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56 Soul/r&b/funk/modern/latin/popcorn 45's Great Prices


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A bit of something for everyone. I’ve included a wide range of styles from soul,latin,funk to 50’s/60’s R&B & jump blues,popcorn and even a smidgeon of reggae.

I could have loaded up the appropriate you-tube clips but it tends to take ages to load and can cause some servers to crash. Anyhow most 45’s listed here have been uploaded to you tube already so are easy to check out there!

Please PM or email ‘funk45@fsmail.net’ to reserve or buy or if you have any questions: Fast payment overrides reserve I’m afraid.I’ve been let down too many times. Thanks for looking — Hope you find something!

Atb Matt


  1. Unreleased Northern soul acetate : Unknown Artist — You Shouldn’t Have Set My Soul On Fire — Angel Sound — Ultra Rare Northern Soul Acetate 45 — £50

Very rare release here. Ultra rare soul acetate recorded at Angel Sound in New York City by an unknown female soul artist doing a startling rendition of Inez Foxx’s “You Shouldn’t Have Set my Soul on Fire”. Sounds to be an unfinished demo and the only additional information from the acetate is a stamp: Giant Enterprise, 1674 Broadway, NY. Rare one of a kind soul 45. Will load a link to an mp3



  1. Derc Hotzog / Title: 'Church Going Girl' / Label: Hamilton / Catalogue number 101 / Format: Vinyl, 45rpm / Country: USA
    Condition: EX/EX Price: £50

Special tune that goes for twice the price on John Manships


  1. Jack Constanzo - Chicken & rice/Evil ways Discomoda  VG+ £50

Superb Latin boogaloo 45



  1. Ricardo Ray — Nitty Gritty/Mony Mony (Roulette) VG-VG+

Great latin cover of the Shirley Ellis classic!

  1. Jimmy Salcedo y su Onda Tres - Vete pronto - Mono mono / Malaguena Label: Philips Country: Colombia 

Conditions: VG £40

Rare latin version of R&B classic Hit the road Jack!



Turns heads every time!

  1. Jobell & the orchestra de salsa : Never gonna let you go/ same (Jan records) Ex  £20 Uplifting Modern/latin X/Over!


  1. Eli 'the prophet'  :  Take a little give a lot/A woman is a sometime thing / Label : ALA 1177 / Condition : Ex : Price : £30


  1. MD-20-20 / Title : Listen to the Rhythm Band 1 & 2 / Label : Magic Show / Condition : Ex / Price : £30 : Quality funk modern 45



  1. Tammi Terrell / Brenda Holloway  : All I Do Is Think About You

Label : Tamla 45 (re-issue) Condition: Mint/Unplayed £15

A Paul Weller favourite that he memorably compiled on the back to back compilation ‘Lost & Found’ with the Northern soul DJ Keb Darge. Maybe the most beautiful tune ever released by the great Tammi Terrell, which is saying something considering her immense output. This song made all the more tragic by her death at such a young age. Easily in my top five of the most soulful melancholy slow tempo deep soul tunes — I never tire of hearing it! Just magical from start to finish. Do yourself a favour and have a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIOHZeBBGIc

 Unreleased on 45 until now & backed with a later version by Brenda Holloway — another fine vocalist. Essential + limited to 500 copies

  1. Steven Foster — I want to be loved / Bileo — You can win Ex £15 (White label everlasting dub plate) One of a kind specially made dub plate that I made with these 2 monster tracks on back to back — professionally mastered for a great sound. Save yourself under a £1000 for these 2 originals with this handy one off 45.  


  1. Patience : This Is All I Can Say : Tell me (Sounds on solid grounds P-1001) Ex £20

One side : A killer 2 step . the other an uptempo floor filler : Starting to get recognition. Youtube clip of the 2 step here :- Please note this is not my copy playing , mine is not crackly like this : label exactly the same tho!


The 2nd edition of this on Columbia just sold for $49 




  1. The Techniques — Get technified — Get  technified — When you’re away  (Techniques) Condition: NM (played once) £10

Taken from the fantastic Numero Omnibus box set - Replica labels - Mastered from original tapes. Unavailable to buy separately! Superb party sounds from the A side — Drop this and watch the floor heat up


  1. Billy Cole Orchestra — Corre antes de pasar/Woman (Recreational & Educational enterprises) VG+ £25


Very rare & strange looking 45 with lots of scribble over label Looks West Indies : A side is a cool modern/disco workout with gunshot sounds. Great DJ weapon : 


14) Jay & Cathy's clowns - The Bottle / Doin' The Best I Can (S&K) Ex £12 A killer alternate version of Gil scott herons classic with a modern feel, for sure it will turn a few heads when you drop it -  Highy recommended! 15) Super Soul Movement - Bad Bad Bad/S/T (Apm) 2nd press £10   Uptempo 70s Funky Dancer Limited 2nd Issue : OG sells for up to $400 : Exact copy here


  1.   Cosmos universal band — Third eye/back home together (Cultures of soul) Ex £7.50 The reissue of a $3000 masterpiece of a modern tune. A Butch favourite. What a tune !


