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Mid Tempo 60's For A Thursday

Posted (edited)

Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason




Classmen - Doin' Me Right - Pearce (WHITE PROMO) £35

Light inaudible scuffs and the slightest of edge warps, nice mid tempo!!


Doin Me Right C.MP3


Joey Dee - I Lost My Baby - Roulette £10

Light wear to vinyl and label, reminds me a bit of Al Mcarthur - Easy going, paced Soul


I Lost My Baby JD.MP3


Jimmie & Wayne - You Better Believe It - Goldisc £7

Light wear to label and vinyl, worth a listen


You Better Believe It JAW.MP3


Walter Jackson - Uphill Climb To The Bottom - Okeh £12 SOLD

Wear to label and vinyl - plays and looks ok, CLASSIC!!!


Eradicators - Reputation/I've Been Hurt - Pyramid £60

Obscure, yet good paced Blue eyed" mid tempo, with cool version of the classic on the flip


Reputation E.MP3


Ive Been Hurt E.MP3


Goodie Wilson - The Door Bell Rings - Titanic £14

Light wear to label and vinyl, with some writing on flip side


The Door Bell Rings.MP3


Dolly & Fashions - Just Another Fool/The Right One - Ivanhoe £9

Great mid tempo, backed with superb Northern!!


Just Another Fool DATF.MP3


The Right One.MP3


Barbara Lynn - You're Gonna Need Me - Jamie £6



Youre Gonna Need Me BL.MP3


Ideals - You Hurt Me/You Lost And I Won - St Lawrence £9

Two superb Chicago Soul sides - Worth a listen!!!


You Hurt Me I.MP3


You Lost And I Won I.MP3


Manhattans - I Betcha - Carnival £5

"Drill hole", otherwise a fine copy of a fine piece of mid tempo 60's!!


I Betcha.MP3


Gene Chandler - You Threw A Lucky Punch - Vee Jay £4

Lightest of edge warps and light wear to label and vinyl - Cracking "answer" tune!!


You Threw A Lucky Punch GC.MP3


Barbara Lewis - If You Love Her - Atlantic £6 SOLD

Great underplayed gem - Well worth a listen!!


THESE STILL AVAILABLE ...........................................


Olympics - Baby Do The Philly Dog - Mirwood £9

Lovely copy of this CLASSIC!!!!!


music.gif  Baby Do The Philly Dog O.MP3   1.97MB   6 downloads


Chubby Checker - You Better Believe It Baby - Parkway £9

Lovely copy of this great bit of underplayed Northern!!!


music.gif  You Better Believe It Baby CC.MP3   886KB   17 downloads


Joe Matthews - You Better Mend Your Ways/Sorry Ain't Good Enough - Thelma £14

Light scuffs to vinyl - Plays ok, looks ok, nice double sided Detroit!!


music.gif  You Better Mend Your Ways JM.MP3   1.77MB   17 downloads


music.gif  Sorry Aint Good Enough JM.MP3   1.37MB   16 downloads


Del Chords - Your Mommy Lied To Your Daddy - Mr. Genius £18

Slight mark on label, otherwise nice copy of this great slab of Pennsylvania Northern!!


music.gif  Your Mummy Lied To Your Daddy DC.MP3   1.76MB   13 downloads


Toni & Harts - Come Back Baby/Would You Love Me - Path £12

Great double sider!!


music.gif  Come Back Baby TATH.MP3   1.19MB   13 downloads


music.gif  Would You Love Me TATH.MP3   1.19MB   9 downloads


Roger K - Give Me The Love I'm Needing - Birth £10

Casino spin - Dramatic, well worth revisiting - I love it!!!!!!!


music.gif  Give Me The Love Im Needing RK.MP3   1.94MB   9 downloads


Royal Jesters - Use Your Head - Jester £65

Light, inaudible scuffs to vinyl, light wear to label and some sticker residue to the flip (phew!!!) Fabulous version of the classic tune!!!!


music.gif  Use Your Head RJ.MP3   1.54MB   52 downloads


Chuck Jackson - These Chains of Love - Wand £11

Still sounds great!!


music.gif  Chains of Love CJ.MP3   2.03MB   15 downloads


Andre Williams - You Got It And I Want It - Ric Tic £12



music.gif  You Got It And i Want It AW.MP3   1.18MB   16 downloads


Bobby Hebb - Love, Love, Love - Philips (PIC SLEEVE) £9

Classic in lovely condition!!


music.gif  Love Love Love BH.MP3   1.96MB   8 downloads


Richie Barrett - I Will Love You - Swan (WHITE PROMO) £45



music.gif  I Will Love You RB.MP3   2.11MB   62 downloads


Leaders - You Are The One I Love - Blue Rock £12

Some light inaudible scuffs to vinyl, plays fine - Nice version of the tune also done by "Adams Apples"


music.gif  You Are The One I Love.MP3   1.7MB   22 downloads


Volumes - Gotta Give Her Love - American Arts £11

Good copy of this excellent group Northern, with just some feint, inaudible scuffs


music.gif  Gotta Give Her Love.MP3   2MB   34 downloads


Thanks for looking and listening



If You Love Her.MP3

Edited by SOUL INC

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Barbara Lewis - If You Love Her - Atlantic £6

Great underplayed gem - Well worth a listen!!


attachicon.gifIf You Love Her.MP3


Brilliant brilliant brilliant & it's a double sider with the great Straighten up your heart ...... £3 a side ? Jesus :thumbsup:


Underplayed Des ? I play it occasionally early doors at Solid Hit :D  


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