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Hello Again From Marva Holiday (Looong Post :-)

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Hello again Soul Source People.  This is Marva Holiday and I am glad to be back! 


I joined this forum three years ago but then I got busy with life, family and other "stuff" and was unable to log back in. -Seems it was just "one thing after another."  Things calmed down and I got more active in social media but I had not decided if I wanted to look back on my old music life..or have one final stab at it.  What I decided to do is at the end of this post...


MY BACKGROUND: Some of you know that I grew up in South Los Angeles and Compton, California.  Compton was semi-rural back then... a great place to grow up and there was a lot of music around.  When I was a sophomore in high school. Fred Hughes ("Owee Baby I Love You") was a senior.) He would sing at school talent shows, backed by two twin sisters who had great harmony.  I did not know him personally but I saw him around and we from the "Hub City" were very proud of him when he got hits with his first song and later "Baby Boy."  There are still a lot of people who get Fred mixed up with Freddie Hughes.  Both are very talented. I think that Freddie Hughes is actually from the Bay area, where I was born. 


I graduated with guitarist Howard Scott who went on to fame with "War," and is now part of the "Lowrider Band" (surviving members of "War" who cannot use the group name.) --  Another guitarist, I graduated with, though I did not know him in high school, was bluesman Tony Drake. I also graduated with Donna Slater who went on to sing with a group featured on the new Ace "Dore" CD, The Vel-vets, I believe.  Also in my graduating class was a girl named Marilyn who sang with "The Girlfriends" (a different group than the one most of you are familiar with) who recorded "I Want To Be Happy." Deejay Hunter Hancock would play their record onL.A's R&B station KGJF and we just thought it was SO cool to be in high school and on the RADIO!!!  We high school girls used to love it when Marilyn's boyfriend would come up to the school.  His name was Charles and he recorded a song called, "My Girl." The other side was "Zorro." )We always flipped our 45s and, if the song was good, it got as much play at house parties as the one the deejays played on the radio.)   There was also a group of girls a year or so older than me who made a record and sang at local talent shows, they were called "The Lavetts.(sp)" -- There was a singing group on just about every corner, back then, and lots of guys I knew played in bands or sang in groups.   One guy who also lived in Compton and helped me learn to vocalize, long before I enrolled in college and studied music and voice, was known by the nickname "Beaver."  I would go visit he and his family, but never even knew his reali name till a few years back.  I did know he had written "The Phillie" for M&M and The Peanuts.  When I recorded "Hang Around" (flip side of "It's Written All Over My Face", Beaver cam to the studio and coached me because he knew I was extremely nervous having to sing with so many people looking down my throat.  It took me a few years to get comfortable singing in front a a crowd. -- I still cringe when I hear that song.  I was so nervous that I "choked" on the word "shock" instead of holding the note out as planned.  On the other hand, I was able to get a record deal with nary a voice lesson and that's pretty amazing to think back on.    -- The guy who helped me get my first gig with Bonnie & The Treasures, that led to me meeting Sherlie Matthews,  was named Sam.  He also lived in Compton and was in a group called Sam & The Irisdescents.  They also recorded a record.  My friend Nancy and I were trying to get in his group but his managers said, "No!  Mixed groups (girls and guys) don't work."  I often wondered what those managers thought after The Fifth Dimension made it BIG with a mixed group.  People ask me now where Sam is but I haven't seen him since the mid sixties. I do know that Beaver has passed on and that made me very sad, as he was very kind to me, like a musical big brother. 


WHSY I'M DONG NOW:  Well, I've thought about it and I have decided that whatever I'm going to do in life, I need to do NOW, as I' not getting any younger. -- I've written up a "bucket list" of things I want to do before I die, and one of the top items is to record a solo CD.  I've already started on it and have recorded the first original song and am now rehearsing two songs I will be recording with a music friend, Joseph Chambers of The Chambers Brothers.  If you remember "Time Has Come Today," you are familiar with Joe's deep, rich voice. The rest of the CD will be original songs and fun covers of a few songs you might have heard before. 