LISTEN  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c4CEiwDEA4


  1. The Sons of robin stone — I’m ready to give up my love/it only happens in the movies (Gonnif) Ex

Fine slice of Modern Philly here at a giveaway price!


  1.  Third generation — mother nature/Love is gonna rain down on me (Prison soul) 2nd issue release from Numero taken from the original master tapes with original Label artwork   Mint £7.50

A pensioned high school art teacher with a strong social conscience, Ellis Haraka applied for an opening at Georgia Industrial Institute in 1974, a minimum-security prison camp in Alto, Georgia, to teach remedial reading and GED preparation. After selling the warden on converting the art room into a rehearsal space and rescuing gear from a defunct music program, Haraka watched Georgia Industrial's band form spontaneously. Inmates Roderick Willis, Linwood Moore, Michael Cody, Eugene Bostic, Willie "Shoeshop Slim" Zackery, Kenny Rewis, Eddie McCluskey, and Rufus Amis thus formed The Third Generation, rehearsing regularly with Haraka through 1977, who then painstakingly arranged for a field trip to Atlanta's Precision Studios. "Love Is Gonna Rain Down On Me" b/w "Mother Nature" was issued with the group's own PRISON SOUL banner, and over the next few years the group disbanded naturally, as members completed their jail time and rejoined civilian life.

Listen here : www.numerogroup.com/eccentricsoul/bands/thirdgeneration.html



  1.  Natural order — Jealousy pt 1/pt 2 (The sound of Washington D.C.) Ex £10  Catchy Moog modern 45 : ripe for an edit!
  1.  The Falcons -1966 Northern Soul VG+ 45, "I Can't Help It" & “Standing on guard” (Big Wheel)  VG+   £12

Stunning Soul from this well respected Soul combo

  1. Barbara Lynn — Nice & Easy/I’m a one man woman (Atlantic) VG+ £10

‘Nice & Easy’ a fantastic track thats always in my playbox, criminally underated !  

  1. Sam Baker / Little Beaver ‘Do right man’ Saadia Repro Condition: Vg++ £12


  1.  Ernie Andrews — Fine young girl / Then I’ll Know — (CAPITOL CL15873) Ex £10

Ever popular northern soul dancer

  1. Russell Evans & the nite hawks — Send me some cornbread/The bold Ex £20 (Atco) Killer R&B soul with a vocalist who sounds like Dr John : B side is a killer cool & groovy mod Hammond instro workout like something from the film ‘Blow up’ Recommended 45   
25)Denny Rice — Doggin’/Rinky (Fraternity) VG+ £15

Quite an unexpected find for this label : Fraternity usually producing surf & novelty 45’s. This is a solid R&B Instro with fine electric piano over a solid backbeat ! Recommended pick!  

26)Jimmy Williams  - C’mon Baby/Don’t Put It off/ (Cub) VG+ £12 PROMO  R&B Jump Blues Rocker 45



  1. Marie Adams with Johnny Otis & Orchestra — A fool in love/What do you want to make those eyes at me? (Capitol) White label PROMO  VG £15



Twin spin : One Jump/R&B & one popcorn : Great 45 

  1. Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford — I’m a hot rodder/The Boogala  (Challenge) Ex £35


Great party 45!  Gaining recognition and price rising!

29) Marva Whitney — It’s my thing/Ball of fire (King) £12 VG+ (would be ex but due to label damage) A 45 that needs little introduction : Solid funk 45 : Many of these were pressed with the wrong labels and this is one of them were ‘ball of fire’ is listed as A & B side, the previous owner has rectified this by scratching this out! So some label damage!   30) Soul Toranadoes — Funky thang/Go for yourself (Burt) VG+ £10

Funk 45 classic that has recently been reissued as part of a box set, no need for that, get the original for dirt cheap here! 

31) O.V. Wright — The time we have/Into something (Hi) Ex £7.50 A really great 45 : First side is a deep soul side very reminiscent of Syl Johnson at his best. The B side is  an uptempo gem again like a cross between Al Green & Syl. High praise indeed! A great slept on 45   32) Little Stanley - The Stran / Third wish - You Gotta Believe (In Yourself) 45 (HIP CITY) £20 Rare giveaway 45 from the German Hip city club, long deleted and sought after with a very rare alternate instro version of ‘you gotta believe in yourself’ : Killer 45
  1.  The Projections — Groovin’ to the music we play/Same (BL&J)   Ex £15


DJ promo copy Superb disco/modern X/O 45 that has sold for £50 + in the past

  1.  Tommy Ponce — Mucho Momma/Blowin in the wind (P.S.) VG+ £25  


Obscure & Solid Latin soul 45 from Chicago 

Despite his unfortunate surname he’s really not that bad at all, giving us a 2 sided gem here!

