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PO BOX 4 , TODMORDEN Email : raresoulvinyl@btconnect.com
LANCS, OL14 6DA. www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
ENGLAND. List 622 May 26th 2014 Reservations 9.30 am — 5.45 pm weekdays only
Postage and packing £2.00 for 1st disc then 50p per record. Please add £1.00 for recorded delivery. Special Delivery is £7.00.
Europe £4.00 for 1st record ( 50p each additional record ) USA £5.00 (approx $9 US ) for 1st record ( then 50p per record )
Rest Of The World £6.00 for 1st record (then 50p per record).
We accept most major credit cards.
Our list is free to buyers but the cost of this is substantial. We have to be strict on subs with those who don’t buy, so if this list is
ticked at the top of the page it is £6 subs for 6 months please.
20th Century (60’s) 20th Century (70’s) ABC (60’s) ABC (70’s) ABC-Paramount (60’s) Arista (70’s)
Atco (60’s) Atlantic (60’s) Atlantic (70’s) Bell (60’s) Bell (70’s) Blue Rock (60’s) Brunswick (60’s)
Cameo Parkway (60’s) Capitol (60’s) Capitol (70’s) Chess / Checker (60’s) Colossus (70’s)
Columbia (70’s) Cotillion (60’s) CTI (70’s) CUB (60’s) Date (60’s) Decca (60’s) Diamond (60’s)
Dot (60’s) Epic (60’s) Epic (70’s) Epic (80’s) Federal / King (60’s) Fontana (60’s) GSF (70’s)
Hi (60’s / 70’s) Hickory (60’s) Hitsville (60’s) Imperial (60’s) Kapp (60’s) Kapp (70’s) Laurie (60’s)
Liberty (60’s) London (60’s) London (70’s) Mercury (60’s) MGM (60’s) MGM (70’s) Musicor (60’s)
Nashboro/Abet/Excello (60’s) Okeh (60’s) Perception (60’s / 70’s) Phil Int’l (70’s) Philips (60’s)
Polydor (70’s) RCA (60’s) RCA (early 70’s) RCA (mid 70’s) Reprise (60’s) Ronn (60’s / 70’s)
Roulette (60’s./ 70’s) Scepter (60’s) Smash (60’s) Sound Stage 7 (60’s / 70’s) Spring (70’s) Stax (70’s)
Tower (60’s) Uni (60’s) United Artists (60’s) United Artists (70’s) USA (60’s) Vee Jay (60’s)
Veep (60’s) Wand (60’s) Warner Brothers (70’s) White Whale (60’s)
All sleeves are in good condition but a minority may have small price stickers or other price
definitions from the past.
Don’t forget to check out our website — new additions every week.
Northern, Modern, Funk, Deep, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk
30,000 ENTRIES —
 £29.99 (Inc’s p&p within the UK, overseas customers shipping costs on request)
NORTHERN SOUL PACK - £300 Our best seller!
Following a big consignment of 45’s from the U.S., our latest packs contain 50—60
titles which are different to previous packs. Northern / Modern / R&B dancers.
All USA labels, mostly mint / mint minus condition. 100 singles.
In all seriousness the value of this pack has to be at least a grand.
