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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 620 Apr 28th 2014 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £1.00 for recorded delivery. Special Delivery is £7.00.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
1 Beautiful Zion Choir Let’s Ride To The Mountain Top Myrrh M- 15
Fantastic gospel stomper which actually got more than a few plays at St. Ives back in ‘77
2 Lloyd Price Love Music LPG M- 10
Great version of the Sergio Mendes Wigan biggie (in fact a better version)
3 Admirations Wait Til I Get To Know You One-derful! M- 25
Great sixties harmony dancer, vanished in the U.S.
4 Magic Tones Together We Shall Overcome Mah’s M- 10
Two great Detroit sides back to back. The flip being ‘It’s Better To Love’
5 Profonix Ain’t No Sun Davey-Paul M- 10
Excellent Detroit double sider seems to be getting rather scarce now
6 Total Eclipes You Took Our Heart Right-On M- 10
Same backing track as the legendary Chris Jackson ‘Since There’s No Doubt
7 C.O.D.’s I’m A Good Guy Kellmac M- 10
Brilliant 1965 Northern from the Windy City. For me, their finest moment
8 Dramatics No Rebate On Love Mainstream M- 10
Class dancer from a re-formed Dramatics group in ‘75
9 Spidels Like A Bee Chavis M- 15
Got plays back in the Torch days — and we can see why! Storming Northern
10 Cookie V Queen Of Fools Checker M- 15
Not the Barbara Mills song....actually a much better piece of Northern Soul
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
30,000 ENTRIES —
 £29.99 (Inc’s p&p within the UK, overseas customers shipping costs on request)
Our best seller!
 Following a big consignment of 45’s from the U.S., our latest packs contain 50—60
titles which are different to previous packs. Northern / Modern / R&B dancers.
All USA labels, mostly mint / mint minus condition. 100 singles.
In all seriousness the value of this pack has to be at least a grand.
(Inc’s p&p within the UK, overseas customers shipping costs on request)
11 Natural Four I Thought You Were Mine Boola Boola VG++ 300
12 Oncoming Times If You Had My Love Duo M- 150
13 Marvelle & The Blue Mats Mellow Man Dynamic Sound M- 200
14 Johnny Wyatt This Thing Called Love Bronco M- 150
15 Moses Smith The Girl Across The Street Dionn WD M- 350
16 Pamela Beaty Talking Eyes Tip WD M- 400
17 Art Falls I’ll Be There Nautilus VG++ 200
18 Sweet Three That’s The Way It Is Decca M- 200
19 Ghetto Boys Hand Writing On The Wall Tarx VG++ 200
20 Shirley Lawson One More Chance Back Beat D M- 300
21 Chris Teller I’ve Been Hurt Ciray M- 100
22 Johnnie Mae Matthews Lonely You’ll Be Jam M- 150
Difficult to find in sparkling mint condition
23 Larry Davis I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times Kent M- 300
24 Ernie Marbray Ain’t Nobody’s Business Wee VG++ 125
25 Lloyd Price Oh, Lady Luck Monument M- 150
26 Fabulous Moonlighters For Granted Blue Eagle M- 200
27 Bill Horton I Wanna Know Kayden WD M- 200
28 Composers Chances Go Round Complex 3 M- 200
29 Shadows My Love Has Gone Golden Sound M- 250
30 Marilyn Calloway Shut Up Ajax M- 200
31 Kenny Wells Isn’t It Just A Shame New Voice M- 300
32 Johnny Summers I Can’t Let Go Yorktown M- 300
33 Reggie La Mont Call On The One Who Needs You Mamies’ VG++ 175
34 Lee Washington The U.T. Jerk M- 100
35 Deans No Not Now Panik VG++ 200
Rare Detroit group dancer
36 Audrey Royal Come On Playboy Alston M- 150
37 Norwood Long I’d Like To Have You Groovey Grooves VG++ 250
38 Willie Cooper You Don’t Love Nobody Whiz M- 100
39 Rhythm Rascals Girl By My Side Sonic M- 50
40 Barbra Mercer The Things We Do Together Golden World 27M- 100
Barbara’s rare one on this famed label. ‘Hungry For Love’ on reverse. Promo sticker
