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Next Lot Of Cheap 60s + 70s


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SOUL SEARCHER RCDS-------01270 664558 "



a few things I wanna clear-------feel free to make offers all ex++ or better unless stated

60s stuff------------northern mostly-------any 3 for 15-00 ot any 5 for 20-00

dynamites lets try pay

camel i cant shake the feeling mgm-demo

pleasures lets have a beech party rsvp

mitch ryder wild child new voice

lenis guess too many nights peanut county-demo

esquires and get away bunky

derek martin you better go roulette

shorty long i had a dream soul

bobby mcclure dont get your signals crossed checker

mitty collier i had a talk with my man chess

harry/hippies gimme some of yours toddlin town

howard tate plenty of love turntable

timi yuro the masquarade is over mercury--demo

dee dee sharp youre just a fool in love atco

p w cannon bird in hand hickory--demo---vg+

tony middleton let me down easy mr g

nolan strong mind over matter fortune

lenny welch darling take me back kapp--labell off centre

four tops aint that love columbia

ruby andrews can you get away zodiac

jesse james let me love you match

mar-keys last night satellite

ella washington if time could stand still ss7

diplomettes sit your self down diplomacy

Capreez over you sound

Flaming embers filet de soul hot wax

Outsiders you gotta look capitol

Bobby paris you tetregrammation "demo

Tony bruno small town bring down buddah

Tony fox ive got to do it calla

Contours first I look at the purse gordy "dem0---wol "ex-

Unifics memories kapp

Judy harris you touched me sun---boot

Verdelle smith walk tall capitol

Mauds hold on mercury

Nolan strong the mambo of love fortune

Capreez soulsation sound

Barbara lynn you,ll lose a good thing Jamie

Wilson pickett call my name atlantic

Rare written label on one side

Unifics which one should I choose kapp

Essex easier said than done Columbia uk copy

Ditalians philly dog new breed Saxony

Eddie Holloway im standing by gem

Leonora dunn our songs of love hallmark

Detroit emeralds showtime ric-tic

Al kent bless you ric-tic

Autographs do the duck joker---wol

Merry clayton suspicious minds ode vg++

Esther Phillips release me lenox vg++

Lovelace Watkins gone away uni

Jimmy reed going by the river vee jay "demo "sol on b side

Aladdins munch witch vg+

Toni michaels let it rain Debbie

Volcanos but I love her parkway "demo

Lonnie mack soul express fraternity "demo

Danny white kiss tomorrow goodbye frisco "vg

Five knights times are getting harder minit

Mickey murray flat foot sam sss inter

Gloria parker hello baby llp

Walter Jackson special love okeh "vg

DEARER STUFF-priced as each--Offers please if unpriced in this section

Jimmy burns I didn't need your help TIP TOP---VG+

Contrails feel so fine MILLAGE -EX+ 30

Wilson Williams got a whole lot to be thankful for HOW BIG

Chuck holliday if you cant take it GLORIA "30

Laniers ive got myself together RIVER CITY-50-EX+

Marlynns my heart is yours TOWER-VG++

Label has a sticker/label damage small sticker tear on b side

Chell-mars roaming heart JAMIE-demo "55

Mandells what can you do for me MONEYTOWN

Del-chords your momy lied to your daddy MR GENIUS "30

All copies of this are muffled production

Cynthia heavenly love BARRY "demo

Patti/emblems I,ll cry later KAPP-demo "20

Larry/accommodations I wanna hold you HOLLIDAY INN

70s stuff------------x/over /modern -/classics------any 4 for 20-00 "or 7 for 25-00