(Inc’s p&p within the UK, overseas customers shipping costs on request)
11 Ken Williams Come Back Okeh M- 300
12 Albert Williams Tumbling / I’m In Your Corner Jam M- 100
13 Nat Fross Too Many Skeleton’s In The Closet How Big VG++ 200
14 Satisfactions Take It Or Leave It Smash WD VG++ 200
15 Perfections Am I Gonna Lose You SVR M- 250
16 T. C. Lee & The Bricklayers Up And Down The Hill King M- 400
17 Adventurers I’ve Caught You Cheatin’ Music World WD M- 250
18 Earnest Nelson Baby, I Need You Runaway M- 100
19 Miracle Walkers Love In My Soul Scamm M- 150
20 Marty Lewis I Can’t Do Without You Big Deal VG++ 150
21 Cathy & Cookie That Man Of Mine Bit VG++ 125
22 Billy Clark Too Bad — Too Sad Gama M- 200
23 Chicago All Stars Nowhere To Run Tri-Em VG++ 100
24 Ray Nelson Pit Fall E.N. M- 150
25 Ella Thomas Thing Called Love G D & L M- 250
26 Johnny Williams My Baby’s Good Chess M- 100
27 Dorie Williams Your Turn To Cry 635 VG++ 200
28 Mell Hueston Searching Cez Vista M- 150
29 Soul Shakers The Cold Letter Loma M- 100
30 Edd Henry I Love Only You Nu-Sound M- 100
31 Pace Setters Victim Of Loneliness Mica M- 125
32 Harry Starr Another Time, Another Place End M- 300
33 Herb & Doris Somebody Somewhere Needs You Flip M- 250
34 Chandlers Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer Bleu Rose M- 200
35 Four Exceptions You Got The Power Parkway M- 150
36 Embracers Stop And Let Yourself Go Lucky Label Inc M- 250
37 Spidells Pushed Out Of The Picture Coral M- 200
38 Trade Martin She Put The Hurt On Me Stallion M- 250
39 Danny Harrison Broken And Blue Coral D M- 100
40 Malibus Gee Baby, (I Love You) Sure-Shot D M- 100
41 Dealers You Got It Big Bunny M- 200
42 Constellations I Didn’t Know How To Gemini Star WD M- 200
43 Tony Hestor Watch Yourself Karate M- 200
44 Roy Hamilton The Panic Is On MGM M- 125
45 Poets I’ve Got Two Hearts Symbol M- 150
46 Roger Hatcher Sweetest Girl In The World Excello M- 300
47 Lillian Dupree Hide & Seek D-Town VG++ 100
48 Vontastics I’ll Never Say Goodbye Satellite VG++ 125
49 Ebony Jam Ride On Amos D M- 75
50 Ebonys Can’t Get Enough Soul Clock M- 25
51 Echos Nobody’s Home Dode M- 20
52 Eddie & Ernie We Try Harder Chess M- 20
53 Eddie & Ernie We Try Harder Shazam M- 75
54 Thelma Eden Strawberries In December Local M- 25
55 Edsels If Your Pillow Could Talk Capitol VG++ 20
56 Edsels Got To Find Out About Love Tammy M- 25
57 Lee Edward Need I Say More Lantic Gold M- 15
58 Lee Edward (On The( R-E-B-O-U-N-D Lantic Gold WD M- 15
59 Chuck Edwards I Don’t Want No Company Rene M- 30
60 Dee Edwards Tired Of Staying Home Tuba WD M- 50
61 Dee Edwards He Told Me Lies D-Town M- 40
62 Dee Edwards Too Careless With My Love D-Town M- 40
63 Dee Edwards Oh What A Party D-Town M- 30
64 Dewey Edwards I Let A Good Thing Go By Cameo M- 30
65 June Edwards Heaven Help Me South Camp WD M- 40
66 Vince Edwards Nylon Stockings Kama Sutra D M- 15
67 Vince Edwards Early In The Morning Remember WD M- 6
68 Vincent Edwards See That Girl Colpix M- 15
69 Egyptian Kings I Need Your Love NANC M- 50
70 8th Avenue Band The Whole Thing Columbia WD M- 25
71 Donnie Elbert I Got To Get Myself Together Elbert M- 30
