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C/O Rettendon Services

Main Road A130

Rettendon Common, Nr Chelmsford

CM3 8DZ, Essex, England

Telephone/Fax:- 01245 325442

Mobile:- 07905 782654

(7:30am - 9:00pm (7 Days A Week)

email:- ravingmadrecords@aol.com


G Abused! possibly bad label damage and some serious scratches

VG Used record, possibly wear on label and scratched vinyl, plays ok

VG+ Possible slight wear on label. Scratched vinyl, plays well

VG++ Clean label, any scratches will be light and not affecting play

M Unplayed condition


WD = white demo, YD = yellow demo, D = demo

WOL = writing on label, SOL = sticker on label,

XOL = cross on label, TOL = tear on label, CL = clean label

DH = drillhole, SM = small, ED = edge, WA = warp,

CH = chip, NAP = not affecting play

UK - All records under the value of £50.00 will be sent by recorded delivery at £1.80 unless otherwise specified.

the value of £50.00 will be sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY at £3.80 unless otherwise specified. Europe and the rest of the

price on request. We cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling. We accept payment by credit card - Access



No Label Artist Title Comment Grade Price

1 **Arctic The Temptones Girl I Love You BID WD M £400

2 **Cuppy De-Lites Lover BID VG++ £650

3 **De.To Ronnie McNeir Isn't She a pretty Girl BID M £800

4 GarrisonThe Honey Bees Let's get back togetherBID WDVG++ £650

5 **King Cody Black Slowly molding BID YD M- £500

6 **Martin Bill Murphy Aint no Big Thing BID VG++ £100

7 **Sound of Sebastian Williams Home town boy BID M- £350


8 20TH Cent Michelle Wiley Feel Good M £100

9 A&M Ron Keith and Ladys Can't live without you M- £15

10 ABC The Shakers One Wonderfull Moment VG++ £40

11 ABC Chuck Jackson "I Only get this feeling" M- £10

12 ABC Nolan Porter If I could only be sure WD Wat Dam Lbl M- £50

13 ABC Geraldine Hunt Winner take All WD Slt warp VG++ £200

14 ABC The Sapphires Gotta have your love M- £30

15 ABC August & Deneen We go together WD Slt warp NAP M- £60

16 ABC Jeanette Washington Let Love Go By VG+ £15

17 ABC B.B.King The Hurt VG++ £20

18 Advanti Jan Bradley Back in circulation M £10

19 AGC 0001 Joe Hicks make you feel Funky M- £30

20 American Arts The Volumes I can't live without you VG £10

21 Amy Ji Auburn Push sweep VG £25

22 Amy Clyde McPhatter Everbody loves a good time VG++ £10

23 Amy Lou Ragland I Travel Alone Cracked VG++ £100

24 Atco The Coasters Crazy Baby WD VG++ £100

25 Atco Linda jones Taking back my love WD VG++ £150

26 Atco Al Hudson We must make it happen M- £30

27 Atlantic Sloman Burke Cry to me M £25

28 Atlantic Prince Philip Mitchell One On One VG++ £15

29 Atlantic Soul Brothers Six I'LL be Loving You VG+ £15

30 Back Beat O V Wright Love the way You Love VG++ £15

31 Back Beat Joe Hinton Got you on my mind M £40

32 Back Beat Little Carl Carlton Two Timer VG++ £8

33 Bay Town Troy Dodds Trying to find my Baby M- £25

34 Bet Society Inc Society FUNK VG++ £100

35 Bethlehem Nina Simone My baby just cares for me M- £10

36 Billie Fran The Startones Lonin' You Baby M- £400

37 Blue Cat Didi Noel Let the Music Play VG++ £10

38 Bocart Joe Bragg I've Gotta Make It M- £100

39 Boogaloo Ideals Mighty lover VG- £15

40 Boola boola Natural 4 Hanging on to a lie VG++ £400

41 Brainstorm The Emotions No more heart Aches M- £10

42 Brena Annette Poindexter You'll get it right back M £40

43 Brunswick Chuck Carter I Can't Help Myself M- £20

44 Brunswick J Wilson & L Baker Think Twice M- £30

45 Brunswick Erma Franklin I get the sweetest Feeling Issue M £150

46 Brute Tokays Baby Baby Baby VG++ £400

47 Buddah The M.V.P'S Turnin my Heartbeat Up D M- £200

48 Cadet The Wildweeds You see that I'm Lonely M £40