The A-side is a cool beat driven ‘wade in the water’ Mod jazz killer & the B side  is a tight dancefloor jazz version of the Dylan classic which strange but in a good kind of way. Defnitely one to drop on a unsuspecting crowd. A rare private pressing that’s hard to find especially in such great condition. Bargain price too!

35)Tom and Jerrio - Boo-Ga-Loo (ABC -10638)   VG Price (fine for Djing)  £12

US issue for this fine Mod rhythm & soul latin dancer. Killer Mod Boogaloo R&B Latin Soul — 45

36)The  Kittens -How Long/I’ve got to get over you (Chess) Ex £20 Rare northern soul girl group - classy 45 at a bargain price : £45 on Ebay at the moment
  1. Le tre Femme — Open up the safe/You better get back (20th century fox) Ex £45

White label promo copy. Very rare femme Northern soul 45 : recently sold for over $100 : Check out a clip on  you-tube to see what all the fuss is about : Top notch 45  


  1. Johnny & the expressions — Boys & girls together/Give me one more chance (Josie) Ex £20 Anthemic Northern soul stomper.  A rare and collectable Northern Dancer arranged by Leroy Glover
  2. Spencer Wiggins — Lonely man/The power of a woman (Goldwax) Ex  £30

Killer slice of 2 sided soul at a great price



  1. Barbara Acklin — Come and see me baby/Love makes a woman (Brunswick) Ex £10 Classy double header



  1.  Isley Brothers  - I Wanna Know (Baby Will You Be Mine) b/w Everybody's Gonna Rock & Roll GONE 5022 1958 Grade: VG+ £30

Very rare Original 50’s R&B R’n’R 45 in great shape

DJ’s choice ----à>>>>>>

Listen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5ZyhOsju1o




42) Helen Humes - Woojamacooja/All I ask is your love (Dootone) VG -VG+  £35  RARE JUMP BLUES R&B 45 that’s been repro’d It’s the real deal here !



  1. Jesse Gee — Don’t mess with my money/Baby I need you (Barry) Ex £7.50

Top R&B 45 at a great price!

  1.  Willie Kindrick — Stop this train/Fine as wine (Golden world) VG+ £20 white label promo

Sexy r’n’b popcorn style groover that straddles the line between soul & R&B


  1.  Little Willie John — My love-is/Loving care (King) VG+ £20


Stunning popcorn R&B 45

  1. Junior & the classics — The Dog/Birmingham (Groove) Ex £10


Superb Raucous slice of Mod/R&B


  1.  Lonnie Sattin — Sweetheart/Thats all (Sunbeam) VG+ £12

Superb Popcorn 45 along the lines of ‘Fever’ at a bargain price : one of those strange 45’s that sounds better if you pitch it down to almost 33rpms where it sounds especially dark!


  1.  Betty Bibbs : First come, first served/I want some satisfaction

GeNEVA Records — GE 500


Rare & sought after soul 45 that crosses the genres of soul funk & blues.A killer 45 that is not well known at all. The B-side “I want some satisfaction” shading it for me!  Have a listen to the soundfile!





  1. The Dignitaires — Steppin’ out/You want to be free (Darec) Ex £50 Very Rare & Unknown/Unlisted organ funk 45 with a psychedelic twist : Very Keb Darge Deep funk sound : Highly recommended!


  1. Mongo Santamaria — Cloud nine/Son of a preacher man (Columbia) Ex £15 White label promo.

Superb latin funk on the A-side : One of Keb darges  legendary deep funk spins!


  1. Great Expectations — Welcome to the world part 1/part2 (Phil L.A.of soul) VG +  £10


Solid funk soul at a giveaway price : recommended!

52)Virgil Griffin & the rhythm kings - A forgotten lover/if you can't go don't (Reginald)   VG+  £10 A two sided bargain for the taking here. One side of deep melancholic soul & one side up-tempo play out material on one killer 45,all at a great price! What’s not to like?


  1. Googie Rene — Break it up/Side track (Class) VG+ £10


A perfect example of a Tittyshaker instrumental 45

  1. Bruce Norman Quintet : Arabian rhythm/Keeper of the sea  (Rust) Ex £25
2 rare & Sublime Exotic Tittyshaker Popcorn  instrumentals. A Very hard to find disc especially in this superb condition! 2 pictures/soundfiles from the actual disc for sale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgmLiF8wg_k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ASVCNlqCDA
  1. Paul Gayten — Hot cross buns/the Hunch (Anna) VG- £5
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyeGXBE9ttY & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPYkEJKUkDo
  1. back to back tittyshakers : Now there’s some imagery for you !
  1.  Derek Morgan Busters group — Isabella/Bobby Atkin Busters group — Never never (Blue beat) Ex £15 Cool Blue beat 45    




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