72 Donnie Elbert Your Red Wagon Gateway M- 15
73 Donnie Elbert Do What’ Cha Wanna Gateway M- 25
74 Donnie Elbert Little Piece Of Leather All Platinum M- 15
75 Donny Elbert In Between The Heartaches Atco WD M- 40
76 Eldorados You Make My Heart Sing Torrid M- 25
77 Lee Eldred Recuperating Archives 1-67 M- 15
78 Lee Eldred Recuperating Archives 1827 M- 15
79 Electric Indian Geronimo / My Cherie Amour United Artists M- 5
80 Electric Indian Land Of 1000 Dances United Artists M- 15
81 Electric Indian Storm Warning United Artists M- 15
82 Electric Indian Storm Warning United Artists D M- 15
83 Electric Indian Keem-O-Sabe Marmaduke, Inc M- 10
84 Electric Indian Keem-O-Sabe United Artists M- 5
85 Electrifying Cashmeres What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) Sound Stage 7 M- 100
86 Electrodes Go Away Fran WD M- 100
87 Electrons It Ain’t No Big Thing Date M- 15
88 Elgins Heaven Must Have Sent You V.I.P. 25065 WD M- 25
89 Elgins Put Yourself In My Place V.I.P. 25029 WD M- 25
90 Elgins I Lost My Love In The Big City Lummtone VG++ 40
91 Elites Sir Galahad Era D M- 20
92 Elites Tree Of Love ABCParamount M- 30
93 Jimmy Elledge A Good Woman’s Love’s Hickory M- 15
94 Jimmy Eller Bad Luck Vermillion M- 40
95 Linda Elliot Fell In Love With You Josie M- 50
96 Shawn Elliot You Opened Up My Eyes Roulette WD M- 25
97 George Ellis You’ll Get Burned Pharoah M- 100
98 George Ellis Kisses On A School Yard Pharoah M- 50
99 Jimmy Ellis Puttin It On Your Mind Salem M- 100
100 Jimmy ‘Preacher’ Ellis Nobody Knows Movin’ M- 20
101 Prince Ellis Ain’t No Big Thing (To Me) Ellis M- 40
102 Eloise You Should’a Treated Me Right Wand M- 30
103 Emotions Somebody New Twin Stacks M- 15
104 Empires Have Mercy DCP Int’l WD M- 25
105 Embers Good All Over JCP M- 30
106 Enchanters You Were Meant To Be My Baby Loma M- 30
107 Enchanters I Paid For The Party Loma WD M- 30
108 Energetics Me And My Girl Tip-Top M- 50
109 Exportations I Want You Vir-ro M- 250
110 Family Tree Family Tree Anada M- 250
111 Bill Harris Am I Hot, Am I Cold RCA D M- 150
112 Charlie Clemons The Devil Has Made This Land His Playground Mighty Power M- 150
113 Will Chapron Jealous Marquee M- 200
114 Keni Lewis Ain’t Gonna Make It Easy De-Vel M- 100
115 Fourth Creation I Think I Would Cry Daran M- 100
116 Sherlyn Whittiker That’s Why (I Still Love You) Dade M- 100
117 Vanguards & The Lady All The Women I’ve Wanted Shirley M- 150
118 John Stanberry I Can’t Believe (She Took The Whole Thing) Stanlos M- 100
119 Peggy Young La La Ooo Castle M- 100
120 Neo Experience Human Sahara M- 150
121 Wayne Stevenson I Just Can’t Live Without Your Love Essar M- 25
122 Charles Anthony Stewart Stepping Out Charles Anthony M- 40
123 Mel Stewart No Work, No Pay Mercury D M- 25
124 Stirling Silver Sunshine (When I Got You) Columbia WD M- 25
125 Bill Stone Get Down Kind Solar M- 25
126 Stratavarious ft. Lady I Got Your Love Roulette M- 15
127 Bobby Stringer You’ve Got Too Many Miles Swar M- 15
128 Stringfield Family The Sounds Of Disco Arrest M- 25
129 Shirley Stringham I Hate It Till I Ate It Kay Vee M- 20
130 Stroke Take Me Back Omni M- 10
