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Mr  Blue

The Ghetto Friendship, Laurene Lavallis And Many More Vg Bargains

Hello & Thanks for looking! 


All prices are in USD: $$$ ---- Not Pounds Sterling!

Shipping from Detroit Mi. USA : $13 

PayPal : peoplesrecordsdetroit@gmail.com ------->>> Please include your shipping address. 

I'm sorry, I can't hold things, even for friends.


(i put these on ebay if they didn't sell here)


Beverly & Duane : Love / You Belong To Me (Brown Bomber) VG $20


Ronnie McNeir : My Baby / Me And My Lady (Setting Sun) VG- WOL $40


Final Decisions : Pusher / Keep On Walking (Bumpshop) VG $100


The Seminoles : I Can't Stand It / It Takes A Lot (Check Mate) VG/VG+ $50


Tony Clarke : Landslide / You Made Me A V.I.P. (Chess) VG $30


Laurene LaVallis : Love Don't Change / Key To Our Love (Tronic) Light heat damage plays VG+ $250


Carl Carlton : Don't Walk Away / Hold On A Little Longer (Back Beat) VG/VG+ $10


Rex Garvin : Sock It To 'Em Part I / Sock It To 'Em Part II (Like) VG/VG+ $15


Ace Spectrum : Don't Send Nobody Else / Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (Atlantic) VG $25


Deon Jackson : Ooh Baby / All On A Sunny Day (Carla) VG+ $15


The Chi-Lites : Are You My Woman / Troubles A' Comin (Brunswick) VG WOL $10


Syl Johnson : Different Strokes / Sorry Bout Dat (Twilight) VG Address sticker on label $15


Al Hudson And The Soul Partners : Spread Love / Love Me Forever (ABC) VG/VG- $10


Laura Lee : To Win Your Heart / So I Will (Ric-Tic) VG $30


Mack Rice : Three People In Love / Bumble Bee Woman (Capitol) VG/VG- WOL $15


The Notations : I Can't Stop / I'm Still Here (Twinight) VG++ $15


Sly : Buttermilk Part One / Butte rmilk Part Two (Autumn) VG+ promo $35


Kim Weston : I'm Still Loving You / Go Ahead And Laugh (Tamla) VG/VG+ $75


The Spellbinders : Help Me / Danny Boy (Columbia) VG+ $50


The Debonaires : How's our New Love Treating You / Big Time Fun (Golden World) VG $15


Dee Edwards : Why Can't There Be Love / Hurt A Little Everyday (GM) VG/VG+ WOL $75


The Marvelettes : I'll Keep Holding On / No Time For Tears (Tamla) VG WOL $30


Bobby Womack : Home Is Where The Heart Is / We've Only Just Begun (Columbia) weak VG $20


Al Hudson : When You're Gone /I've Bee Loving You Too Long (Atco) VG $25


Bettye Swann : Don't Wait Too Long / What Is My Life Coming To (Money) VG $10


Little Willie John : I'm Shakin' / A Cottage For Sale (King) VG $70


Debbie Taylor : Just Don't Pay / I Don't Wanna Leave You (Arista) VG $10


Dee Dee Sharp : Standing In The Need Of Love / I Really Love You (Cameo) VG WOL $10


Harvey : Any Way You Wanta / She Loves Me So (Tri-Phi) VG/VG+ $60


Eddie Parker : I Need A True Love / Crying Clown (Triple B) VG WOL $30


The Precisions : A Place / Never Let Her Go (Drew) VG WOL $10


Brewster Crew : I'm One Who Know / Outta My Life (Lifeline) EX label has a bb hole $60


Louis Curry : I'll Try Again Tomorrow / A Toast To You (M-S) VG/VG+ $30


Carol Anderson : You Boy / Holding On (Mid-Town) VG Very light lift that does not Affect play $10


Wendell Harrison : Farewell To The Welfare part 1 / Farewell To The Welfare part 2 (Tribe) VG/VG+ $300


The Magictones : See Saw part I See Saw part II (Shur-Hit) VG/VG+ $20


J.J. Barnes : So Called Friends / Now She's Gone (Revilot) VG++ $35


Young-Holt Unlimited : California Montage / Straight Ahead (Brunswick) VG $5


Baby Washington : It'll Never Be Over For Me / Move On Drifter (Sue) VG/VG+ $30


Gladys Knight & The Pips : Stop And Get A Hold Of Myself /Who Knows (Maxx) VG+ $60


Freddy Pride : Road Of No Return / My Only Love (Diamond Jim) VG/VG+ $15


The Young Sirs : There's Something The Matter / African Love (Magic City) VG- $10


The Ghetto Friendship : Build It Up, Tear It Down Part One / Build It Up, Tear It Down Part Two (Ghetto Productions) VG/VG+ $75


Silky Hargraves : Hurt By Love / Go On Girl (D-Town) VG has light water damage. $15


Dee Edwards : Why Can't There Be Love / Say It Again With Feeling (Bump Shop) VG/VG+ $70


Superlatives : Lonely In A Crowd / I Don't Know How (Westbound) VG WOL $10


La Mont Anthony : I Didn't Know / Just To Be Loved (Checkmate) VG/VG+ $30


The 21st : The Sun Came Out / I Just Can't Forget Your Name (Joy) VG/VG+ $10


Darrow Fletcher : The Pain Gets A Little Deeper / My Judgement Day (Groovy) VG $20


Ada Richards : I'm Drunk And Real High (In The Spirit Of God) (Hello World) VG $35


Debbie Taylor : Just Don't Pay / I Don't Wanna Leave (Arista) VG $15


Tom Storm : That's The Way Love Is / I Love You (Ge Ge) VG $20


The Fabulous Apollos : What's So Good To You / Instrumental (Valtone) VG/VG+ Light water damage on label. $25


The Precisions : If This Is Love / You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew) VG Label has water damage. $20


Baby Washington : I've Got A Feeling / Hush Heart (Sue) VG Has a small chip in the center hole $20


The Attractions : Time Goes By So Slowly / Burn Up Some Road (De-To) VG $40


Sunrise Movement : Clock Wise Revolution / Nothing Left But Love (Ghetto) VG $20


Jimmy Gilford : Heartbreaker / I Wanna Be Your Baby (Solid Hit) VG Label has some water damage $10


Alicia Myers : I Want To Thank You / You Get The Best From Me (MCA) VG++ $20


Buddy Lamp : Wanna Go Home / You've Got The Loving Touch (Wheelsville) VG Label has water damage. $10


Emanuel Lasky : Lucky To Be Loved / Our World ( Wild Deuce) VG $20


The Precisons : Such Misery / A Lover's Plea (Drew) VG Label has water damage. $50


Betty LaVette : You Made A Believer Out Of Me / Thank You For Loving Me (Epic) VG/VG+ $30


Sherri Taylor & Sammy Ward : Lover / That's Why I Love You So Much (Motown) VG Light warp does not affect play. $30


Dee Edwards : (I Can) Deal With That / Possess Me (De-To) VG- Noisy til first chorus $40

Edited by mr blue

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