Eddie kendricks-aint no smoke without fire-arista

Charles Brinkley-ill be what you want me to be-music machine

Lee Williams "I can make mistakes too-black cicle

Carol Barnett "unrest in the nation-unity

Brooks o dell-im your man "gold "vg

Jerry butler-I don't wanna be reminded "motown

Clara lewis-needing you-wand "demo

Ebony rhythmn-hows your wife-innovation 11

Roy Roberts-what should I do-EC international

St tropez-bein with you-destiny

Dorothy norwood-mama loves her children "grc

Chestnut tree "super lovin "paramount

Willie Collins "don't stop now-panic

Eddie Holman-just say I love her "silver blue "demo

Clarence Jackson-party time-valtone

Noel mccalla "im beggin "direction-uk demo

Ray godfrey-come and get these memories-event

Denis coffey-scorpio-sussex

Reggie sadler-I cant account for my actions-de-lite-demo

Viola wills-run to the nearest exit-goodear-uk

Rythmn makers-your never too old-vigor

Sly & fam stone-dance to the music "epic "wol ex

Esther Philips "use me-kudu

Benny troy-ive always had you "de-lite

Linda perry-I need someone "mainstream

Anette snell-I,ll be your fool once more-dial

Roberta Kelly-troublemaker-oasis

Ohio players-don't fight my love-mercury-wol

Lou rawls-youll never find another love "pir

Jimmy holliday-when im lovin you-crossover

Nolan-somebodys crying "lizard

Gin and gents-dreams for sale-missthing

Fay hauser-you bring the sunn the morning-smi

Bobby wallis-just you and me "paula demo

Few for offers unless priced-----------go on I can only say no,if its fair probably take it

Clifford curry "body shop-buddah

Marc copage-who can I turn to "avco "10-00

Reggie walker "depression "sirocco

Out of sights-I cant take it-saru

Out of sights-tears don't care who cry "saru

Harrison kennedy "Sunday morning people-invictus-------really hard number

Pat coefield-let me in your life "pride "demo

Smith bros-cuddled up "t-neck "40-00 min offer

Procrdures "mirror mirror-tra mor---

hersey taylor "cut you loose "future stars "20-00

more 60s

byron lee "I had a dream "bra-promo

Johnny & lilly "cross my heart "veep demo

Wayne cochran "harlem shuffle "mercury

Taffy-key to my heart "fairmount

Stereos "stereo freeze "cadet

John fred "judy in disguise-paula

Ella brown "it aint easy "lanor

100%proof-somebodys been sleeping "hot wax

fantastic four-as long as I live "ric-tic

paul vann-since I lost you "ss7 demo

perfections-don't take your love from me-drumhead "h20

Jackie trent-where are you now "parkway "demo

Lulu reed "just keep it up "trc "ex

Chimes "only love "tag "ex

Jackie trent "ill be with you "loma "demo

A few for offers-------fair price will get em

Barracudas-wait for tomorrow "smash--demo

Constellations "tear it up baby-smash-demo

Juanita parker-oh sister why-M.S,I.A.W-demo-----min offer 30-00

Billy Watson "get myself together "barracuda "vg-----------20-00

Same as spyder turner,would be 75-00 in mint

Richard Williams "where do I go "forward "demo

Wade flemmons "I,ll come running "vee jay "demo

Nate nelson "tell me why "prigan "ex 90-00 spin-------vg+-----------15

Johnny wyatt "hang up the phone "challenge "30--------------seen @75

make individual offers for any you like the sound of

i can only say no/swaps considered on dearer bits

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dee dee sharp youre just a fool in love atco

Nolan strong the mambo of love fortune

Walter Jackson special love okeh "vg

Reggie sadler-I cant account for my actions-de-lite-demo

Jackie trent-where are you now "parkway "demo

Jackie trent "ill be with you "loma "demo

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dee dee sharp youre just a fool in love atco

Nolan strong the mambo of love fortune

Walter Jackson special love okeh "vg

Reggie sadler-I cant account for my actions-de-lite-demo

Jackie trent-where are you now "parkway "demo

Jackie trent "ill be with you "loma "demo

Hi Keith,

How'd you feel about Twenty five quid all in for the above lot?

Lemme know, either here or via PM


TONE :thumbsup:



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