You know, I was barely out of my teens when I first went into a recording booth and now I'm a grandmother of seven.  A LOT has changed in music since those long ago sessions and the business is now very challenging. -- However, the beauty of being a "woman of a certain age" is I no longer have the same apprehension and fears I had back then.  I am telling my friends, my family, those who heard my old stuff and those who might be interested, about my project. and also looking forwarding to performing live again, which was always a LOT of fun. I hope one of you reading this might be interested. 


A PERSONAL FAVOR: If you are on Facebook, I ask that you PLEASE visit my new music page (link below).  It's under development, but I had to start somewhere. --  I am on Facebook under my first and middle names, 'Marva Jean."  If you visit, please be kind enough to "like" my page and if you want to be on my mailing list you can use my sign up llink ..I don't spam people so that's why I have the sign-up sheet.  That way I KNOW you want to hear from me. But you are under no obligation to sign up.  It's completely up to you.  Know that you have my total permission to share my music page with anyone who might be interested and do ask them to "like" as the marketing gurus I am working with tell me that "likes" are a big deal in today's music world.  -- I need your help because older singers get NO love in the youth obsessed music community of today unless they are a big name (and the older singers who are icons truly deserve the love they get)..  It's sad that is' harder for an older singer to get established or re-established  because when I was growing up the public did not expect mature singers to just shut up and die.  Many of the well known singers like Ella Fitzgerald sang for years. On the other hand,  It's very heartening to see some older singers like Susan Boyle, (who is younger than I am) get a shot.  I don't have her "pipes" but I also don't sing her type of music.  I think there's room in music for various styles and abilities.  We all like what we like. --I can play Susan Boyle and then turn around and put on The Marvelettes :-) --  It's VERY nice to see the Northern Soul community showing respect to many singers from back in the day who are still singing. -- When I came across the pond with Sherlie and Jim, I was blown away at how nice everyone was and how educated you are about who recorded what and when.  When I was in high school we memorized labels and the names of songwriters.  We thought we were the only ones who did that.  I get to England and LOTS of people are familiar with those old record labels..and still have the records too!


CONTACTING ME: I am setting up a new website and will soon have a new email address I can give out for anyone who has questions.  In the meantime, it's best to email me ON Facebook.  If you do post a question here about something I might know (the songs I recorded that Sherlie Matthews wrote for me, the songs we wrote for Stacie Johnson and The Blackberries that remain in the Motown vault or the LP I recorded with Black Magic on Atco, feel free to ask.  I just hope I can remember :-) -- If you do post something here, let me know it's here as I only spend a limited amount of time on the internet.  This project requires a lot of planning and preparation so my social media time is very limited. 


QUESTION FOR YOU ALL:  I see a lot of groups devoted to "mod" "scooterboy" music.  What is the difference between that and Northern Soul?  I am not even sure I have the terms right so forgive me if it's wrong.  Thanks for reading this long post.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty wordy :-) In addition to my "Marva Jean's Music Page" I am also on Facebook as "Marva Jean."  Feel free to send me a friend request.  You'll know you have the right Marva Jean if you the profile picture reads, "In the Studio."


THANKS FOR READING: In closing, I just want to remind you all how important it is to pursue your dreams.  If there is something you REALLY want to do and you can still do it, GO for it!  If I were younger, I'd try snowboarding because I know I would LOVE it, but I no longereal as fast, if I were to fall down and hurt myself. -- So, I'll just staying my lane and doing something I love,  know how to do and REALLY enjoy.  I look forward to getting to know some of you better and maybe even getting back across the pond. We shall see where this CD leads.  It's great to be back on Soul Source.  My intention is to log in every Thursday night, but I'll try to remember to log back in over the weekend and read some of your posts, see who's on here.  Thanks for having me back!!! (And forgive my typos...I am wearing drugstore glasses because I broke my Rx ones and keep putting off going to the optometrist.)  Marva XXOO


Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marva-Jeans-Music-Page/402887573111655?ref=bookmarks&focus_composer=true

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A quick answer to your question;

The Northern Soul scene is centred on the music, mainly black American as I'm sure you know, whereas the mod/scooter scene is primarily about the scooters they ride with music as a secondary thing. The music they are into can be Northern Soul but can include other types as well.

Its more complicated than that with some overlaps but basically thats the difference in my opinion of course :huh:

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Hi Marva welcome back to Soul Source


John & Ali 

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