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Soul Twins, Billy Storm, Jon Tee, Peppermint Harris, Helen Troy, Jerry J

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Records for sale. Postage is not included (except for Joanie Sommers and Jon Tee or if you've bought recently from me shipping is free), registered shipping is approx. 9€. Expedited shipping is available but isn’t much better than regular airmail from Italy. All records are guaranteed or return for a full refund. Paypal is fine, if you know me please send payment as friend/family. I’ll be in England in June and could post from there or hand it to you in person at Cleethorpes or Rugby, please contact me for information. Record grading of condition is very conservative. For records with no youtube video I can send you sound files and photos of labels if you want. Contact me through a private message or e-mail me at soultastic@aol.com Thanks! Nancy Price in this list are in €uros. These records are REALLY clean, I’m under-grading. Jerry Jackson “It’s Rough Out There” (Parkway) WD EX+ €230 Soul Twins “Quick Change Artist”/”Give The Man A Chance” (Karen) WD Super-clean EX+ €230 Billy Storm “Educated Fool” (Infinity) WD M- €125 Jon Tee “Crazy” (Jay Tone) WD super-clean EX+ €350 Peppermint Harris “Wait Until It Happens To You” (Jewel) Drill Hole. EX, very clean, sounds great €140 Helen Troy “I Think I Love You” (Kapp) WD M- water stain on label flipside. Company sleeve that’s a bit worse for wear €235 Joanie Sommers “Don’t Pity Me” (Warner Bros.) Orange issue. Visual grade: VG. Worn label, surface wear all over and old price painted on the flipside deadwax. But it is styrene and plays great. I cannot feel any scratches with my fingertip. Surface noise at the start and the rest plays loud and clear. Write me for a sound file which I have loaded onto my googledrive as a WAV file. Company sleeve. €400 which includes registered postage anywhere for this record, not the above records. Guaranteed or return for a refund, like I always say. Thank you for looking! Nancy

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