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Ivor Jones

Herb Ward,ambition,satin Plus More Nice 60S/70S

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For sale…….


Herb Ward "Honest To Goodness"  [RCA Yellow Promo]    Mint   £200


Ambition   "Im Gonna Give My Love/Whisper A Love Chant"  [Mercury Issue]  Mint- [ Very slight Warp DNAP]  £70

  Ace Funky Philly Soul cut at Virtue……..


Satin  "Give All Your Love To Me"   [Good Records]     Mint     £100


Capitol City Star Singers    "What He's Done For Me"     [songbird]    Mint-   £100

  Really Nice Gospel…..Uses Donny Hathaway's "The Ghetto" for its inspiration…..Check out You Tube…..


La Voyage  "Never Looking Back / All Night Affair"   [Trans A]     Mint- £50 This has a really tiny crack on the inside centre hole which has been glued. Barely noticable but its there and Im honest ! Great two sider from 82


Joneses   "Lies / Who Loves You"   [Epic]     Mint   £50


Rev Donnie Hardiman "I Cant Make It By Myself/ Robert Vanderbilt "A Message Especially From God"  [sensational] Mint £50

  Well rated Gospel by those in the know !


Leroy Charlton  "I Need You" [CC7]  Mint    £50


Brief Encounter   "What About Love"    [Capitol]  Mint   £50


Magnetic Force   "Is It Wrong "     [Pickin Post]   Mint-   Tiny W.O.L.    £40


Jimmy Thompson   "Jimmys Place"   [Jimmy Thompson Music]    EX   £60


Sweet Daddy Floyd    " I Just Cant Help Myself"   [super-Star]  Mint  £50  Brill Funky 70s Soul.

  This record is so underrated….about 100 times better than most of the stuff touted around as todays trendy spins.


The Younghearts  " A Little Togetherness" [Canterbury]   Vinyl Press,not Styrene….. Ex £40

  Not sure if this is a 70s repro…..I bought it in 82,always assumed it to be proper, however,theres that many pressings of this i have to be honest and say Im not sure anymore……Fantastic tune though,about as good as it gets !


PM if interested

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