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New List W/ 50+ Titles And 29 Just Added: Bitter And The Sweet - > More

Record Sales mr blue

Posted (edited)

Hello & Thanks for looking! 


All prices are in USD: $$$ ---- Not Pounds Sterling!



Shipping from Detroit Mi. USA : $13 

PayPal : peoplesrecordsdetroit@gmail.com ------->>> Please include your shipping address. 

I'm sorry, I can't hold things, even for friends.






The Bitter & The Sweet : I Won't Have Any Babies For You / P.O.W (Anything Everything) VG/VG+

plays great, closer to VG+, good labels gloss and sound $350


Sherri Taylor : He's The One That Rings My Bell / I've Got A Crush (Gloreco) M- labels reversed $350


Jack Mongomery : Dearly Beloved / Do You Believe It (Scepter) VG+ $250


Larry Williams & Johnny Watson : Too Late / Two For The Price Of One (Okeh DJ) VG $225


Singing Sammy Ward : Hard To Get Over / River Of Tears (Renaissance 76) VG+ $150


Gene Redding : I Got Soul / I Need Your Lovin' (Bell DJ) VG+ $150


James Shorter : Modern Day Woman / Ready For The Heartbreak (LaBeat) VG/VG+ $100


Clyde Milton : I'd Rather Leave On My Feet / Disco Funk (Disco Tac) VG $100


Abstract Reality : Love Burns Like A Fire Inside (Sport) M- $100


Johnnie Mae Matthews : Lonely You'll Be / That's What My Man Is For (JAM) VG++ $100


Betty LaVette : What Condition My Condition Is In / Get Away (Karen) VG/VG+ wol $100


Mack Rice : Baby I'm Coming Home / My Baby (LuPine) VG/VG+ sounds great $90


Harvey : Any Way You Wanta / She Loves Me (Tri-Phi)  VG/VG+ $80 


Collins And Collins : Top Of Stairs / Please Don’t Break My Heart (A&M) VG $80


Lillian Dupree : Hide & Seek / I've Got A Shield Around My Heart (D-Town) strong VG $75


Dusty Wilson : Better Than You / Silvery Moon (Zebra) VG wol $75


Marlena Shaw : Let’s Wade In The Water / Show Time (Cadet) VG/VG+ $75


Jean DuShon : Feeling Good / Take A Chance (Cadet) VG/VG+ $70


Grady Tate : Be Black Baby / Be Black Baby (Skye) VG $60


The Soul Superiors : Faith / Don’t Blame The Children (Warfell) VG+ $60

Kim Weston : A Thrill A Moment / I'll Never See My Love Again (Gordy) VG $50


The Magictones : Me And My Baby / Got To Get A Little Closer (Wheelsville) VG/VG+ $50


The Miracles : Bad Girl / I Love Your Baby (Motown) early striped label G+ $50


Butch And The Newports : I'm Only A Man / Out Of My Hands (Black Rock) VG/VG+ wol $40


Albert Williams : I'm In Your Corner / Tumbling (JAM) VG $40


Little Sonny : Wade In The Water / They Want Money (Enterprise) VG/VG+ $40


Brewster Crew : I'm One Who Know / Outta My Life (Lifeline) VG++ $40 


Howlin' Wolf : Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy / Built For Comfort (Chess) VG+ $40


Ben E. King : I Can't Break The News To Myself / Goodnight My Love (ATCO dj) VG- $40


The Poppies : Do It With Soul / He Means So Much To Me (Epic DJ) VG+ $40


Baby Washington : It'll Never Be Over For Me / Move On Drifter (Sue) VG $35


The Technics : Cause I Really Love You / A Man's Confession (Chex) VG $35


Bobby D. Husband : Man's Best Friend / Don't Lose Faith In Love (Mid-Way) M- $35


Herbie Williams : Funky From The Git Go (El Toro) M- $35


The Precisions : If This Is Love / You'll Soon Be Gone (Drew) VG $30


Gene McDaniels : Hang On / Will It Last Forever (Liberty) VG+ $30
The Volumes : You Got It Baby / A Way To Love You (Inferno) VG/VG+ $30


