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Derek Pearson Bcb Radio Sat 22 July 8-10pm


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Is it me or do these months roll by very quickly just because it's sunny? Surely it can't be time for another DP radio show? Yes it is, this Saturday 22nd July between 8 & 10pm will see me doing another 2 hour rare soul session featuring all styles,all era's on Bradford's community radio BCB 96.7FM. World Web Web people can listen to the show via the real audio live stream - listen on www.bcb.yorks.com

Those lucky enough to be living within a 10-15 mile radius of the transmitter can hopefully listen direct on 96.7FM. However when I've been travelling on high ground like the M62 across West Yorks I've been able to pick it up quite clearly. As per usual I'll be playing loadsa 45rpm records off chunky black vinyl and some choice cuts off the new LaBeat Grapevine CD. Friends and venues will be getting a mention as per usual.

Thanks to Mike Hughes for streaming previous months shows.


Will post up playlist as and when time/memory allows

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Top Posters In This Topic

Do you think I'll be able to pick it up down here in Sunny Stafford :ohmy:

Can never get any good radio shows down here :yes:

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Guest dundeedavie

Do you think I'll be able to pick it up down here in Sunny Stafford :ohmy:

Can never get any good radio shows down here :yes:

it's available online , just crank the speakers up

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Went out last night to the Wilton allnighter and had another good night. Tonight I listened to myself on the radio via the computer - is that the height of vanity? Nah I just like listening to a load of records that I've got he he. Typed up the playlist at the same time. onwards, derek

Saturday 22nd July 2006

Little Charles "It's a heartache" Decca;

Little Johnny Hamilton "Oh how I love you" Dore;

Masqueraders "How" Grapevine CD;

The Turks "The bad brought the good" DJO;

Samuel Moore "I'm so jealous" DJO;

Maurice Williams "Don't be half safe" Deesu;

Billy Keene "Somebody please" Dottie;

Maurice Long "I don't love you anymore" Cyclone;

Commands "Don't be afraid to love" Dynamic;

Ray Gant "Don't leave me baby" Jay Walking;

Lamp Sisters "A woman with the blues" Duke;

Junior Parker "Why do you make me cry" Duke;

Bobby Bland "I ain't myself anymore" Duke;

Byrdie Green "Don't make it hurt" Hallmark;

Dee Edwards "I can deal with it" De-To;

Vivian Copeland "Key in the mailbox" Doro;

Bobby Allen "There she goes" Upp;

Kenard "What did you gain" Dore;

Silky Hargreaves "Hurt by love" D-Town;

Johnny Guitar Watson "Wait a minute baby" Highland;

Superlatives "Won't you please" Dynamics;

Lawson James "I've been kissed before" Del-Val;

Manhattans "I can't stand for you" Deluxe;

Madeline & Monticellos "Binding ring of gold" Del Val;

Jean Shy "Love had to be you" Dakar;

Ben Monroe "Broken Home" Dakar;

Joe Simon "Drowning in a sea of love" Spring;

Jimmy Mack "A woman is hard to understand" Hamster;

Perfections "Since I lost my baby's love" Drumhead;

Sam Dees "Easier to say than do" Lo Lo;

Alexander Patton "I knew it was wrong" Duo Disc;

Rick Sheppard "Misery get away from me" Dormat;

Al Williams "Try them" Grapevine CD;

Eddie Holman "She's beautiful" Don-El;

Patty Livingston "I've got my baby" Dimension;

Rodge Martin "I'm standing by" Dot;

Milt Grayson "Your old standby" Derby;

James Shorter "Modern day woman" Grapevine CD;

Gifted Four "Are you choosing" Hamitico;

Softones "That's what love can do" H&L;

Jim White "I'll play the fool" Setting Sun;

Ray Lewis "Sitting at home with my baby" Dar;

John Roberts "To be my girl" Duke;

Hilites "I'm so jealous" Daran.

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Missed all those great tunes :yes: Sorry I was busy decorating the bathroom and I do have a note from my mum and she was doing all the work :yes::yes:

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