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Video: C4 Pioneers Wigan Casino 2002

Soul Source music video feature announcement -  Music video just added to our in house soul video feature ....

Name: C4 Pioneers Wigan Casino 2002
Category: TV/Films
Date Added: 08/05/20
Submitter: Mike


Video Description:

C4 Pioneers - Northern Soul Wigan Casino


Features the original UK club phenomenon Wigan Casino, the Northern Soul Mecca that came into existence long before raves or punk, and was home to Northern Soul kids who took speed and danced all night with total obsession.


A look behind the scenes at the Wigan Casino, home to the Northern Soul scene, with contributions from Pete Waterman, Bob Stanley from group St. Etienne, US soul singer Tommy Hunt, and DJs Irish Greg, Russ Winstanley, Richard Searling and Keb Darge.

Transmission dates
Pioneers: 28/11/2002
Northern soul: 17/01/2002

Soul Source news link from 2002


Note - The show has two showings and two titles entered on BFI Was it shown twice or was there 2 separate programmes/versions or just renamed ?


watch now...

PLAY VIDEO: C4 Pioneers Wigan Casino 2002


Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature 

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just a note as video source just been upgraded


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