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News News News - Then Use The Submit News Feature Please


Have just unapproved a post

if you do have news then please use the front page news feature


there is a submit news link on every article page and the index





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Posted (edited)

need to get on top of this as am weary of repeating it


idea is if you have news then you post it via the news/articles section called words!


theres a bright purple box there that shows you what to hit


which opens up a page where you can enter your words plus  also has a link to the guidelines




thats how it works


ignoring this and posting stuff up anywhere expecting it to get picked and moved across by mods is never gonna work, the two systems (forum and words)  are now more standalone


just use the submit news feature



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Event news
There are many events every weekend and while understand that people are passionate about their events and this is often reflected in the promotion, unfortunately we can not feature every item of event news as if did it will quickly swamp this feature
So as a basic guideline will only feature - news on major national events such as weekenders and allnighters, and then only news on events which are one offs eg special one off events, annual.closures or launches and similar
Regular Allnighters are welcome to submit news but to try and ensure fair coverage ask that observe a once every 6 months round up type post following the above guidelines
Note that you can use the event guide comments or edit your original event to pass on event related news



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Some Guidelines
1. Content really needs to be worthwhile, informative and enjoyable and fits in with what Soul Source is about
2. Fresh and fairly unique news - ideally the submitter will add a personal aspect that will lift the item.
3. Articles - again need to be fairly unique - if from other sources, please ensure that you do have clearance if posting such articles
4. Fonts - Please do not use any fonts. smilies or other forum type tools - text should be normal case and size
5. Reviews/lookbacks - worthwhile unique reviews on releases be it vinyl, cd, dvds etc and event lookbacks are more than welcome
6. Timing - the timing of any publication will depend on factors such as other items and other news, availability of site team, balance and so on

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