41 Donna Colman Your Loves Too Strong Avin M- 400
42 Roosevelt Grier Pizza Pie Man D-Town M- 150
43 Cathy Saint Big Bad World Daisy M- 50
44 Lori & Lance I Don’t Have To Worry Federal D M- 100
45 Royal Esquires Ain’t Gonna Run Prix M- 100
46 Styles Baby You’re Alive Modern M- 125
47 Ter-rells (Because Of) Three Little Words ABC M- 100
48 Spencer Wiggins Lonely Man Goldwax M- 60
49 Benny Spellman Please Mr. Genie Watch M- 125
50 Master Four Love From The Far East Tayster WD M- 75
Rare white promo
51 Majors Lost In A City Big Three M- 200
52 Willie Mason I Loved You Once Rujac M- 100
53 Marvellos Something’s Burnin’ Loma M- 75
54 Harold Melvin What Can A Man Do Arctic WD M- 100
55 Clyde McPhatter Lonely People Can’t Afford To Cry Amy D M- 125
56 Margie & The Formations Sad Illusion Coed WD M- 100
57 Lydia Marcelle It’s Not Like You Manhattan M- 150
58 Temptations Check Yourself Miracle 12 WD M- 60
59 Magnificent 7 She’s Called A Woman Eastern M- 100
60 Gerald Sims Cool Breeze Tip Top M- 75
61 Eddie Ray Glad I Found You Prix M- 50
Two different mixes on this one, with different design labels on the same number
62 Eddie Ray Glad I Found You Prix M- 50
Heavy print on label
63 Nature Boys Watch Yourself Uptown WD M- 75
64 J C Messina Time Won’t Let Me Tom King M- 60
65 Mr. Tears (Paris) Don’t Lead Me On 4J D M- 75
66 Profiles Take A Giant Step (Walk On) Goldie M- 75
67 Robin Rice I’ve Had It Metro Int’l VG++ 150
68 Jean Stanback If I Ever Needed Love Peacock D M- 100
69 Chester St. Anthony Together A&M WD M- 75
70 Skip Easterling Keep The Fire Burning Alon M- 30
71 Fred Hughes Walk On Back To You Exodus M- 25
72 Freddie Hughes My Baby Came Back Wee M- 25
73 Jades Hotter Than Fire Virtue M- 25
74 Johnny Maestro Phone Booth On The Highway Apt WD M- 100
75 Mary Lou Everybody’s Got A Home But Me Magic Eye M- 60
76 Jimmy Dotson To Be Your Lover Aar O Dot M- 30
77 Doug & Corky I Only Want To Dance With You Ultima M- 15
78 Doug & Dave Let’s Monkey Too U.S.A. D M- 25
79 Carl Douglas Crazy Feeling Okeh WD M- 25
80 Ron Douglas I’m In Love Excello D M- 15
81 Ron Douglas Never You Mind Smash WD M- 20
82 Ronny Douglas The Big Walk Decca D M- 20
83 Gwen Douglass The Picture Michelle M- 200
84 Ronnie Dove Chains Of Love Diamond M- 15
85 Neal Dover Mr. Bus Driver Diamond M- 15
86 Downbeats I Can’t Hear You No More Downbeats VG++ 50
87 Downtown Collection Sunshine Strobe M- 20
88 Gene Dozier A Hunk Of Funk Minit M- 15
89 Charles Drain Stop And Think About It Baby Top Track VG++ 75
90 Charles Drain Here I Am Checker M- 60
91 Drake & En-Solids Fight For Love Alteen M- 100
92 Joe Drake I’ll Do Anything For You Shamley M- 15
93 Drapers You Got To Look Up Gee WD M- 150
94 Dreams Do What You Wanna D.C. Sound WD M- 25
95 Dreams ft. Keni Lewis (They Call Me) Jessie James D.C. Sound M- 15
96 Dream Team I’m Not Satisfied Gregory M- 150
97 Dreamlovers Bless Your Soul Mercury M- 25
98 Patti Drew Which One Should I Choose Capitol D M- 25
99 Patti Drew There’ll Never Be Another Capitol D M- 15
100 Drew-Vels I’ve Known Capitol VG++ 15
101 Drifters In The Land Of Make Believe Atlantic VG++ 10
102 Drifters At The Club Atlantic M- 10
103 Drifters Under The Boardwalk Atlantic M- 10
104 Drifters Sometimes I Wonder Atlantic M- 15
105 Drifters Chains Of Love Atlantic M- 10
106 Drifters Come On Over To My Place Atlantic M- 10
107 Drifters I Need You Now Atlantic M- 6
108 Charlie Thomas & Drifters A Midsummer Night In Harlem Musicor M- 6
109 Hal Driggers Brown Baggin (Barefoot) Cheeco M- 20
110 Hal Driggers Brown Baggin (Barefoot) Atlantic D M- 15
111 Drippers Honey Bunch Moonshot M- 20
112 Du-ettes Evey Beat Of My Heart Mar-V-Lus M- 25
113 Du-ettes Move On Down The Line M-Pac! M- 15