Willie Williams : The Baa-Baa Song (Lakeside DJ) VG+ $30


Dee Edwards : Tired Of Staying Home / You Say You Love Me (Tuba) VG $30


Louis Curry : I'll Try Again Tomorrow / A Toast To You (M-S) VG/VG+ $30


The Wonderettes : I Feel Strange / Wait Until Tonight (Ruby) VG/VG+ $30


Calvin Williams : Lonely You'll Be / It Won't Matter At All (Northern Del-La) VG/VG+ $30


Gerri Granger : I Can't Take It Like A Man / Get It Together (Bell DJ) VG/VG+ $30


Na Allen : Thanks For Nothing / No Easy Way Down (ATCO) VG wol $30


Leonard King : The Barracuda / I've Been Saved (Inferno DJ) VG/VG+ $30


Major Lance : Without A Doubt / Forever (Okeh) VG+ $30 


Albert Jones : Monkey Boogaloo / It's Going To Be A Lonely Summer (Tri-City) VG+ $30


Silky Hargraves : Hurt By Love / Go On Girl (D-Town) VG $25


Little Willie John : I’m Shakin’ / A Cottage For Sale (King) Fair light warp but plays $25


The Precisions : A Place / Never Let Her Go (Drew PROMO) VG+ $25


Edwin Starr : My Weakness Is You / I Am The Man For You Baby (Gordy) VG $25


Chuck Ray : Baby Please Don't Let Go / There Ain't A Thing You Can Do (Buddah) vinyl EX, bad h2o dam labels $25


Barrett Strong : I Better Run / Make Up Your Mind (Tollie) VG/VG+ $25


Dee Edwards : Too Careless With My Love / He Told Me Lies (D-Town) VG/VG+ $25


Jones Girls : My Own Special Way / Learn How To Love (GM) VG+ $25


The Spellbinders : Chain Reaction / A Little On The Blue Side (Columbia) VG/VG+ $20


Jimmy Scott : Pair And A Spare / What Am I Gonna Do (Eastbound)VG/VG+ $20


Omni : Out Of My Hands / When You Stop To Think (Fountain) VG $20


Darrow Fletcher : The Pain Gets A Little Deeper / My Judgement Day (Groovy) VG $20


Jean Wells : With My Love And What You've Got / Have A Little Mercy (Calla) VG plays great $20


Dee Edwards : A Girl Can't Go By What She Hears (D-Town) VG/VG+ $20


Kim Weston : Helpless / A Love Like Yours (Gordy) VG/VG+ plays great $20


The Pandoras : Call Me / Sweetheart, Sweetheart (Oliver) VG/VG+ $20


Mack Rice : Three People In Love / Bumble Bee Woman (Capitol) G+ $20


Gwen McCrae : Lead Me On / Like Yesterday Our Love Is Gone (Columbia) VG+ $20


Roy Lee Johnson : Busybody / Nobody Does Something For Nothing (Okeh) G+ $20


The Tempos : I Need You / Don't Leave Me (Riley's) VG $20


The T.S.U. Toronadoes : Getting The Corners / What Good Am I (Atlantic) VG/VG+ $18


Buddy Lamp : I Wanna Go Home / You've Got The Loving Touch (Wheelsville) VG $15


Ron Coleman : I'll Take You Up / I'll Take You Up instrumental (Love) VG $15


Lonnie Smith : Move Your Hand  Part I / Move Your Hand Part II (Blue Note) VG $15


Little Stevie Wonder : Contract On Love / Sunset (Tamla) VG $15
Debbie Taylor : Just Don't Pay / I Don't Wanna Leave You (Arista) VG $15