49 Capitol The Checkmates Kissin' her and crying M £75

50 Capitol Teddy Vann's Orchestra Theme from Coloredman D M- £20

51 Capitol Nancy Wilson The End of our Love M- £15

52 Capitol Jerry Cook I Hurt on the other side D M- £100

53 Capitol Patrice Holloway Love and desire WD VG++ £125

54 Carnival Lee Williams Lost Love VG+ £20

55 Castle The Millionaires You've got to love your baby VG++ £80

56 Cee Dee Earl Duff Little girl of mine VG+ £20

57 Chess The Valentinos Sweeter than the day before VG++ £125

58 Clissac Joe-L Worried GREAT M- £20

59 Columbia Lee David Temptation is calling VG++ £80

60 Columbia Rivingtons Tend to business WD VG++ £40

61 Columbia O C Smith Easy street M £150

62 Columbia Bonnie Herman Hush don't cry WD VG++ £200

63 Columbia Buddy Miles I'm Just a Kiss Away M- £30

64 Compass James Bounty Prove yourself a Lady M- £125

65 Compass The Ohio Players You don't mean it VG++ £20

66 Conchillo Jimmy Jones Ain't Nothing Wrong M £10

67 Constellation Nolan Chance Just like the weather VG++ £200

68 Constellation Holly Maxwell One thin dime VG+ £10

69 Crajon Bill Coday Right on baby MEGA RARE M £450

70 Dakar Channel 3 The sweetest thing WD M £200

71 Dan-dy Singing Sam Move it Baby VG++ £15

72 Darrel' Rie The Monique's Baby Don't leave me VG++ £60

73 Decca Larry Davis Magic is gone D VG+ £60

74 Decca Little GiGi I Volunteer D M- £150

75 Deram The flirtations Nothing but a Heartache M £10

76 Dial Joe Tex Under your powerfull love VG++ £20

77 Diamond Ruby Winters Better M- £75

78 Drew The Precisions Such Misery VG+ £25

79 Dyno Voice Jessica James Come Closer M- £20

80 Elf Bobbi Lynn Earthquake WD M- £30

81 Epic Nancy James I don't want to talk aabout it VG++ £10

82 Epic Rickie Page I Cry Inside WD Dam Lbl VG++ £25

83 Epic T.D.Valentine Love Trap WD VG++ £15

84 Epic Steelers Cant take this pain WD M £40

85 Epic The Poppies He's got real Love WD M- £10

86 Epic Otis Blackwell It's all over me WD M- £30

87 Eskee Jelly beans You mean me no good M- £125

88 Expo Bobby Jones Talkin about Jones M £20

89 Four Brothers Sam & Kitty I've got something going on VG++ £35

90 Galaxy Little Johnny Taylor Somewhere Down th Line M- £10

91 Galico Rudy Ludaway What's Wrong baby M £200

92 Gamma Lee Shot Williams Love Now Pay Later M- £100

93 Gatur Willie Tee First taste of hurt M £200

94 Gemini The Norfleet Cousins Brown Eyed Devil WD M- £40

95 Giant Jo Armstead A Stone good Lover M- £30

96 Giant Jo Armstead I Feel an Urge Coming On WD VG++ £40

97 Giant Jo Armstead Many more left like him SO GOOD VG++ £25

98 Globe Creations I've got to fing Her M £15

99 Golden World Barbra Mercer Hey!! M- £10

100 Good Luck Morris Jefferson It's the last time around M £20

101 Green Sea Pearlean Gray I Don't want to cry VG++ £10

102 Guava The Age of Bronze I'm gonna Love you VG++ £250

103 Hawk David Gage Can I depened on you VERY HARD M- £200

104 Hickory Gail Wynters You don't have to be in love WD M £50

105 Jacklyn Darrow Fletcher Good am I Without you M £40

106 Jcp Embers First time M £250

107 Jewel Peppermint Harris Wait until it happens to you M- £150

108 Josie Johnny & Expres Boys and Girls Together WD M- £30

109 Kapp The Hesitations She won't come back VG++ £75

110 Kashe Scientistes of soul Be's that way sometimes M £10

111 La Beat James Shorter Modern Day Woman WD VG++ £100

112 Loma The Soul Shakers I'm Getting weaker VG++ £150

113 Love Lite Patti & The Lovelites "Love So Strong" M £15

114 M.G.M The Charades I Don't want to lose You YD VG+ £75

115 Magic city Bonnie Brisker Someone really loves you VG+ £40

116 Mercury The Chalfontes Confessin My Love to you VG++ £40

117 Mercury Fire and Rain Hello Stranger M £20

118 Midas Big Daddy Rogers I'm a big Man M- £300

