 40
"Lee, Brenda" Ain't gonna cry no more  great Decca 15
"Lee, Brenda" Coming on strong  great Decca 10
"Lee, Brenda" Time and time again  her best Decca 15
"Patrick Bradley, The" Just one more chance (inst) / same (vocal)  EX-/classic Decca 125
"Pollard, Ray" Lie lips lie  demo/great Decca 30
"Saints, The" I got it bad and that ain't good/I'll be with you demo/2 good sides Decca 8
"Scott, Ray & The Scottsmen" Love piled on top of love  M-/demo/xol-flip/Inc Co slv/superb Decca 100
Bits 'N' Pieces Who could I turn to (promo stamp ol-flip)  Dee Gee 10
"West, Willie" Greatest love deep Deesu 10
"Lyons, Queenie" Drown in my own tears  M-/y/demo/stormer!!! DeLuxe 25
"Manhattans, The" I can't stand for you to leave me  recommended DeLuxe 15
"Manhattans, The" I can't stand for you to leave me w/demo/recommended/rare DeLuxe 25
"Moore, Robert" Jo Ann / Old grandma  R&B/2 great sides DeLuxe 30
"Flirtations, The" Giive me love love love / This must be the end….…. 2 great sides Deram 10
"Flirtations, The" Give me love love love/This must be the end…. demo/2 great sides Deram 12
"McPhatter, Clyde" Thank you love/Only a fool  vg/demo/great Deram 10
"McPhatter, Clyde" Thank you love / Only a fool  demo/great Deram 20
Kane and Abel Break down and cry  recommended Destination 25
Little Marion Let me back in your arms  w/demo/great Destination 50
D & Joe Instant happiness  M-/smwol/superb De-to 75
"Dialtones, The" "If you don't know, you just don't know / Don't let the sun shine on me " vg+/w/demo/sl warp-nap Dial 15
"Tex, Joe" "Baby, be good " great Dial 15
"Tex, Joe" "Baby, be good" w/demo/great Dial 20
"Trask, Diana" Precious time  nice mid-tempo Dial 6
"Baker, Joan" Everybody's talking  EX-/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classic Diamond 100
"Hall, Thomas" You told me a lie  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommeded Diamond 25
"Linneas,The" Born to be your baby  demo/great Diamond 20
"Linneas,The" It's a good kind of hurt  demo/2 x's ol-flip/great Diamond 20
"Pirouettes, The" If you see my baby  2 xol/great Diamond 20
"Varner, Don" More power to ya / Handshakin'  demo/great Diamond 25
"Winters, Ruby" I don't want to hurt nobody  recommended Diamond 15
"Winters, Ruby" Just like a yo yo  recommended Diamond 15
"Cookies, The" Only to other people  Dimension 10
"Irwin, Big Dee" And heaven was here  stmol-flip/recommended Dimension 25

Edited by Henry

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