Fantastic Epics : Fun And Funk Part II / Fun And Funk Part III (Tories) VG $15


Willie Kendrick : Fine As Wine / Stop This Train (Golden World) VG $15


Jimmy Williams : The Half Man / I Gave My Love A Cherry (ABC) VG $15


The Parliaments : Good Old Music / Time (Revilot) VG+ $12


Lee Rogers : My One And Only / You Won't Have To Wait Till Xmas (D-Town) VG/VG+ $12


The Fabulous Counts : Jan Jan / Girl From Kenya (Moira) VG+ $12


Asphalt Jungle : Freakin Time pts. 1 and 2 (TEC) M- $12


The Magnificent Men : All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head / Peace Of Mind (Capitol) VG+ Label has some water damage. $12


Sam Bowie : Swoop, Swoop / (Think Of) The Times We Had Together (Wingate) VG $10


The Sweet Things : You’re My Lovin’ Baby / Don’t Come Looking For Me (Date) VG/VG+ Tight crack does not affect play. $10

Bobby Bland : Yum Yum Tree / I’m Sorry (Duke) VG+ $10


Johnnie Mae Matthews : Here Comes My Baby / Baby What’s Wrong (Blue Rock) $10 


Dee Dee Sharp : I Really Love You / Standing In Need Of Love (Cameo) VG $10


The Gospel Chantes : Lift Up Your Heads / We Shall Overcome (Positive Image) VG $10

Yaphet Kotto : Have You Ever Seen The Blues / Have You Dug His Scene (Chisa) VG+ $10


Emanuel Lasky : Lucky To Be Loved / Our World (Wild Deuce) VG Tight crack; plays well. $10


Steve Mancha : I Need To Be Needed / I Don't Want To Lose You (Groovesville) VG $10


Terry and the Tyrants : Weep No More / Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea (Kent) VG $10


Garnet Mimms : Prove It To Me / I'll Take Good Care Of You (United Artists) VG- $10 


Dee Dee Sharp : Standing In The Need Of Love / I Really Love You (Cameo) VG $10


Bobby Bland : Back In The Same Old Bag Again / I Ain't Myself Anymore (Duke) VG+ $10


Richard Fudoli : Gwee / Bossa Nova Jumpin Bean (Maestro) G+ $10


Johnny Mae Matthews : Baby What's Wrong / Here Comes My Baby (Blue Rock) VG+ $10


Lenny O'Henry : Across The Street / Saturday Angel (ATCO) VG $8


The Monitors : Since I Lost You Girl / Don’t Put Off ’Til Tomorrow What You Can Do Today (VIP) VG $8


The Precisions : A Place / Never Let Her Go (Drew) VG- $8


Bobby Patterson : Take Time To Know The Truth / It Takes Two To Do Wrong (Paula) VG+ $8


J.J. Barnes : Real Humdinger / I Ain't Gonna Do It (Ric-Tic) VG $8


Jo Armstead : I’ve Been Turned On / I’m Gonna Show You (Giant) VG- WOL $8


Bobby Bland : Getting Used To The Blues / That Did It (Duke) VG+ $8 


Brothers Of Soul : I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser / Hurry, Don't Linger (Boo) VG $8


Jodi Gales : You Gotta Push / Instrumental (Thomas) VG+ $8


Derek Martin : Sly Girl / Soul Power (Tuba) G+ $7


Garnet Mimms : Tell Me Baby / Anytime You Want Me (United Artists) VG $7


South Suburban Electric Strings : Blues For Strings And Things / Sign Of The Zodiac (Toddlin’ Town) VG $7


Johnny Lytle : Side Street / The Nearness Of You (Travis) VG $7
Jean DuShon : More / You’d Better Believe Me (Argo) VG $7
The Buena Vistas : Soul Clappin / Rappin (Marquee) VG $7
Mad Dog & The Pups : Funky Monkey / Funky Monkey (Magic City) VG $6
Fugi : Mary Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip / Mary-Trip Two (Cadet) VG $5
Edited by mr blue

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