119 Minit Hermon Hitson Yes you did M- £150

120 Modern Mary Love Hey Stoney Face VG++ £20

121 Moira Belita Woods when I'll stop Loving You VG++ £175

122 Money Bettye Swan Make Me Yours M £10

123 Monument The Fabulettes The Bigger they Are M- £40

124 Music Merc Just Brothers Sliced Tomatoes VG++ £15

125 Musicor The Platters Sweet Sweet Lovin M- £10

126 Okeh Artistics This heart of mine VG++ £60

127 Okeh Major Lance Ain't no Soul WD VG++ £20

128 Okeh Marie Knight Come on Baby M- £100

129 Old Town Billy Bland My Heart's on Fire WD VG++ £40

130 One-derful Accents You better think again M £125

131 O-pex Pauline Shivers Won't you come back home M £15

132 Orange Geater Davis My love is so strong for you M £20

133 Original Sound Lorenzo Manley Swoop down on it VG++ £20

134 Parkway The Tymes Here She Comes WD M- £25

135 Part III Sherlock Holmes Standing at the Standstill M- £200

136 Peacock The Adorables Baby Come and get it M- £25

137 Penny Jerry Townes Never More Brill M £25

138 Philadelphia Teddy Pendergrass The More I Get M £15

139 Philips Ad libs Don't ever leave me VG++ £30

140 Polydor Gloria Gaynor This Love Affair WD M- £50

141 Port Carol Fran I'm Gonna Try M- £40

142 Ram rock Cody Black Going going gone M £10

143 Rca April,May and June He went away WD VG+ £30

144 Rca Larraine Chandler What can I do WD VG++ £100

145 RCA Ray Paige Ain't no soul WD VG++ £25

146 Rca Sam Cooke Sugar Dumpling PIC SLEEVE M £40

147 Renfro Attractions Destination You VG+ £10

148 Reprise Blossoms That's when the tears start VG++ £25

149 Revilot Darrell Banks Open the door to your heart VG++ £10

150 Revilot J J Barnes Our Love is in the pocket VG+ £100

151 Ric-Tic Edwin Star I Have faith in you M- £10

152 Salsoul Skip Mahoney Janice WD M- £150

153 SAR Patience Valentine Unlucky Girl M £15

154 Satelite The Fantaisions Unnecessary Tears M- £20

155 Scope Soulettes Bring your fine self home VG+ £700

156 Soul JR. Walker Tune Up VG+ £5

157 Soulvation Floria Wilson Dancing on a daydream VG++ £10

158 Soulville The Soulville All-Stars "Im gonna get you" VG++ £100

159 SSS Int Clarence Murray "Don't Talk Like That" M £20

160 Stax Johnnie Taylor Friday night GREAT M £8

161 Sue Jackie Shane In My Tenement M- £25

162 Sue Marjorie Black One More Hurt M- £75

163 Sue Majorie Black One More Hurt VG+ £30

164 Swan Sheila Furguson And in return M- £200

165 Swan The Showmen Our Love Will Grow M- £75

166 Swan Sheila Ferguson "Heartbroken Memories" WD M- £100

167 Symbol The Poets She Blew a good thing M- £10

168 Tamla Isly Brothers Take me in your arms WD M- £15

169 Tamla Isley Brothers Take some time out for love WD M- £15

170 Thelma Joe Matthews Sorry Ain't Good Enough M- £30

171 Trc Ike & Tina Turner Dust my broom M £20

172 Tri City Albert Jones To be a lovely summer VG++ £15

173 Twinight Syl Johnson Do it Together M- £15

174 Vee Jay Betty Everett To Hot To Hold M- £10

175 Veep Little Anthony Gonna Fix You Good M- £15

176 Veep Rose St John I Know the meaning WD VG+ £100

177 Veep Little Anthony Better Use your Head WD VG+ £20

178 Velgo Gwen Owens I Lost a Good Thing VG+ £80

179 Verve Bessie Banks I Can't make it M- £50

180 Verve Cal Tjader Soul Sauce YD M- £15

181 Villa The Magicians Keep your hands Off VG++ £30

182 Wand Maxine Brown One step at a time M- £20

183 Wand Maxine Brown One in a Million M- £25

184 WB The Apollas Mr Creator Small Tear VG++ £60

185 WB The Marketts Stirrin up some soul M- £20

186 White whale Liz Damon You're falling in love M £5

187 Wild deuce Emanual Lasky Lucky to be loved M- £60

188 Yew Intrigues I'm gonna love you M- £20

189 Zodiac Ruby Andrews Just loving you M- £125

190 Zodiac Ruby Andrews Just can't get enough M £75

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