131 Stroke Just Let Me Luv You Omni M- 10
132 Barrett Strong There’s Something About You Capitol M- 20
133 Chuck Strong Why Do You Make Me Cheat On You Team M- 10
134 Jeb Stuart Baby Let’s Get Together Tonight Esquire Int’l M- 15
135 William Stuckey Girl, I Got You On The Run Artx M- 15
136 Stylists What Is Love V.I.P. 25066 M- 30
137 Sugah Hung Up On This Feeling Chi-Sound D M- 10
138 Sugar Bell Give My Love Away Black Bell M- 15
139 Sugar Billy Too Much, Too Soon / Love Bug Fast Track M- 8
140 Sugar & Spice You’re My Sugar, You’re My Spice West End M- 10
141 Sugar Hill Slow Down Washington M- 100
142 Ron Surrey & Mary Mundy Shame On Me (I Did It Again) Insurance M- 50
143 Bettye Swann Kiss My Love Goodbye Atlantic M- 100
144 Bettye Swann I Can’t Let You Break My Heart Fame M- 30
145 Sweet Rain Magic Man RCA D M- 30
146 Sweet Rain Magic Man RCA M- 25
147 Swiss Movement A Change Is Got To Come Casablanca M- 25
148 Little Irvin Who’s Loving You Ivory M- 300
149 Dusty Wilson This Funny Feeling Orbit VG++ 100
150 Anita Tucker He’s An Evil Man Vended VG++ 100
151 Peaches Please Don’t Take My Man Bump’s M- 150
152 Lee Maye Have Love Will Travel Jetstream D M- 150
153 Sonny Til Hey! Little Woman Charlie Parker D M- 150
154 Junior Gordon Call The Doctor Jay Pee M- 100
155 Bethea & The Cap-tans Whenever I Look At You Sabu WD VG++ 150
156 Santio’s Premiers She’s Still My Baby Candi WD M- 100
157 Yvonne Fair Say Yeah Yeah Dade WD M- 100
158 Blues Palmer Misery Is Gone Intro M- 150
159 Mary Johnson These Tears Foxy VG++ 200
160 Wild-Cats Gazachstahagen United Artists M- 15
161 Wild Ones Come On Back Sears VG++ 20
162 Wildare Express A River’s Invitation Brunswick M- 15
163 Wildare Express DeadEnd Street Brunswick D M- 15
164 Willie Wilkes Tarcha Earl’s M- 25
165 Corky Wilkie Band Something Swinging HBR D M- 20
166 Jannie Williams I’ve Been True Golden Eagle M- 60
167 Andre Williams Soul Party A-Go-Go Avin WD M- 25
168 Billy Williams The Lover Of All Lovers Coral M- 30
169 Billy Williams Why Do I Love You Coral D M- 15
170 Billy Williams Shame, Shame, Shame Coral VG++ 15
171 Billy Williams Quartet Cry Baby Coral M- 15
172 Billy Williams Quartet Don’t Let Go Coral M- 15
173 Billy Williams Quartet I Wanna Hug You Kiss You Squeeze You Coral M- 15
174 Billy Williams & Barbara McNair Telephone Conversation Coral M- 15
175 Bobby Williams Runnin’ And Hidin’ MGM D M- 25
176 Colly Williams You Know I’ll Love You Tomorrow Ry-An WD M- 25
177 Dicky Williams Tee-Na-Na Vin M- 20
178 Benny Troy I Wanna Give You Tomorrow b/w Outta Sight M 8
Disco Version OSV 113
179 Larry Saunders On The Real Side b/w Outta Sight M 8
Sweet Sweet Lady OSV 114
180 Dean Courtney I’ll Always Need You b/w Outta Sight M 8
Today Is My Day OSV 115
181 Sugar Pie DeSanto Going Back Where I Belong b/w Outta Sight M 8
A Little Taste Of Soul RSV 043
182 Curtis Knight Voodoo Woman b/w Outta Sight M 8
Johnny Darrow Love Is A Nightmare RSV 044
183 Wilson Pickett Let Me Be Your Boy b/w Outta Sight M 8
June (A) Alexander The Girl That Radiates That Charm RSV 045

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