114 Du-ettes Please Forgive Me One-derful! M- 15
115 Dubs Just You Wilshire M- 40
116 Family Of Eve I Want To Be Loved By You Full Sail M- 300
117 Chuck Corby See You When I Get There Sceptre M- 150
118 Mel Davis Double Or Nothin Rock Mill M- 100
119 The 7th House Can You Find Your Way De Brossard M- 150
Excellent crossover male group sound on a label which never disappoints
120 Leroy Charlton I Need You CC7 M- 150
121 Tal Armstrong My Lady Friend G S Pearl M- 100
122 Exportations You Did it Vir-ro M- 150
123 Curtis How Can I Tell Her Charm City M- 100
124 Virgil Henry You Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New Colossus VG++ 200
125 Vivian Reed Save Your Love For Me Atco M- 200
126 Douglas & Lonero Don’t Let Yourself Get Carried Away RCA D M- 125
127 Legacy I Must Confess Tortoise Int’l D M- 100
128 Slick ‘N’ The Family Brick Don’t Trust A Woman Swamp Dogg M- 25
129 Sly, Slick & Wicked Your Love Was Meant For Me Paramount M- 40
130 Sly, Slick & Wicked Sho’ Nuff People M- 100
131 Smallwood Brothers How Many Roads Atco M- 40
132 Lonnie Liston Smith We Can Dream Columbia WD M- 15
133 Lonnie Liston Smith Never Too Late Doctor Jazz M- 15
134 Lonnie Smith Mama Wailer Kudu WD M- 15
135 Rick Smith (We Should Be) Lovers Birdie M- 25
136 Ron Louis Smith Party Freaks, Come On Sunshine Sound M- 15
137 Tunnie Smith Finders Aren’t Always Keepers Fame WD wol M- 15
138 William D. Smith Sweetie Pie A&M WD M- 20
139 Smoke Have I Really Lost You J. Bridge M- 30
140 Smoke Oh Love (Well We Finally Made It) Mo-Soul M- 30
141 Smoke Screen I’m So Inspired JMC M- 25
142 Annette Snell It’s All Over Now Epic M- 75
143 Society Train Slowly But Surely Stag M- 25
144 Softones / First Class Carla My Love Parkway M- 25
145 Softones That’s What Love Can Do H&L M- 15
146 Solid State I’m Gonna Make You Mine Music Town M- 30
147 Solid Soultion L.O.V.E Silver Spoon M- 20
148 Sonny & Diane Love Trap Epic M- 150
149 Sons Of Nature Ride The Vibe Juldane VG++ 15
150 Sons Of Nature Ride The Vibe Juldane M- 20
151 Sons Of Robin Stone Let’s Do It Now Epic M- 50
152 Sons Of Robin Stone Got To Get You Back Atco M- 25
153 Soop & Co Just Because You’re A Lover Soops M- 50
154 Soul Attractions I Forgot Chawa M- 15
155 Soul Brothers, Inc That Loving Feeling CUR WD M- 30
156 Soul Crusaders I Sit In My Room Lu Tall M- 25
157 Soul Generation Key To Your Heart Ebony Sounds M- 20
158 Billy Watkins Beverly Kent M- 15
159 Bessie Watson I’m Never Alone Jay Pee M- 75
160 Johnny Watson Hold On, I’m Comin’ Okeh WD M- 25
161 Johnny Watson Gangster Of Love King M- 20
162 Les Watson Oh Yeah Pompeii VG++ 10
163 Romance Watson Come A Little Closer Coral M- 30
164 Nobel Watts Mama I Love Him So Peanut WD M- 40
165 Noble Watts Mashed Potatoes Sir M- 15
166 Wayne & The Velvet-Tones Ham Sandwich Drew M- 30
167 Wee Willie Wayne Kinfolks Imperial WD M- 25
168 Gene Weed Poor Poor Billie 20th Century Fox M- 25
169 Barbara Wells Pretty Boy Coral D M- 40
170 Junior Wells Messing With The Kid Mel M- 20
171 Junior Wells You Don’t Care Profile M- 25
172 Junior Wells Lovey Dovey Lovey One U.S.A. M- 20
173 Junior Wesley Brunswick Stew Orbit VG++ 15
174 Eastin West Ring Telephone Everest M- 30
175 Red West Combo My Babe Santo WD M- 25
176 Art Wheeler Too Late For Tears Swingin’ M- 20
177 Danny White One Little Lie ABC Paramount M- 15
178 Danny White Somebody Please Help Me Dot M- 100
179 Danny White The Twitch Frisco M- 25
180 Hi-Fi White Bulldog Sandman M- 15
181 Johnny White Whole Hog Or None Brownfield WD M- 35
182 Willie White Everybody Dance Odessa M- 30
183 Jimmy Wick It’s All Over Now Lenox M- 30
184 Carolyn Wicker Ain’t Nothing You Can Do Kon-Ti M- 2

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