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Jim Cafferky

Kuwait - Northern Soul - New To Kuwait

Hi All


Just moved to Kuwait from Dubai. After being there for 2 1/2 years came cross some great northern soul fans in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Soul of Dubai and ADMANC) and made some great friends.


Now moved to Kuwait and hoping to find some like minded northern fans


Any one in Kuwait send me a message on here or to the email below





Kind regards


Jim Cafferky




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Any requests for this one out there?



Sorry for the intrusion - couldn't resist - and hope you make some solid connections.  :thumbsup:

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Thanks Russell


And don't forget these which Carty posted when I was in Dubai back in Sept 2013


Takes some beatin





Delcos Arabia

        Drifters - Ive got sand in my shoes

                  Kiki Dee - On a magic carpet ride

                           Saundra Mallet and the Vandellas - Camel Walk

                                     Eddie Regan - Playin Hide and Sheik

                                                   Edward Hamilton and the Arabians - Baby don't you weep

                                                                 Martha And the Vandellas - Heatwave

                                                                            Exits - You've got to have money

                                                                                        Stevie Wonder - Castles in the sand

                                                                                                   Maria Muldar -  Midnight at the Oasis



and he had it set up as the side of a pyramid - great



Edited by Jim Cafferky

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